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Nov 2008

Re: Open-minded Christian Church
i invite you to visit first presbyterian church of oakland. our website is we are diverse in many ways. while the presbyterian church is old and traditional, our congregation is fairly liberal and usually welcomes differences and questioning. church-goer but not evangelistic

Nov 2008

Re: Open-minded Christian Church
Check out Oakland's First Presbyterian Church at 27th and Broadway. It's a beautiful building and the musical director is great. It has an amazing organ that people travel to come see. It's in transition now, as the church is looking for a new minister and about to appoint an interim, but I just joined and I've been very happy with the community and with the open-mindedness of the church. I, too, am uncomfortable with ''salvation-heavy'' messages, as well as with a literal interpretation of the Bible, and found first pres to be a good fit. Service is Sunday at 10 AM. happy churchgoer

Feb 2008

Re: African-American Presbyterians?
I have to recommend First Presbyterian Church of Oakland. It the the most diverse Presbyterian congregation that I've encountered. It is an urban church, that draws people from Oakland, Berkeley, and even from the suburbs (where churches are less diverse). The music is excellent. The organ is magnificent to see and hear. There is a small group of children, but we are trying to grow that number. The toddler room and nursery have just been remodeled. Right now, we are having small group discussions about race issues. The website is suzie