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March 2013

Re: Starting to question our opposition to organized religion

The East Bay Church of Religious Science is exactly what you are looking for! I am an agnostic and don't go there very often because I have a baby at home. But they are accessible and make sense with their positive message. Reverend E is especially amazing. It is such an amazing mix of people who go there, all ethnicities, all classes seem to be welcome. ebcrs.org Dr Rene

July 2008

Re: Interracial family seeking truly diverse church
Check out Oakland Center for Spiritual Living. It is a very diverse non-denominational church with a fantastic minister, Reverand Joan Steadman. The children's program is also very diverse ethnically and has a wonderful minister leading that program. The music is uplifting, the message is always inspiring and it is a very welcoming community. They are located on Clarewood Drive off of Broadway Terrace. Go to the 11:00 service on Sunday, so your kids can participate in the childrens program. Google the church and check out the website. I love this church! anon

May 2008

Re: Non-denominational or non-Biblical church
Try the Church of Religious Science - there's one in Montclair just through the tunnel. I know tons of people who go there - it's spiritual without being biblical... very positive and recognizing the truth within all religions. Their website is http://www.oaklandcsl.org/ Jennifer

August 2006

Re: Seeking East Bay equivalent of Grace Cathedral or Glide Memorial
Hi! I attend East Bay Church of Religious Science. I find that although it is not a methodist church, it is somewhat similar to Glide. It has a great choir and music,nice community, the messages/sermons are real life and humorous and it is very diverse. They have 3 services on Sunday, 8:00, 10:00 and 12:00. 10:00 is usually the most crowded one. The first 15 minutes of the service is a meditation, so if you rather not partake in that you can arrive at quarter after the hour and be fine. The church is located on the corner of 41st and Telegraph in Oakland, within walking distance of the BART station, if you need that. Parking is sometimes and issue, but you can park in the Mercedes lot on 40th and Telegraph if you want to (Sundays during services only) Good luck! Rebecca