IC Community School

Oakland, CA

No longer in business
Private School
English, Spanish
Website: http://iccommunityschool.org/
Email: ICcommunity [at] yahoo.com
Oakland, CA
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I am writing to say how much I LOVE my children's school and to share some information about our school.

My kids have flourished in the program and adore their teachers. They both especially love the forest school days.

IC Community School has a few openings in our preschool class and K-3rd grade class for the 2016-17 school year. They are a Spanish-immersion program in Oakland with an innovative approach to education. At the heart of our school is our belief that our children of color - like all children - are creative, intelligent, contributing members of our community who are curious and motivated to learn. They follow a hands-on inquiry approach to learning with a focus on culturally relevant teaching and extensive arts integration. In addition, the program offers a comprehensive outdoor education program that supports the development of our children's confidence, curiosity, sensory integration, and connection with nature.
IC Community provides an intimate learning environment with a class size of 12 students with 2 teachers in which each child is deeply known. They offer financial aide via a sliding scale. In addition, a few full scholarships for Spanish speaking children entering 1st -3rd grade are available.

The school is hosting parent information sessions on February 21st. For the elementary school program this will be at 9:30 am and for the preschool program it will begin at 11:00am. You can RSVP to ICcommunity@yahoo.com

Read more at: www.iccommunityschool.org. Their website is really great and offers tons more information but it is a little out of date. I think they are working on updating it.

Archived Q&A and Reviews

Oct 2014


I am writing to tell you about my kids new school because I love it and want to share with people who might be interested in a new bilingual school in Oakland. We went to every possible Spanish Immersion school option in Oakland and Berkeley and chose this school because it was the closest to what we could dream of for our children.

My daughter is in the preschool program and my son is in the Kindergarten and they both love going every day. The preschool class has 12 children and three amazing teachers. The Kindergarten/1st grade class also has a very low ratio and wonderful teachers. I really feel like they both are getting the attention and care that all children deserve. I love the school because of the caring supporting community from the teachers and families. I also love the emergent curriculum that fosters children's natural curiosity, the fact that they spend so much time learning outside, and how the teachers respond to challenges that come up with the love and support.

The school grew out of a small bilingual preschool and at this point we are in the process of applying to become an OUSD charter school in Fall of 2016. A few of the wonderful things that this school is offering are: inquiry based learning that respects children's sense of curiosity and ability to have a voice in their own learning, culturally responsive teaching that honors each child's identity, two way immersion that ensures that all children reach full bilingualism and biliteracy, and connection to nature and the environment.

I invite you to read more at their elementary school websites:

The elementary school website: http://riosbilingualacademy.org/ The preschool website: http://iccommunityschool.org/ Megan

Nov 2013

IC Community is a Reggio-inspired, play-based, Spanish-immersion program that focuses on critical/creative thinking, community, culture, and social justice. Along with art, nature is integrated into the children's daily experiences at school. Currently the children spend an entire day exploring the forest once a week. Spending time in the outdoors is an incredible learning experience!

My daughter's Spanish has greatly (and quickly) improved in a very short time. I'm incredibly impressed by the amount of time and consciousness that the teachers put into preparing for school each day. The attention to detail is impeccable. The little school is absolutely stunning and is a sweet learning environment. I love that my daughter feels safe there. She sings the name of the school - non-stop - as I drive her to school in the mornings.

Come and learn more about our school! Upcoming parent information session dates are as follows: December 7 at 9:30-11 am; November 4th & 21, and December 16 at 7:30-9 pm

Eventually, IC Community will grow to be a small pre-kindergarten through grade 8 school. The children will be able to learn and grow together for many years to come. This is truly a gem of a school! Nikki