Applied Scholastics Academy East Bay


Private School
operated by Applied Scholastics International
Phone: (510) 748-0428
2050 Lincoln Avenue Alameda, CA 94501
Other religious affiliation
Editors' Notes: 
  • Applied Scholastics Academy East Bay was previously known as Golden Gate Apple School.

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Archived Q&A and Reviews

Dec 2011

I want to say my daughter's reading comprehension has actually improved. She can answer and understand well on her tests that demonstrate her ability to comprehend her reading. I would say she is smarter on subjects than I was. I have confidence in her to read and grasp knowledge as this shows to me she will retain what she learns therefore be able to apply the knowledge to her environment and her life. Her responsibility and behavior towards her school and environment with other children has expanded. This to me says my daughter will be ready for her future. Jeanne

August 2011

My girls love school. Seriously, they get mad when they don't get to go. They even ask to go back to school after a doctors office visit and vaccination when I gave them the choice to hang out at home. Sometimes they ask to go on weekends. And they are reading and doing math well ahead of their age group. When I tell people how old they are, nobody believes me because they are a year or more ahead in their ability to communicate. But most impressive is their comprehension. They didn't just memorize some phonics or a times table, but they know why and how and what. They understand and can actually apply.

They are attending the Applied Scholastics Academy, East Bay formerly known as the Golden Gate Apple School and are doing so very well in life already that I feel absolutely positive on their head-start down the path to success in life.

I noticed that there are far too few reviews about this school and felt that I needed to express my appreciation and pleasure.

If you have a child that doesn't like school or is not doing well, I urge you to consider this organization. If you have a teacher telling you that your child is a special needs case or has some learning disability, but they always seemed bright and aware before they went to school, you owe it to yourself and your family to consider this school.

I see other kids come in struggling with math or reading or grammar and come here, get corrected and start loving school and learning, ready to go out and be a success in the world.

Their is an excellent education available here and I invite you to jump on-board and take advantage of it. Cheers, oovah

My children wake up on Saturday and dress for school, disappointed when they learn they have the day off. They are both reading voraciously and my 8 year-old is very excited because his teacher said someday she is going to teach him calculus. Everyday when I pick them up they are so enthusiastic, talking about what they have learned. But the best part - they feed the kids! I don't have to make school lunches and they got my daughter, begrudgingly, eating salad! Great School. Maria

I have both of my boys attending the school (which used to be known as Golden Gate Apple School), and the results and progress I have seen on them are spectacular. The younger one started attending at age 4, now at 7 is getting on to the third grade. He is bright, but a handful. It was Diana's (the headmistress's) brilliance and commitment that got him to focus his abilities and really achieve. I really feel that if he were in a typical setting, he would've been labeled as a discipline problem and would've been left behind.

The older one, age 10, was having a few bugs in language arts and it was handled in short order and now he's zooming along on all subjects.

I've seen debug actions on students who are english as a 2nd language or ones who were literally 2-3 years behind where they should be. These kids win, they get bright, happy and are not only willing, but eager to get to school. They have proven methods to handle study issues and can apply them spot-on to get each kid comprehending and able to apply what they've learned. I give the school my highest possible confidence and recommendation. Mara

Sept 2009

I was wondering if anyone can tell me about Golden Gate Apple School. What's it like? I'm curious. Someone told me that it might be good for my daughter. Thank you. Interested

Golden Gate Apple School uses a Scientology-based teaching methodology called Applied Scholastics. See The school's philosophy and methodology is all there.   -anonymous

August 2012

[Editor Note] In response to this post, BPN received the following message:

Applied Scholastics Academy, East Bay uses a teaching methodology authored by L. Ron Hubbard called study technology. The Applied Scholastics network includes more than 800 schools, literacy centers and tutoring groups world-wide. Bethany

May 2008

Golden Gate Apple School has recently moved from Kensington to Alameda, per Director Diana Doiel. '