Wee Two Toddler House

Berkeley, CA

No longer in business

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Home-Based Daycare/Preschool
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Sharyn Peterson
SharynLP46 [at] gmail.com
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Ages Served: 
20 months - 42 months
Monthly Cost: 
Mon, Tue, Thu
8:30am - 1:30pm
Additional Services & Features: 
Part-time available, Year-round, Snacks provided, Organic options, Vegetarian options, Potty training support
Editors' Notes: 

May 2021: the license number is no longer valid so BPN assumes this daycare has closed.

About Our Program: 

Wee Two is a play based program for children aged 20 months to 3 1/2 years featuring music, cooking, gardening in Spring and Summer, art activities and developmentally appropriate and *fun* toys, both indoors and outside.

Sharyn is a former Montessori teacher but has worked with this toddler age group for decades helping them with play and developing friendships.

In its new iteration, the program will be offered half days only, 3 days a week and will accept 4 children only, not the 6 authorized by licensing.

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Archived Q&A and Reviews

July 2014

I would like to highly recommend Wee Two Toddler House on Cedar St near MLK in N. Berkeley. Our son has blossomed since starting there last Fall. Wee Two is a small in-home program for 2-3 year olds run by Sharyn Peterson, a former Montessori teacher with decades of experience caring for young children. The small group (5 max) and cozy atmosphere give Shary's kids a "home away from home" experience, which I consider to be perfect for this age group, as the kids feel safe, cared for, and socially engaged, but not overstimulated. They read, paint, play inside and outside, garden, nap, and eat healthy snacks provided by Sharyn. The kids know what to expect each day, but play is mostly unstructured. It was important to us to find a provider who is calm, gentle, intelligent, and sensitive to the deep and often tumultuous--emotional lives of toddlers. Sharyn is all of these things. She has a keen eye for social dynamics and is skilled at helping kids navigate conflict. Our shy son is always engaged and cheerful when we pick him up. He has developed strong attachments to Sharyn and his friends, and he (we all) will miss Wee Two Toddler tremendously as he heads off to preschool. I asked Sharyn the other day if she has spots available--she does. Her info: 510-548-9022 or SharynLP46 [at] gmail.com. Kathleen

July 2014

Just wanted to post an updated hearty recommendation for Sharyn Peterson's Wee Too Toddler House. Our son Ivan was with Sharyn for just about two years and he has been so happy. Sharyn is a master of managing and nurturing toddlers and young preschoolers. The kids are cozy and well cared for. They eat well, they sleep, they do art, listen to stories, and have a terrific time. It is hard to move on to preschool, and we already have plans to visit. Thank you, Sharyn! Niki

May 2014

Re: PT Half Day Preschool Fall 2014 for 2.5 yo

I've sent 2 kids to half-day 2 year old programs 2-3 days per week in Berkeley: The JCC in North Berkeley about 5 years ago and Wee Two Toddler House last year. You can find reviews of both on BPN and call ahead to see if there is still room for the fall and to schedule a visit. The JCC is a larger school and enrolling is a nice way to meet lots of other local families (there are plenty of non-Jewish and/or non-religious families). Wee Two is a lovely lady running a very small and sweet two-year-old program out of her home. Welcome to Berkeley and good luck! Berkeley mom

Sept 2013

Wee Two Toddler House - LOVE THIS PLACE! (Berkeley)

I would like to recommend Sharyn Peterson and her home-based Wee Two Toddler house if you are looking for flexible, nurturing and developmentally appropriate care for your toddler this year. My son had a fantastic year learning to love ''school'' and developed lovely relationships with his friends and teacher. I could not have asked for a better introduction to care and learning outside of the home. As a specialist in early learning and child development myself, I came with a strong sense of what I wanted for my son. In her low-key, subtle way, Sharyn met all of my expectations and then some! She fosters a calm, happy, predictable and loving atmosphere and my son was always eager for a ''Sharyn's house day.''

May 2013

My two-year-old son went to Wee Two Toddler House for about six months starting in November 2013, and he loved it. Sharyn loves the kids, and it's such a small group that she can closely observe all her kids, always giving a mini- report of each kid's morning to the parents. Under her guidance, our son massively improved his social skills. Before Sharyn, his way of showing he liked a kid was to give that kid a bear hug and wrestle the kid to the ground. Sharyn taught him to hug kids gently, to respect other kids' personal space, and how to deal with other kids when they are angry (don't be scared, know that it will blow over and it's not necessarily about you, etc). Better yet, she taught our son how to deal with his own anger (instead of pushing other people, it's better to go and be by yourself). As a result, he's incredibly confident on the playground, making friends wherever he goes, and he's much better prepared for preschool. He had a wonderful experience, and we'll always be grateful to Sharyn for all she did for him.

Sept 2012

I highly recommend Sharyn's daycare ''Wee Two Toddler House'' in Berkeley for toddlers. I had all three of my kids with her (my daughter for two years, since her birthday is in January; and my twin boys for one year). Sharyn is a trained and educated Montessori pre-school teacher and has been running her home daycare for over 25 years now. She has lots and lots of experience and was a very useful resource of information for me during that time. Being in her little school helps the children immensely to transition to a bigger preschool later on. They will learn a great deal about playing together, sharing, taking turns, going through the day with a bit of structure (all appropriate to their age). Sharyn exudes a certain calmness that is somehow transmitted to the children, and it is very common to find them all playing together inside or outside in the garden in a wonderful peaceful manner. Our family found a special teacher in her, and we are very happy to have her as our friend in our life.

Dec 2011

Re: Preschools in Oakland/Berkeley for 2-year olds?
I would recommend Wee Two Toddler House run by Sharon, near MLK & Cedar in Berkeley. She is a very sweet, caring grandmotherly figure who has up to 5 kids between 2-3 yrs old. It is perfect for a 2-yr old just starting out in an situation larger than individualized care, but perhaps still too young for full-fledged preschool. Kids have outside and inside time. She does lots of painting, rotates toys, has a small slide inside, has a medium-sized back yard with toys, swings, garden, etc. Happy Parent!

Oct 2011

Sharyn provides the most wonderful program for two year olds (starting age is 21 months). She offers care for up to six kids Monday through Thursday for half or full days. Her home is cozy and kid perfect. She rotates toys throughout the year and has a yard full of toys. Sharyn has been running Wee Too for over twenty years. She is a marvel to watch and learn from. She exudes love and patience with the kids. I was always in awe to come in to find six two year olds quietly involved in their activities. She also has the energy to match theirs. She offers all sorts of songs, cooking, art and, of course, the rainy day marching band. She is a master at getting the kids to sleep, even mine who quit napping at home by two and a half. She also helped my daughter through potty training. My daughter loved her year at Wee Too. She blossomed under Sharyn's care and formed her first friendships. Sharyn provided wonderful care and support to our whole family.

Sept 2010

If you are looking for care for your toddler, hurry to Wee Two Toddler House before this rare spot disappears. Sharyn is an amazing caregiver and teacher - she is warm, compassionate, and fun. My 2-year-old daughter, who is quite shy, walked into Wee Two, immediately joined the other kids at the table for snack, played, and then asked me when we could come back. She started at Wee Two this fall, and she has ventured into her first friendships. She looks forward to seeing her friends and Sharyn every day. Sharyn takes 5 children total, so it's a small, close group and she can really get to know each child. She taught preschool before starting her own place, and she knows how to set up an inviting learning environment, as well how to create fun projects - making applesauce, instrument parade, etc. My daughter goes to Wee Two for half-days, but Sharyn offers full-day care as well, and her rates are reasonable. Please contact her for more information, or feel free to email me with questions. Liz

Nov 2009

I strongly recommend Wee Two Toddler House, run by Sharyn Peterson, to anyone looking for daycare for their 2 to 3 year old child. Sharyn provides a fun, intimate, and nurturing environment for the kids. My son thrived there making his first friends and developing the social skills necessary to transition him to preschool. Sharyn has over 20 years experience, is calm and patient and very knowledgeable, and I trusted her completely. My son still asks to go back to Wee Two several months after starting preschool. Feel free to email me with questions. Sharyn can be contacted at 510-548-9022.

Oct 2009

If you are looking for a daycare for your almost 2 to 3yr old, I highly recommend you consider Wee Two Toddlerhouse run by Sharyn Peterson, who has over 20 years experience in childcare (also a former Montessori teacher). When looking for a daycare for my son, I was immediately impressed by the calm and warm environment of her small home-based daycare. There is an indoor area with a variety of toys that are periodically rotated and a sizeable area for outdoor play. The children are also engaged in various activities such as reading books, drawing, play dough, and cooking. Sharyn has a patient and nurturing demeanor and is very attentive to each child's needs and development. My son loves going to "Sharyn's house" and talking about his friends there. We feel very lucky to have found this special place. You can contact Sharyn at SharynLP46 [at] gmail.com or 510-548-9022. You can also e-mail me with any questions.

August 2009

If you are looking for a fabulous family day care, look no further than Wee Too Toddler House in Berkeley. Sharyn Peterson, the provider, is warm, nurturing, and skilled at working with toddlers. She has over 20 years experience and clearly knows the emotional, social and ''educational'' needs of the 2- 3 year old. My son feels safe and cared about, and has learned many valuable skills in the past year. Sharyn exudes a feeling of calm - which even I, rushing in or out of work - would pick up on and slow down. She is the epitomy of patient. She acknowledges feelings, teaches children how to speak for themselves, and is very caring. I always felt confident that my child's needs would be met.

The outside space is pleasant, with climbing structures, a small veggie garden, and fun things to ride on. The indoor space is a good size for toddlers - the toys rotate frequently, keeping the children's interest. contact Sharyn 510 548 9022
Please feel free to email me for more information. Beth

August 2009

We heartily recommend Wee Two Toddler House, a small 6-child- max daycare specializing in the roughly two-year-old age group. When searching for care for my two-year-old son, I was looking for a daycare that would be an easy transition for a child who had been home full-time. Wee Two is ideal for this. Sharyn Peterson, the teacher, does a great job giving each kid the attention they need when they're just starting out. I also really liked that the kids are in the same general age group -- it meant that Sharyn could focus on really catering to that very specific age.

Sharyn provides a very peaceful, mellow environment, and she seems to focus a lot on interpersonal skills. Sharyn is a smart lady who reads, travels, enjoys the theater, etc., and she passes those things to the kids -- she loves to read to them and help them dream up all kinds of imaginative play. She has a small vegetable patch that the kids tend, and she rotates her toys and books to keep things interesting. My son loved Wee Two Toddler House from day one, and we'll miss it now that he's graduating to a bigger preschool. Contact: Sharyn Peterson, (510) 548-9022

June 2009

I'd like to recommend my daughter's small daycare run by Sharyn Peterson. My daughter started attending last year (at 20 months) and we've decided to keep her there for another year, as the setting is great for her (she is a little over 2.5 yrs now). What I like about Sharyn is that she provides a very calm and measured presence for the kids. Kids at this age run through so many emotions, so having a daycare provider like Sharyn that can handle that range and put their energies into positive activities really helps to ground them. Sharyn has a lot of of experience taking care of young kids (20 years daycare, plus a few years teaching at a Montessori preschool). After seeing the space and seeing her with the kids, I felt very comfortable leaving my daughter with her. My daughter's social skills and language have grown immensely under Sharyn's care. I'm very happy with the care my daughter receives at Sharyn's. I am looking forward to another year with her and highly recommend the Wee Two Toddler House. Sharyn has two openings at the end of summer, please feel free to contact me with any questions.

July 2008

We'd like to give our warmest recommendation for Wee Two Toddler House, from which our daughter will graduate this summer, along with some dear friends she made in there. The daycare has openings for a few lucky toddlers ~2-2.5y old.This home based daycare (on Cedar @ MLK) is run by an amazing woman, Sharyn Peterson, who took care of our 2 older kids (+ hopefully will take care of our baby too!). Sharyn has an amazing understanding of toddlers; she supports social development with much love, patience and respect. The environment and activities are all very sweet and suitable for the developmental level of toddlers.

A day at Sharyn's is always fun. There are indoor activities (carefully picked toy selection, water colors, home-made playdough, paper cutting) as well as outdoor activities in her beautiful backyard, which has a play structure, swings and other fun stuff.

Sharyn reads a lot, and provides an excellent environment for language development. She has a love for nature, culture and peace, and she passes this love to the kids, who see her not only as their teacher, but as their friend.
Contact: Sharyn Peterson, (510) 548-9022

March 2007

This is a small home-based toddler program near Cedar and MLK, for children at least 18 months old and not older than 3 years. The incredibly patient, consistent, and loving care provider, Sharyn Peterson, has years of Montessori experience, which is reflected in the toys-on- low-shelves, but it's not a pure Montessori program. She has circle time when she reads to the children and sings with them, and messy crafts. There's a yard with toys, swings and climbing equipment, and water play when the weather is warm. This is a full-day-only program, 8:30 AM to 5 PM, from 2 to 5 days a week-- perfect for parents with parttime work or school schedules. There's a transition week when children start. Sharyn expects children to nap after lunch but will work with kids who have difficulty getting to sleep. She expects to change diapers but also works with kids who want to use the potty. She's especially good at teaching kids positive behaviors and language. Contact: Sharyn Peterson, 510-548-9022

August 2006

If you're looking for care for your 2 to 2 1/2 year old I would like to highly recommend Wee Two Toddler House. The woman who runs it, Sharyn Peterson, is a longtime teacher and has an instinctive understanding of young children. She is always patient and kind, and is as adept at supporting parents as she is the kids. Her program is rich with age-appropriate toys, art and outside play, and she is particularly good at helping the children learn social skills. I believe she has some openings available, so if this sounds like it might meet your needs, give her a call or email her at SharynLP46[at]cs.com
Contact: Sharyn Peterson, 510 548-9022

June 2006

Wee Two Toddler House has several openings in September for children between the ages of 2 and 2 1/2 years. The hours are 8:30 to 5:30 and the spaces available are for 3, 4, or 5 days.

Sharyn has been providing care for young children in her North Berkeley home for the past 22 years. (She tells people that she decorates in Early Childhood!)

She was previously a Montesori preschool teacher but this program is very lightly structured and play-based, appropriate to the ages that she works with.Included in the daily routine are lots of large motor activity, music and dance, and opportunities for art as well as toys to foster creative play, small muscle development, and focus. My daughter has been with Sharyn for the past two years and loves her. Each morning when I ask her what she'll do that day, she says ''Be happy!''

To speak with Sharyn and set up a time to visit, please call her at 510-548-9022.

June 2003

Our wonderful family day-care, Wee Two Toddler House, will have an opening in fall for a two and a half year old girl. The teacher, Sharyn Peterson, has many years of experience with this age group. She was a Montessori teacher before turning her attention to this younger set. She has five children with her each day under her gentle, attentive, extremely knowledgeable care. Wee Two Toddler House is located near Cedar and MLK in Berkeley. For more information call Sharyn Peterson 548-9022. Thanks - Lura


I can't say enough good things about Sharyn, who cares for the children at Wee Two Toddler House. She is so loving, warm, responsible, accessible, reasonable, gentle, caring, nurturing...you get the picture! I am incredibly happy with the care my son is receiving from her, and he had no trouble making the transition to childcare there (unlike previous childcare settings). Every day she tells my son how glad she is to see him and have him visit, and I really feel she is sincere. It is such a relief to know that he is with her while I work. Sima


My daughter went to the Wee Two Toddler House when she was 2-3 years old. She was there only two days a week. I found Sharon to be a very loving and attentive care giver. The small environment is very nice for such young children. They get a lot of close attention and love. Sharon was a montessori teacher and incorporates some of this into her toddler program but is not over emphasizing academics at this young age. They do not do any travelling around on field trips but she has nice indoor and outdoor play areas which suit the small group well. Our experience there was a good one. Lynn


My daughter, who is now four, attended Wee Two Toddler House (Sharyn Peterson) when she was two, and it was a wonderful year for us. Sharyn, who is a former Montessori teacher (Berkeley Montessori and Cedar Creek), provided a safe, nurturing, age-appropriate, and loving environment for the kids. Her whole house is devoted to children, with child-size furniture, a backyard playground, and a huge variety of toys, which she rotates to keep the kids interested. Sharyn focuses on two-year-olds because she truly understands and respects them (she doesn't think they're "terrible" at all!).

She insists that she doesn't "teach," but I was always struck by how thoughtfully she organized the children's day, put out just the right art materials, played games, sang songs, told them stories, and helped them to appreciate nature and the outdoors. She's great at conflict resolution--always a challenge with this age--and setting limits. I often turned to Sharyn for advice on childrearing because of her expertise, and because I knew she had deep insights about each child she cared for.

The other wonderful thing about Wee Two, is that it attracts a nice mix of families. I looked forward to picking my daughter up after a long day at work because I knew I would have a chance to chat with other parents who over time had become my friends. It's a tribute to Sharyn that all of us--including our children-- still miss her and often reminisce about our sweet days at Wee Two. Valerie


Our friend and day-care provider, Sharyn Peterson of Wee Two Toddler House, has an opening in her toddler program for one full time or two part time children. She cares for up to 6 children between the ages of 1 1/2 and 3 1/2 Mondays through Fridays, 8:30 to 5:30. She is located on Cedar near Martin Luther King in Berkeley. Our 2 year old daughter, Ellen, has been with Sharyn since August, and we have been very happy with the program. Sharyn's telephone number is 510-548-9022. Monty