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Oct 2009

Re: Church for non-attender to take 4-yr-old?
I am grateful for your openness to your child's curiosity about religion and spirituality. I would hope that all faith communities should welcome newcomers and visitors, regardless of whether or not they'll become members. Come visit us at New Spirit Community Church in Berkeley - we are a unique community affiliated with Christian denominations and blessed with interfaith families. We plan our worship with visitors in mind and are very kid-friendly. If your child would like to take a ''tour'' after church and ask questions, we'd be happy to spend time with your family. You can learn all about us & get more info at -Pastoral Associate @ NSCC

Sept 2008

Re: Seeking a spiritual home
I am a member of New Spirit Community Church, and I'd like to invite you (as well as the person who posted for a nondenominational church) to come for a visit! The church is 8-years-old, and after a two-year transition, Rev. Jim Mitulski has just started as our new settled pastor. Services are held in the chapel of the Pacific School of Religion (1798 Scenic Avenue, Berkeley). There are two services: Sundays at 11:00 am and Wednesdays at 7:30 pm. The Sunday service sermons range from congregants sharing a personal experience to discussion and celebration of spiritual practices of all faiths (today the service was about Rosh Hashanah and the Days of Awe, the music was traditional Hebrew, and service ended with dancing in the aisles). Wednesday evening is a meditative Taize Service, with candles and contemplative music. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions! lori

Feb 2005

Re: Raised Catholic, looking at other churches, help us choose

Hi, I grew up in a Penticostal church... and am still recovering. I was turned off to church for many years. I'm 47 now and have found the most wonderful church in the world. It's New Spirit in Berkeley at the Pacific School of Religion Chapel at 1798 Scenic Ave at Le Conte. Services are Sundays at 11 AM and on Wednesday at 7 PM is a wonderful Taize/Music/Meditation type service.

There are many loving, caring, accepting folks in the church and kids stuff too. The church is very active in the community and social justice issues. There is an article on the front page of the Feb.2, 2005 issue of the Berkeley Dailey Planet Newspaper(it's free). As the article points out, the congregation is predominantly LGBTG. I'm a straight/married male and feel right at home, as do most everyone that enters the building. God loves all of us as we are and this church really believes it and preaches it. We celebrate holy days from many faiths. The churches website is . My wife and I LOVE it. I think you might too. Chuck