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August 2006

Re: Radical church or synagogue
I didn't see your original post, but I get the sense that you may be looking for a church like Trinity United Methodist on Bancroft at Dana in Berkeley. We are a church committed to social justice and spiritual renewal. A great eclectic congregation with a ministry to the homeless and a ''reconciling'' stance toward all those who have traditionally been excluded from organized religon. Education program for children and youth/teen group as well. Would love to have you join us! a.

March 2003

Re: Inclusive & Friendly Church
We have been very happy at Trinity United Methodist. It's a relatively small, but very loving, congregation with a wonderful music program. The church is on Bancroft right across from the University. It's been a wonderful inter-generational experience for my kids who have many surrogate grandparents among the congregation! And, there is a nice mix of families, University folks, and the usual kind of eclectic group that you might expect to find in Berkeley. Feel free to email me with questions.

Oct 2002

Re: Seeking diverse place of worship
I wanted to mention Trinity United Methodist Church on Bancroft and Dana in Berkeley. It doesn't meet all of your ''wish list'' but does meet some of the important ones. It's small and a mix of both lesbian and straight families. There isn't much racial diversity, but there is a lot of generational diversity. It's small and doesn't have a teen program, but everyone is very loving and really knows and dotes on the kids that attend. It has a lot of character and is as eccentric as Berkely can be...while truely being a place of worship Patricia