Wagner Ranch Elementary

Public School
operated by Orinda Unified School District
(925) 258-0016
350 Camino Pablo, Orinda, CA 94563

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Archived Q&A and Reviews

March 2009

We are considering moving to Orinda and would like to hear experiences with Wagner Ranch Elementary. Are you happy with the school? What is the social climate like? And how intense are the academics? Any experiences with the afterschool care program? What about the school bus? What's the community life of the school? Our son will be entering 3rd grade next year and is artistic and sensitive, a good student, not into sports. We both work full time so don't have time to be super involved with the school but to hope to meet other families. Thanks! Megan

We moved to Orinda in Dec 2006 specifically for Wagner Ranch. We consider ourselves lucky that we live close enough to walk to school. Our son started Kindergarten this year. We are so very pleased. The school is in a lovely setting and very well organized. The principal of the school Janice Arnerich is fantastic--really involved with the kids. She seems to come into the cafeterial almost daily while the kids are having lunch. She chats, helps them clean the tables, makes announcements, etc. Social climate for parents is somewhat active. I've been to about 3 ''Kindergarten Moms Night Out'' for dinner/drinks/chatting, there's morning coffee and presentations at school about 3-4 times per year, lots of time to volunteer in the classroom and the lunch room. The after school program--''Bandit Club''--is also great. Run by two women with several younger helpers/teachers. They serve snacks, have art projects every day, movie on Fridays, homework club, etc. I really suggest going on their web site http://www.orindaschools.org/wagnerranch/site/default.asp and going on the district web site. I think K registration is happening now, and come to our open house.

May 2008

We are starting Kindergarten this fall at Wagner Ranch in Orinda. We signed up for Orinda Enrichment Summer School, headed by Jim Bartleman, Summer School Principal. Has anyone had experience with this 4-week, M-F, 9am-noon program? How are the teachers? Was your child happy with this program? Soreya

I, too, have a child that will be attending Wagner Ranch this Fall. We have signed him up for enrichment as well. Both of my older kids did the enrichment program and really loved it. Specifically, we've done the Kindergarten, 1st grade and 2nd grade programs. Mr. Bartleman runs a fun program and the teachers have been fantastic in the past. Joy