Wee Li'l People Preschool

Oakland, CA

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Leticia Pinn
info [at] weelilpeople.com
Lake Merritt on Alma St.
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June 2009

Re: Full-time preschools for less than $1000/month?
Hi there! I have an excellent school for you to check out. Wee Lil People, which is right near Park blvd. I found this school when I sat on the thesis commitee of the creator and owner of the school. Her dream was to provide a school that offered excellent education and affordability. The school offers academics along with Spanish and performing arts. They have 4-5 big performances a year celebrating cinco de mayo to Christmas. The school is run by very strong intelligent black women who will love your child as their own. My son left after kindergarten and was reading, writing and doing mathmatics at 1-2nd grade levels along with having a good basic level understanding of Spanish. The school is underneath a church and doesn't have all the fancy bells n whistles but it makes up for it in love, education and culture. Good Luck diversewc

July 2008

Re: Preschool where my son won't be the token black kid
Wee Lil People Preschool in Oakland on Alma St. (near Lake Merritt) is fabulous. I have one son that goes there now and one son that graduated from there a few years ago. It's predominately African American and the staff is great with kids. The kids learn Spanish everyday and they have an exceptional academic program. We love it and highly recommend it. Their phone number is (510) 433-0288. Good Luck. Marlene