Golden Oak Montessori School

Castro Valley, CA

Charter School
Phone: (510) 931-7868
2652 Vergil Court, Castro Valley, CA 94546

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Archived Reviews: 

Golden Oak Montessori is a FREE public charter school located in Hayward between CSU East Bay and Mission Blvd. Our school was started in 2009 and has achieved API of 830 in 2011 -- the top of the HUSD district. Grades 7-8 were added in 2012, and we are starting a petition to our school board to add a public charter high school. This is a great school where kids learn core principles in addition to the standard 3 R's such as Time Management, Self-Direction, Cooperative Learning/Mentoring. The kids stay with the same teacher for grades 1-3 or 4-6 or 7-8 which lessens the anxiety and ''fitting in'' issues, much more like being part of a neighborhood.

For parents moving to the area, Hayward has great value on houses in the hills, but gets slammed for poor performing schools despite the great scores of Golden Oak, Leadership Public School and Impact Academy (Science and Technology) because people either dont know about them or think they are private elitist schools and they don't show on the district website. These are PUBLIC charters, PUBLIC funded schools, FREE to any student in the district as well as some in bordering districts (San Lorenzo, Castro Valley, San Leandro, Union City) although preference in the lottery system is given to residents of the HUSD and siblings of current students. We have brought families back into HUSD district that had opted for home-schooling or private schools. Check us out and sign our petition for Silver Oak High School/Public Charter Montessori School! Go Info [info [at]] Steve