Northgate High School

Walnut Creek

Public School
operated by Mt. Diablo Unified School District
1,700 students
Phone: (925) 938-0900
425 Castle Rock Rd Walnut Creek, CA 94598

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Feb 2012

Our daughter will be a freshman at Northgate High School in Walnut Creek this coming fall after she graduates from Foothill Middle School. Anybody out there have kids who are at Northgate, or have recently graduated from Northgate, who could share experiences, tips, advice about helping our daughter have a successful transition and experience there? Our daughter is not currently involved in any sports or in music, so there is no obvious place for her to get attached to. She is definitely college-oriented, but not a straight A student (right now, mostly Bs with a few As). Thanks! Future Northgate parent

I have two boys who have gone to Northgate High School. One graduated in 2010, the other will graduate 2013. We've had a good experience there, with some ups and downs, of course. The school excels in their English, math, and science departments...but has a mediocre (at best) language department.

The students at NG are mostly friendly and open, so your daughter will feel welcome next fall. The administrators are friendly and helpful, though overworked, but they are available whenever you (or your daughter) have questions or concerns.

And there are many, many student clubs your daughter can join. For example, there is a crochet club, music club, robotics club, computer club, philosophy club, dance club, arts club (making greeting cards for children who are ill), baking club. Really, so many to choose from! Most clubs meet during lunch, but some meet after school. Your daughter could meet people with similar interests through these clubs. And the performing arts program at NG is really excellent, so she could participate in plays, musicals, voice, or improv groups.

I think your daughter will have a great experience at NG. Susan