Village Child Care

El Cerrito, CA

No longer in business

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Home-Based Daycare/Preschool
Julie Overman
El Cerrito
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Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri
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  • (July 2014) No facility license was found for this daycare at CCLD, so we have assumed it is either unlicensed or no longer in operation.

Parent Reviews

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Archived Reviews: 
Nov 2004

I would like to recommend Julie Overman's Village Child Care just off of Central in El Cerrito. My toddler Ariel has thrived under Julie's care for three months now.

What Julie provides goes well beyond day care and is really a Reggio Emilia program: TONS of play activities offered (puppets, music, different arts, nature exploration, math manipulatives, etc.)

Julie is highly educated. If you are at all concerned (as I am) about intellectual, language and emotional development-- you should consider this place.

Unlike many day care providers, they are fluent in English to the nth degree-Ariel is learning the sounds and syntax of English and she will be ready for school when she leaves.

Julie is also an incredibly warm, intelligent, nurturing Mother Goose-Earth Mother type.

You just can't get this quality of educated child care for the price. Her number is 510-527-1804. Martina

Sept 2004

Our child care provider, Julie who runs ''Village Child Care'' in El Cerrito has been great! She has been running a child care program in MD for many years and just opened here this fall. We feel very pleased with her philosophy: she cares for the children by following the child's lead with lots of creativity and gentle guidance. The atmosphere Julie creates is peaceful and caring. The cost is reasonable and she provides healthy lunches and snacks. It's been nice to get into a great program without the year waiting list. The kids have a great outdoor area to slide, run, ride cars, water table... They also have an indoor room with lots of fun play things that inspire learning. We live in Berkeley and the 10 mn. drive is totally worth it! Julie has a 2 day slot available for the infant/toddler age (we use 3 days a week).
Contact: Julie Overman, 510-527-1804