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Our spirituality is centered on Jesus because we’ve discovered that his life and teachings deeply connect faith with everyday life. Whether we are bringing food to new parents, hosting a movie night or praying for a sick friend, we’ve found joy and satisfaction in putting Jesus’ words into action.

As our name implies, we believe that “church” is not a building. It is a community of people gathered to love God, one another and their city in a way that heals divisions and makes friends of strangers. We are far from perfect in this, but we’ve found it to be a marvelous adventure.

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Nov 2010

Re: Catholic looking for something different
You are very welcome to come and worship with us. We are a multi-ethnic congregation, with both female and male pastors. see our website for more info or you can contact me. Church Without Walls in Berkeley

I'd like to invite you to visit my church, Church Without Walls. We are a group of folks who are trying to know and follow God together. There are several folks that I know in the church who are Catholic currently or who were raised Catholic (including my husband). I feel like people are welcome no matter where they are on their spiritual journey and I never find the sermons rote or closed-minded. We meet on Sunday evenings, 5pm, at 2117 Acton, just south of University. anon.

Nov 2009

Re: Family friendly church for Uk transplants
You are welcome to come visit Church Without Walls in Berkeley. We are a multi-ethnic congregation, and have ~45 kids ranging from babies, toddlers, to school age and have wonderful teachers for our children's church. We meet on Sundays at 5pm, near University Ave/Acton St. Here is the link to our website for more information:

May 2008

Re: Agnostic seeking apolitical church
I attend Church Without Walls ( and it may be a good fit for what you are looking for. We are a smallish church in West Berkeley, focused on loving God and our neighbors (locally and globally). Although I would say that folks in our church generally believe that politics are important to us, it is not part of what we do as a church on Sundays. I know that there are a variety of political viewpoints held by various members and that it is our faith that brings us together as a church--not our politics. We meet at the West Berkeley Senior Center on 6th and Hearst at 5pm on Sundays. You'd be welcome to come check it out. anon

Feb 2008

Re: Protestant church with teen programs
We love our church ''Church Without Walls'' in Berkeley which has a great high school and middle school ministry. for more info. feel free to email me for more info. too. Pauline

August 2006

Re: Christian Church with a Bible focus
Come check out my church, Church Without Walls, in West Berkeley. The sermons are always Bible based and we have a strong sense of community. It's the first time in my life that I feel like my church is my family. It's a casual service with lots of singing, a sermon, communion, and prayer. We meet on Sunday evenings, 5 pm, at the Finnish Hall--1819 10th St, between Deleware and Hearst. Kim

Jan 2006

Re: Family friendly church for a newbie

I would like to recommend my church, Church Without Walls, in West Berkeley. We are a somewhat small, Christian, ''multi- denominational'' church which has had a baby boom in the past few years. We have an informal and upbeat service on Sunday evenings, with children's programs, and small groups that meet throughout the week in homes around Berkeley. The thing that I think I like best about our church is that it doesn't feel like a place where folks are pretending to ''have it all together.'' I feel like there is space for me to be where I am on my spiritual journey. We meet at 5pm at the Finnish Hall on 10th St. between Hearst and Deleware. Peace, Kim

Dec 2005

Re: Christmas service with lots of music for visiting Methodist mother-in-law
I wrote a recommendation for my church in the last newsletter but it's appropriate for your question as well. You would be welcome to come to our Christmas Eve service at Church Without Walls in West Berkeley. We are a small and casual church with lots of kids and we love to sing. We will have appetizers and treats at 3pm and the service will be at 4. We meet at the Finnish Hall at 1819 10th St. Merry Christmas! Kim

March 2005

Re: Non-Denominational Christian Church with a young membership

You might want to come check out the church I and my family attend, Church Without Walls, in West Berkeley. We are a smallish church with lots of young families--Lots of folks in their 30's with little ones. We are non-denominational congregation striving to be a diverse community following Jesus together and bringing love and justice to our community. We meet on Sunday evenings, 5-6:30 pm, at 1819 10th St. in Berkeley, between Hearst & Deleware. See our website at

Feb 2005

Re: Raised Catholic, looking at other churches, help us choose

In response to the request for help finding a church -- I am also a SAHM with a husband who works full time, who was raised as a Roman Catholic, and who is raising young children -- I/we have found a wonderful community at Church Without Walls -- a new church started 6 years ago here in Berkeley by a group of Cal grads. I was seeking a relational church to join -- one where I felt like the other members were truly family for one other, as opposed to many Catholic parishes I have visited. Our pastor, Dana Cunliffe, is a vibrant, visionary, and caring leader (she's also a mom of 2 school age kids who attend Berkeley public schools, as do many of the children in the church, including mine). We meet on Sunday evenings at 5 pm at Finnish Hall in West Berkeley (1819 Tenth Street). It is a small congregation (approx. 60 adults and 20 kids), mostly in their 20s and 30s (my husband and I, approaching our mid-40s, are two of the oldest members). Our church values diversity, believes in serving the community (through projects such as tutoring, reaching out to middle school youth, and Rebuilding Together), seeking justice locally and globally, loving Jesus and one another. We start the worship service all together, then the younger children go to a childrens' church time, and re-join the rest of the group for Communion. Worship is followed by a refreshment time. We also have occasional events that happen at times other than Sunday evenings (a brunch on Resurrection/Easter Sunday and Harvest Festival in late October are the biggest ones), weekly small group meetings that some members attend, and many informal gatherings. You and your family are totally welcome to come and visit us anytime (or you can e-mail me with further questions). Marguerite