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Feb 2007

Re: Returning to the church, seeking a community
I'm new to St. Theresa's, but I'm very encouraged by 4 things: 1. their women's group (WINGS - Women in God's Spirit), is very friendly/welcoming, organized by theme throughout the year, and has a speaker, prayer, small group discussion, and ... childcare (for the daytime WINGS)! WINGS is a good mix of 30 somethings with small children and wonderful grandmothers with life experience to share. 2. the 9am family mass' Kinderchurch (Pre-K & K, like Sunday School), is age appropriate, caring, organized, with crafts, story, song, prayer - my nervous, clingy little guy now forgets to say, ''Bye, Mom!'' - since he enjoys it so much. 3. the general friendliness of everyone I've met 4. it seems to be a well-off parish, in terms of family income. However, according to the fast fundraising for a new school building campaign, it appears the parishoners put their money where their mouth is in terms of giving & tithing. Take it with a grain of salt - I'm still new there - but I can't wait to get more involved. It seems a good fit for our family. A good way to meet people, too, is to take your kids to the church/school playground for the 15 minutes they open it up right after the 9am mass. happy to be home