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Charter School
800 students
171 12th Street (K-18), 746 Grand Avenue (9-12) Oakland, CA 94607
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previously known as American Indian Model Schools

AIMS K-12 Schools encourage equity in education. We score high in both ELA and Math compared to OUSD students. We make sure students receive a Chromebook, school materials and free meals and pay for high schoolers AP courses, SAT exams, and college apps.

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Archived Q&A and Reviews

Sept 2011

I am seeking recent experiences at American Indian Charter School in Oakland. Reviews have been mixed. The biggest complaints seem to have been too much homework, overly strict and a strong discouragement of parental involvement. My son enjoys school but still takes his education seriously. I would hate for his initial middle school experience to be a killjoy. Also, I'm actively involved in my son's education and would hate to be told that I could not volunteer or share concerns. Your comments/observations are appreciated. Thank you! Concerned Parent

I don't know anything about the school, but the principal, Ben Chavis was on the Gil Gross show on KGO radio today (9/9) with three of his students talking about his program. Perhaps you can find the pod cast on the KGO web site; I was certainly impressed with what I heard! KGO listener

I know about indian charter in a roundabout way- we went to COVA which paid for consulting from the principle of indian charter about how to raise test scores with math. Teach to the test, rushing through the test book, homework weekends, all holidays, of course daily is what it ends up being. Math ended up being the focus at the expense of other subjects the last two years. It can be miserable spending the christmas vacation with a math homework packet- and rushing through test books does not product comprehensive learning in our experience. Those methods would score a D in my book.