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May 2007

Re: Churches with kids near El Cerrito?
Have I got a place for you! Shepherd of the Hills is a small but lively congregation with open hearts, doors, and minds. On an average Sunday we have 15-20 kids under 12 in church. During the school year we offer Sunday School during the service - year round we have child care. This is a congregation that can handle a little noise and provide a few playmates. (It helps that my son is 2 1/2 himself). Come and visit any Sunday - worship is at 10AM. We are located at the corner of Grizzly Peak and Spruce in Berkeley near the north entrance to Tilden. Feel free to email if you have any questions. Pr. Katie

June 2006

Re: Lutheran community which is great for kids
Please come visit Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church on Grizzly Peak at Spruce. We welcome all families and have a Sunday School during the school year. Childcare is provided for children under 2 years of age during service. Pastor Katie always has interesting and engaging children's sermons at the beginning of services. We have a comfortable area in the back of the church with a couch and love seat and carpet area where the kids work with ''Busy Bags'' during the services. For more information see or call (510) 524-8281. Welcome! Jeanne

January 2002

Re: ELCA Lutheran Church with an active Sunday School

I am a member of the congregation of Shepherd of the Hills (SOH) Lutheran Church in Berkeley. I joined this congregation only about two years because I was impressed by the pastor (who has since accepted another call) and the friendliness of the congregation. SOH is a small congregation, but there are about five or six families with children between the infant stage and age six. (There are just a handful of children older than that.) There is a Sunday school that runs during the school year. The children meet in the Fellowship Hall at 9:55 for a half an hour of Sunday school. Then the children are brought up in time for communion, about mid-day way through the service. The children may come with their parents to the communion rail and those that are old enough take communion - the babes in arms receive a blessing. I feel that our congregation is a liberal and accepting congregation. Though I don't have a lot of time for committee-kind of work, I participate in the church's committee for social ministries, which does fund raising for local homeless programs and world-wide hunger programs.

Please feel free to email me if you have more questions. Janet
(The church is located at the intersection of Spruce and Grizzly Peak - 401 Grizzly Peak - in Berkeley.)