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    Hi there - I’m looking at a range of elementary schools for my 2020 Kindergartener and wondering if anyone has recent experience with CSCE. Thank you!

  • Have any of you sent your children to Community School for Creative Education in Oakland?  Looking for any experiences positive or negative from the past 5 years or so.  THanks!

    Not exactly the info you're looking for, but I'll share my brief look at the school.  A friend with a long history in Oakland schools (former principal and an Oakland charter school founder), who supports project-based, meaningful education and restorative justice, recommended it when I was asking them about schools for my child.  I chose not to consider it after seeing on that they did not report their kindergarten vaccination rates for 2017-2018.  It's possible that it was some clerical oversight, but with the knowledge that Waldorf schools often have low vaccination rates, that was a deal-breaker for me.  It may not be for you, but just something else to consider if you haven't already.

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April 2014

My children and I love CSCE. We're coming up on the end of our second year at the school and are excited about the prospect of staying here all the way through 8th grade. It's a unique school, not just in the Bay Area, but nationwide--a charter school blending elements of Waldorf education with a ''standard'' Common Core curriculum, allowing children to experience the best of both worlds. Unlike classic Waldorf schools this is a very diverse environment--in terms of not just race, but also income and learner type, which in my view makes it a better learning experience; our children will spend their lives at work and play with many different kinds of people, and this school is great preparation for that. The teachers are amazing, the principal and founder are visionaries and utterly professional, and there is support for children and parents with many different needs. If I weren't lucky enough to live in Oakland already, I'd consider moving here for this school (though you don't have to be a city resident to attend.) Monika

Feb 2012

We are so excited to have found the Community School for Creative Education (CSCE). Here we have finally found a community which is dedicated to sharing the beauty and richness of Waldorf inspired teaching methods within a multicultural framework. It is truly a gift to experience a Waldorf inspired curriculum within a community that is culturally and economically diverse, and that values the precious and unique contribution that each child makes to the fabric of the learning experience.

My daughter is in the second grade and I can say that her teacher, Delana Hill, is an extraordinarily dynamic, talented, consistently fair and even keeled teacher, who takes pleasure in the challenges and rewards of each of the children in the second grade class. We love her. My daughter is always happy to go to school, speaks about ALL of her classmates with love and appreciation, and is developing a true love of learning and desire to work hard and do her best that is amazing to behold. She knits in her free time, sings Mandarin songs with friends, is becoming passionate about reading, and loves math. Each day I see her stronger in her sense of self, and trying new things with pleasure and determination.

Additionally, the school has an exceptionally involved parent group that thinks deeply about all of the decisions facing a new school, places the well being of the children at the heart of each decision and works with unflagging determination.

I strongly recommend this school and am so grateful to the founders for all of the hard work that has made this vision a reality.

The school currently has openings in the 3rd grade is are taking applications for all grades K-4 next fall. Join us! CSCE Rocks!