Dorris-Eaton School

San Ramon
Private School
One Annabel Lane, San Ramon, CA 94583
Editors' Notes:
  • Dorris-Eaton School relocated from Walnut Creek to San Ramon during summer 2015

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Archived Q&A and Reviews

Jan 2014

Re: Which preschool in Alamo Danville area?

I highly recommend the Dorris Eaton preschool in Alamo, we had an excellent experience there from 2008-2010. I have three daughters and we have tried many preschools over the years -- Dorris Eaton has become the standard that no other schools have ever reached again.

What I liked about it is that the kids could do relatively advanced work if they wanted, there was a gentle academic approach, while still being a fun preschool (it's not an academic boot camp by any means!). They allowed my daughter to sit and write long stories on her own, uninterrupted. The teachers have been there forever, the other kids are well behaved, and the director, Julie Bush, really has her act together. After my daughter finished there, the teachers were nice enough to write a recommendation for a gifted program for her, and she got in, thanks to their thoughtful words

Dorris Eaton was worth the extra expense, I only wish we'd been able to avail ourselves of it again, but we moved to Orinda, too far to commute. Erica

Jan 2011

Re: Middle School Options in Oakland/Richmond/Berkeley
I have good friends who have sent their kids to Dorris-Eaton School in WC. They have been very happy with the education their kids received. It's definitely for kids who want to work hard and enjoy academics, though I hear their art and music programs are very good. Their children both went on to CPS, for the parents who have asked about preparing for rigorous high school. Oakland mom

Oct 2006

Re: private schools in Walnut Creek area
our daughter has had good experiences at dorris-eaton school the past two summers. she is in public school in lafayette (at least some step up from your walnut creek district, i think, at least from conversations w/ parents whose daughters are in walnut creek; but the gradient may not be all that big). but her mom and i wanted her to get more academic stuff during the summer and she enjoys it (her favorite game at home, believe it or not, is ''playing school''). we found it a year or so ahead of where they are at equivalent grade in public school and the discipline expectations are much higher (not a problem for our girl who is not in the slightest a discipline problem, but she does better in such an environment). the summer school campus is in walnut creek, on newell avenue, just west of 680. however they have another campus in either south alamo or north danville, i think, so you have to check them out as far as geography. good luck doug '