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Oct 2009

Re: Church for non-attender to take 4-yr-old?
Try the Alameda Spiritual Living Center services, my 5 yo son loves them... they have a kid's program, music, and it's interfaith. Jennifer

Oct 2008

Re: Seeking liberal Alameda church
Try The Alameda Spiritual Living Center at here at Rhythmix They have kid's activities - and they join the service at the end, have a different musician each week, reception with food afterwards, and a really great vibe. It's interfaith/new thought (like east bay church of religious science, or Agape in LA) and very inclusive. My kid loves it. jennifer

May 2008

Re: Non-denominational or non-Biblical church
We have a church that does Sunday services here at Rhythmix that has a kids program, and they are very similar to Religious Science/New Thought, but even a little more inter-faith. Jennifer