Bernice Zerger Daycare

Berkeley, CA

No longer in business

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Home-Based Daycare/Preschool
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Bernice Zerger
bernicezerger [at]
South Berkeley
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Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri
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  • As of Jan 2011, there is no record of a license for this daycare at Community Care Licensing, so we assume it has closed.

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Archived Q&A and Reviews


July 2008

Bernice has been our wonderful daycare provider for the past year and a half for our now 2.5 year old. We are having to move out of the area, so she will have an opening for August. She is a warm, caring person. She goes to the library every weekend to get new books for the kids and is always finding creative, age-appropriate art projects for them. Last week my son made a bakers clay sculpture and painted a pretend ice-cream sundae made of tissue paper. Weather permitting they go to the park almost everyday. Check out her website:

May 2008

I want to recommend Bernice Zerger Family Daycare. My son has been there for the past 2 years and we have been very happy. Bernice works with only up to 4 kids so there is a lot of one on one time. She does art projects as well as take them to the park every day and the library once a week. She has lots of books and toys and is very patient and loving with the children. My son always looks forward to going there and is reluctant to leave. Our little group is moving on so there are spaces opening this summer. Bernice Zerger is located at Ashby and California in South Berkeley. Please call her at (510)883-1367. Feel free to email for more info.
Emily E.

Sept 2007

Someone requested information on daycare providers near Ashby BART. I checked in with my friend Bernice Zerger and she does have an opening. Bernice is a wonderful care provider with many years experience. She is also a mom and a new grandmother. My two daughters (9 and 13) attended her daycare and had a wonderful experience. She is incredibly loving, patient, and really enjoys little ones. The girls still talk about their day care days: trips to parks and libraries, art projects and games they enjoyed. I think very highly of Bernice. Feel free to contact me if you'd like more information. Contact: Bernice Zerger, bernicezerger [at]

Sept 2007

Bernice has an opening for fall. We were very lucky six months ago when Bernice had one opening and our 14 month old son started going to her house for daycare. The kids go to the park nearly every day and once a week they go to the library for story time. The kids have made hats out of newspaper, painted with ice cubes, and put together family trees. Recently, when a three year old boy was leaving Bernice's to go to pre-school, Bernice had a party with the children and parents and she made a book of photographs including photos of the four children that had been there with this little boy during his time there. As I take my son to Bernice's in the morning, I often say...''we're going to Bernice's, where the fun always increases!'' and my son happily replies, ''Bernice, Bernice.'' We highly recommend her. Contact: Bernice Zerger, 883-1367

Sept 2007

My son just ''graduated'' to preschool from Bernice's wonderful daycare. He really thrived there and grew to love Bernice and the other children. She creates a very warm and loving environment, teaches the children a lot about art, crafts, reading, and playing well together. They take trips to the park and to the library and do many projects. She only takes four kids, so it is a peaceful place, and the children get a lot of attention. I recommend it wholeheartedly! Contact: Bernice Zerger, 510-883-1367

Feb 2007

Our wonderful daycare provider Bernice has one opening. Her home is a warm and nurturing environment and our son loves it there. She does many creative art projects, takes the kids out to the park and library, sings songs, and reads stories. Our son has learned so much at her house, it's a great place for little kids! Contact: Bernice, 883-1367

Dec 2005

Our extraordinary childcare provider Bernice has two immediate openings in her small (total 4 kids, ages 1-3) family day care. Our younger daughter (now just over 2) has been with Bernice for a year and loves it; our older daughter still reminisces about her days with Bernice (in fact, she goes back on school holidays). Bernice truly has a magical way with kids. They listen, they share, they play -- they nap! And they go to the park or on a field trip almost every day, do creative art projects, play games, read books, sing songs -- just a great way for small people to spend their time. We can't say enough good things about our experiences with Bernice (but email or call us; we'll try). Note: Bernice now lives at Ashby & California; it's convenient to Berkeley and N. Oakland, and for commuters, it is close to Ashby BART. Contact: Bernice Zerger at 883-1367 or BerniceZerger at

July 2004

I would recommend Bernice Zerger Family Daycare in Berkeley. Some of her kids are graduating this year, and she has openings. She is a very loving family day care provider. Our daughter Emma was with Bernice from the time she was 11 months until she went off to pre-school 2 years ago. The Bernicee families are wonderful people and she has a lot of alumni families who still get together. One of our friends has just started her 2nd child, a one year old daughter there again. Bernice is very matter of fact and down to earth and very good with small children. Since she only has 4 kids they all get lots of attention. My daughter Emma was on her lap for her first 2 months with Bernice. Bernice also takes the kids out to the park, library, or other places in the mornings. She has a lot of great developmental play things in her home and does amazing art projects. You can contact Bernice directly at 510.883-1367, or email me with questions.

June 2004

Our wonderous, marvelous childcare provider Bernice will have one opening in her small family day care in July and possibly another come this fall. Our daughter has been going to Bernices for the last two years, and our best friend's son for the two years before that. We know many families who have had their kids with Bernice, and all the parents and kids just feel great about their time with her.

Bernice is truly fantastic. She is great with the kids -- somehow she seems to know just how to relate to the little ones. They go to the park every day weather allows, do tremendous art projects, lots of developmentally appropriate toys and games, great books and songs, just a wonderful way for a small child to spend their time. I just can't say enough good things about our experience.

A couple of things that really separated Bernice from other family daycares we looked at: No TV, ever; lots of great and interesting art projects; only four kids. Alison

August 2003

Our wonderful day care provider, Bernice, has an opening in her small family day care. Bernice has four kids in her daycare. She is a warm, loving provider, who has been wonderful with our son. She provides an amazingly stimulating environment for the kids, doing art projects, going to the parks, playgrounds and libraries in the area, singing songs and reading stories. We have loved our time at Bernice's, and would strongly recommend her to anyone who is looking for daycare. Bernice generally takes kids from 1 1/2 to four years old. Her hours are 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. She has one full time slot still open, and charges $800/month. You can be assured your children will be in a loving, safe, nurturing environment. For more details call Bernice at (510) 525-9089.

June 2003

Our amazing home daycare provider, Bernice Zerger, has two openings for the fall. Bernice is a wonderful caregiver. She cares for four children out of her home. She is loving, attentive, funny and great with the kids. Our daughter, Talia (2) can't wait to get to ''Nice's house'' and doesn't want to leave. They go to the park every day when weather permits, and if it rains they go to the library or other inside play area. They also do an art project just about every day, sing songs, read books, etc. They never watch TV or videos. Bernice rarely has openings, but if you are looking for a place for your 1 - 3 1/2 year old for next year, luck has it that she has two spots in September. Please call me if you want to hear more. Judy