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Berkeley, CA
Editors' Notes:
  • (2010) This school is now closed. It was also known as The Elmwood School.

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December 2002

Re: School for 3rd grader with Selective Mutism
There is a wonderful ''Waldorf-inspired'' school in Berkeley that very few people know about because it is so small. East Bay Our School is located in St. John's Presbyterian Church on College Avenue. It is a fabulous one-room school with ten to twelve students in classes K-6. The teacher Deborah Newlen is fantastic, and the whole school philosophy is very accepting of difference. My kindergardener LOVES it, and I feel like he is getting the best possible school experience. Call 704-0701 and speak to Deborah for more information or to set up a tour. Betsy

Jan 1997

After the East Bay Waldorf School announced its move to El Sobrante in 1996, a group of parents got together to start a Steiner-inspired School in the East Bay. The Elmwood School, centrally located in St. John's Community Center on College Avenue in Berkeley, opened its door in September of last year for 9 children, aged 6 through 11.

We offer a strong academic program based on the Waldorf curriculum, arts, crafts and handwork classes, eurhythmy and music, Spanish, German and American Sign Language. We are formally affiliated with AWSNA. We place strong emphasis on multicultural studies and gender equality,as well as ecological literacy and community service. Presently, we have one full-time teacher, one eurhythmy teacher and parents teaching specialty subjects.

After five months, we feel stable and are ready to expand. We are now looking for students to enroll in Kindergarten, to open in September 1997, as well as in the school (grades 1 through 5). Because we are a parent cooperative school, we are able to keep our tutition down to $500 per month. Some scholarships will be available.