Gifted Children in Oakland Schools

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Does OUSD have a Gifted Program?

December 2003

Is there any type of gifted program in the Oakland public schools? Do any schools have mixed grade-level classes? My son is not even two and already knows many of his letters (by his own interest, not by any ''teaching'' we have done!) He seems quite bright in societally recognized ways -- very verbal, loves books and puzzles, etc. and it seems within the realm of possibility that he will be reading before he enters kindergarten. I'm wondering how he would fare in the Oakland schools, if he would be academically challenged, motivated and nurtured, or is he more likely to be sidelined while teachers spend more time with students who have never held a book before?

Are some schools better at teaching the ''bright'' students than others? What is the process for getting an inter-district transfer?

Also, on an unrelated note, how has the state take over impacted parents' and children's experiences in OUSD? And how is morale overall?

Thinking Ahead to Kindergarten

[Editor] for the reply, see Crocker Highlands Elementary School (Dec 2003)