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March 2009

Re: Church for middle age and beyond?
I have been a part of a community in Oakland for almost two years now. It is called the Center of Light, and it is a Christian mystic school for spiritual growth and development. It is not a religious group but rather a close community of people who want to grow in more integrity and consciousness.

The core of this tradition and this order is that priests are healed enough to get out of the way, so that they can see students more clearly and help them simplify, experience more peace, and be closer to God. As mystics we relate to God within our beings and develop that relationship through direct experience. It is never a question of taking what someone has said just because they are a priest or an authority. It is simple and unlike any church or community that I had ever experienced.

Besides spiritual classes, conscious movie nights are offered, as well as meditation class, an intro to Christian Mysticism (a great way to learn what it's all about), and city clean-ups, Sunday service, daily meditation and communion, and even more. Needless to say it is a very active community. All are welcome to anything and everything. I suggest you check us out in this time of your life when you are ready to commit yourself to something new and something deeper.

The website is very informative and attractive, and you can contact Rev. Rachel who runs the Oakland Center at [email protected] Gloria