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  • The School of Arts and Sciences has closed and the site is occupied now by a pre-school (Duck's Nest )

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Nov 2007

Re: Preschools with Male Teachers
Last year my son was at Arts and Sciences in Oakland when the school just hired a wonderful male teacher from England. He was very warm and nurturing and was great with the kids. Check out the school, I'm not sure if he is still there. former parent

A great school with a positive male teacher is Peter at the Arts and Sciences school. He creates a warm and wonderful environment for everyone and is a joy to be around! single mom again

Feb 2006

I was hoping to hear from parents who currently have their children enrolled at the The School of Arts & Sciences. There are only a couple postings about the school and they seem to predate the departure of the head teacher, Judith. We are considering the school for our daughter in the fall and I would love to hear any and all comments. The program seems very rich and the environment warm and nuturing, but nothing beats hearing from some current customers. :-) Thanks!
Parent of a Preschooler

Our daughter has attended the School of Arts and Sciences since September and we could not be happier with the program. The teachers are marvelous,very kind and engaged with the children, especially the head teacher/director Sandy who has considerable experience with preschoolers; I find she is a great resource for issues/concerns our daughter has experienced both inside and outside the classroom. The program is small and intimate; rich in arts, music, and movement; and in my opinion, very stimulating for our daughter. I have been very impressed with what our daughter has learned in the past six months and feel she will be very well prepared for kindergarten. Also, the school is excellent at assessment of the childrens' development, both behavior ally and academically, compared to their chronological age.

My son has been very happy at the School for Arts and Sciences. The children seem cheerful and busy whenever I'm there and the atmosphere is neither too hushed nor frenetic. The teachers were very patient, sweet and supportive of my son when he first started and didn't want to be left in a strange place without me. My only criticism is that I think they could be more skilled at and proactive about guiding the kids through conflict resolutions. Other than that, I'd say if you're looking for a small playbased school, this is a lovely one.

May 2005

I would appreciate any advice on the following preschools: School of Arts & Science on Broadway in Oakland (affiliated with Duck's Nest), Applegarden Montessori in Montclair and Claremont Day Nursery on College or Claremont. I am looking for my daughter who will be nearing four in the fall and have read the reviews archived on the parents network. I'd appreciate any more up to date info. Thanks! Elizabeth

We've been happy with the School of Arts and Sciences this past year. But you should know that its fantastic head teacher, Judith, is leaving to start her own preschool in the fall. She is energetic, compassionate, and smart, and I expect any school that she runs will be supurb. Her preschool will be called HOLDING HANDS, and you can reach her at 510/290-7641. Sarah in Oakland

August 2003

I understand that Elementary School of Arts and Sciences in Oakland will soon reopen under new management by the folks who operate the Duck's Nest Preschool and wonder if anybody has any experiences to share about the new people who will be running and teaching at ESAS. I;m reluctant to sign up my child at a new school unless I know more about who will be running the school and teaching my child. Many thanks. Interested parent

I have a child who just completed his last year at Duck's Nest under the very skilled and able eye of Judith (one of the teachers). All I can say is she is amazing with children. She has a dedication to her vocation very seldom seen these days. She truly loves and admires all children and can see the good in all of them. She is commanding and has total control of the classroom all the time. She is smart and I would be thrilled to have my child go through a pre-K class with her. My child also experienced Patsy the year before last. I also highly admire Patsy and her work with the kids. I think those 2 are going to make a great team.

May 2003

Re: Elementary Schools with Pre-K Programs
I am a mother of two attending Duck's Nest Preschool at the Piedmont site. We are extremely happy with the site, curriculum, enrichment and community outreach programs. The teachers and administration have created a community that is incredibly nurturing, playful and supportive.

Duck's Nest have recently announced a new ''Developmental Pre-K Kindergarten'' Program at the Elementary School of Arts & Sciences. A short description follows.

  The Elementary School of Arts & Sciences announces a new ''Developmental Pre-K Kindergarten'' Program by Duck's Nest.  Our Pre-K & Developmental Kindergarten Program is designed to meet the needs of a child who is of kindergarten age (4.9 years), but developmentally would thrive in an environment, which further defines the individual child 's social skills, self-esteem and independence.  With preschool locations now in Berkeley and Piedmont, and our new Pre-K & Developmental Kindergarten Program site, we offer child-sized nooks and crannies integrated into a complex of bright classrooms and play areas.  Duck's Nest provides a unique learning environment designed solely to support your childs' enthusiasm for learning. Please call us for information at our Piedmont site 510.428.0901.  The Elementary School of Arts & Sciences ''Developmental Pre-K Kindergarten'' Program by Duck's Nest 5766 Broadway Oakland, California 94618 510.658.5443 Dana 

August 1999

For anybody who searches for a great small classroom elementary school: I recommend The Elementary School of Arts and Sciences on 5766 Broadway. Carol Smith is the Director and teacher. It is a K-3 grade school with fun curriculum and small number of students. If you are looking for a warmth and small classroom size school , this is the one. I know Carol for five years now and she is doing a wonderful job with the children. My youngest one will be in 3rd grade and she can hardly wait to start school. This year they will study Aztecs, mayans, and Incas, in science they will study rainforests, then in January they will study astronomy. This school is the "paradise" school for children who need more attention, the school has computers, pets (rabbit, birds, turtles), many many science projects throughout the year. Highly recommended by me and my children. Also, they have after school program "Musical theater" in which they perform in their backyard every other month. They still a few openings and the school awards financial assistance to qualify applicants. More information: 510-658-5443 Elena '