Ruby Bridges Elementary School


Public School
operated by Alameda Unified School District
Phone: 510.748.4006
351 Jack London Avenue Alameda, CA 94501

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Archived Q&A and Reviews

Jan 2010

Re: Alameda schools for Special Ed
Our kids just started at Ruby Bridges in West Alameda. They aren't in special ed, but the school has tremendous resources available that might apply. Within 3 weeks, my first-grade son received a skill assessment (not requested by us). The school set up a meeting with us, the principal, the teacher and the intervention specialist. We made a plan, they shared resources with us. I am deeply impressed. They have more resources than other schools in the AUSD. Great teachers and very proactive. I suggest that you give them a call to find out about your specifics. Very Happy Ruby Bridges Parent

May 2009

Re: Feedback of schools on West end of Alameda
You didn't mention what level of school your kids will be attending, but I can provide you with some feedback on elementary school . . . we live in the Bayport development on the West End and my child attends Ruby Bridges Elementary, the new school that opened in 2006. The principal is top-notch, the school is beautiful, and we have had wonderful teachers both years we've been there (K and 1st) who have been very engaged and receptive to working with us to address the specific needs of our child (who is currently working above grade level in math and reading). Lisa

Feb 2008

Re: Henry Haight School
Are you considering Ruby Bridges Elementary School? This new school has a fabulous teaching, office and after school staff and a stellar, energetic and visionary principal. They have many extra events such as multi cultural art, visiting cows, Heritage Night and much more. Their namesake, Ruby Bridges, is a wonderful role model for children and has already visited the school twice. I visited the school and was extremely impressed! This is my top pick of Alameda schools. -parent and local school administrator