Wee Care Preschool

Berkeley, CA

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Home-Based Daycare/Preschool
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Barri Clark
510 644-1104
Central Berkeley
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Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri

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Archived Q&A and Reviews

March 2012

Re: Do you love your day care?
We still remember our kids' day care very fondly. Our two children, now nearly 12 and 14, spent their baby and toddler years with Barri at Wee Care in Berkeley. They both love Barri to this day and we do, too! I marvel at how lucky we were to find a space at Wee Care where our children were so well cared for and cared about. Barri also makes very tasty fresh hot lunches using lots of organics (she's an expert cook). I recommend Wee Care without reservation. You can reach Barri at 510 644-1104. Good luck! Constance

Oct 2010

Hi Parents. I wanted to write a brief and glowing recommendation for Wee Care Preschool. We sent both of our children to Wee Care when it was a daycare in the late 90's and early 2000's. Since then the director and owner Barri Clark has had twins of her own and has reopened Wee Care as a play based, preschool. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Barri and how patient, loving, and genuinely concerned for each child she is. Both of our kids learned and grew so much over the 2 years that they were there. Her school is located in a warm, bright, seperate space at the back of her Central Berkeley brownshingle, with lots of room to play, nearby parks, and safe streets for walking. Barri is also a trained chef and can prepare and serve tasty mostly organic meals for the kids as an option for busy parents. Call Barri at 644- 1104. You won't find a better small, play based school. Lic.# 013410066 barcell

Oct 2010

I would like to recommend the WEE CARE day care to anyone looking for childcare for children between 3 mo. and 2 years of age. Our son has attended WEE CARE for the past year. He was 13 months old when we moved to Berkeley and is now "graduating" to a program for 2-year olds.

WEE CARE is a family day care that is run by Barri Clark and Lisa Swanson. It is located on Ward St. near the Berkeley Bowl (a 15 min. walk from campus). They only take four children, so the kids get LOTS of attention. Barri is also a former chef, so she makes sure that the meals are well balanced and nutritious. They spend a lot of time holding the babies and reading to all the children. Our son was the oldest child there for the past year, and as his activity level increased, they initiated regular trips to the playground, basketball "games", dancing to his favorite songs, etc. They are also very careful about keeping everything clean, so we have had minimal problems with colds and fevers this past year.

We have been especially pleased by the flexibility and security of the program. The children are allowed to follow their own eating and sleeping schedules, and each has his/her own crib. We also feel that having two adults is important since one person is always able to watch the children while meals are prepared or diapers are changed, and of course, in case of emergencies. But most of all, we like the affection that both women have for the children, and I know that there will be tears all around when our son "graduates". The phone number for WEE CARE is 644-1104. Lisa

June 1998

A year ago around now, we read a recommendation on your website for a family day care called Wee Care, and based on that and our visit, we sent our daughter. We are extremely satisfied. So I wonder if you would add our comments to the older one there:

Based on Lisa's recommendation on this website, we phoned WEE CARE last year and enrolled our 4 month daughter Mira, and we second her recommendation. Mira has been there full-time for almost a year. Lisa and Barri have supported my decision to maintain breast milk by storing, defrosting and providing the pumped milk. Now that Mira's eating regular food, they serve up diverse, healthy, fun toddler fare. They really keep in mind Mira's developmental needs, and are always aware of when Mira is ready for a new toy or a new challenge. They talk to and read to the children (Mira's first word after Mama and Dada was "book."). They are watchful for any medical needs - let us know if she is getting rashy or teething. I like the way they gently manage the inevitable 2 year old willfulness and conflicts by promoting sharing and through calm, respectful discipline.

I'm glad we chose out-of-home-care. Mira is really interested in the other kids. We also really like the idea of two caregivers for four children. Not only is it a great ratio for attending to the children, but we think it's important for adults taking care of under 2's to not be isolated, and to be a source of support and respite on stressful days. They take children from age 3 months to 2 years, for 1-5 full days a week, although the 2 year olds have been allowed to stay on until their new preschool arrangements begin in next autumn (no one wants to leave!). You are welcome to contact me for more info on our experience. They can be contacted at 644-1104. Diane