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May 2008

Re: Sunday School for ''Cultural'' Jews?
Kindershule sounds like what you're seeking. It's a secular, cultural Jewish school that meets every other Sunday morning in Berkeley during the school year. The curriculum focuses on stories, art, cooking, holidays, music & Yiddish. There are 3 classes for children in grades K-5 in this program run by Gerry Tenney. Gerry also teaches a 2-year bar/bat mitzvah class. It is definitely an alternative to the religious, synagogue experience. My children went through the elementary program, one had a bat mitzvah & the other is in the bar/bat mitzvah class now. The program is wrapping up for the year but contact Gerry for more info at gtenney [at] earthlink.net. I'll be happy to talk with you further as well.. Rebecca

August 2006

My KinderShule class is a joyous introduction to Jewish life. It is a 2x a month class which meets every-other Sunday at the JCC in Berkeley. We are a Sept to June program.
Contact Betty Albert-Schreck 510-525-6909 betty[at]drshen.com

Feb 2002

A while back I read something on this newsletter regarding a kinder-shul for little kids held on Sundays at...the Berkeley JCC, I think? Anyway, I can't find it on the website, and I would love to learn more about it. Can anyone enlighten me? Thanks very much. --- Julie

My daughter, who is almost 6, has been going to Kindershul since November. She has had to miss some classes because of other conflicts, but are making a greater effort to not miss any classes. I think it is a wonderful program which offers a nice balance of Jewish ritual, culture and Yiddishkeit. The teacher for the K-1 class, Louise, is fabulous. She is great with the kids. The class is small - 3 boys and 3 girls. Gerry Tenney, who runs the program and leads a short music program at the end of the two hours is very sweet and funny and the kids seems to adore him.

My only complaint, is that it is only every other Sunday (from 10 to Noon at the Berkeley Richmond JCC). I wish it could be weekly, because I think the consistency of timing would be helpful to allow the kids to socialize better. My daughter is VERY shy in new situations and it is taking her quite a long time to get comfortable. Shoshana Finacom

The person to contact is Betty Alpert 525-6906. My son went for several years (it was held at Berkwood Hedge School) and it was very sweet. Lots of singing, story telling, art projects all centered around Judiasm. Betty is very talented and kind. Feel free to email me ith questions. Deb
Maybe you were thinking of the Shabbat B'Yachad program Netivot Shalom (an egalitarian, conservative, synagogue) holds at the Berkeley JCC on the second and fourth Saturdays for kids five and under. It starts at 11a.m., and is parent-run. There's also a program co-sponsored with the JCC for kids 3 and under. I don't know the details on that You could call 549-9447 for more info, or just stop by and check out the Shabbat program and ask the parents there for more info. Carol
Kindershul is a secular, cultural Jewish school that meets every other Sunday from 10-noon at the JCC in N Berkeley near Cedar & Vine. The curriculum focuses on stories, art, cooking, holidays, music & some Yiddish. We have family Hanukah, Purim & Passover celebrations. There are 3 classes for children in grades K-5 in the program run by Gerry Tenney. There is also a preschool program for 3-5 year olds run by Betty Albert. We'll be celebrating Purim at the next class which is Feb 17. Families are welcome to come & check it out.

Just a quick correction & addition on the posting about Kindershul I sent the other day. The email address for Gerry Tenney is gtenney [at] earthlink.net. I had an old address in my message. Also, please add email for Betty Albert: bettyATdr.shen.com. Thanks!!

Our family belongs to the Berkeley-Richmond JCC and I have read of it through their flyers and monthly calendar, so I know it exists. Call the B-R JCC at 848-0237 and speak to the receptionist. Fran