Debbie Oliver's Too Good Toddlers

Piedmont, CA

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Home-Based Daycare/Preschool
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Debbie Oliver
(510) 658-7468
Piedmont on Ramona Ave.
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  • Debbie Oliver - updated reviews?

    (1 reply)

    Hi all, 

    I am wondering if there are any recent reviews or experiences with Debbie Oliver's Too good toddlers daycare? I am considering it as an option, but all the reviews on here are old. Thank you!

    We aren't current parents with Debbie, but our son spent nearly 3 years with her and we loved our experience. Debbie is easy to communicate with, the women on her staff are loving and care deeply about the kids. The space is clean, warm, and welcoming and the outdoor space is awesome! 

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Nov 2013

My family LOVES Too Good Toddlers. We have sent our two daughters there and feel like Debbie and the ladies are apart of our family. We are so thankful for the love and care they have given our girls. Our girls are greeted everyday with open arms and leave each afternoon blowing kisses to their teachers. Debbie has a fantastic back yard filled with toys that keep the kiddos entertained all day. We feel so fortunate to have been able to send our girls to Too Good Toddlers and highly recommend this daycare!!

Feb 2013

Hello! I'm curious if there are any parents with good/bad experiences with Debbie's TooGood Toddler Daycare in Piedmont. There is a recent review in the archives, but only 3 total. Would love to hear from some parents who can tell me more about their experience. Thanks. mom with a question

My child attended Toogood Toddlers briefly in 2010. I would be happy to discuss our family's experience with you. Please feel free to contact me.

Our child attended this childcare center. I am happy to give further details if you would like to email me privately. I would also like to remind the community to check with the state licensing department of violations.

May 2012

I want to recommend Debbie Oliver's Toogood Toddlers to any parents looking for daycare in the Oakland area. I liked the daycare providers immediately - they are warm, honest women who love their work. My daughter has severe separation anxiety, and they really did everything they could to help her. Debbie called me with updates multiple times a day. The caregiver to child ratio is great - there are 14 children and 5 adults. After dropping her off, I drove just a few blocks away to park near the Piedmont casual carpool, then took the bus back - so it's a convenient location too! Highly recommended. They have an immediate opening.

June 2010

Debbie Olivers Toogood Toddlers has an immediate opening for 7mo-3yo olds. My daughter has been going to Debbies since she was 7mo and I couldn't be happier with the care and attention she has recieved. Unfortunately we are moving next month and if there was any way I could commute to keep her here I would. The caregivers are consistent and wonderful in every way. They provide a loving and nurturing environment and the kids all get along extremely well. She has a music teacher come in once a week and there is a big backyard with a ton of toys, swings and cars for the children to play with. Her rates are very reasonable and she offers part and full time care. Contact: Debbie Oliver, 510-658-7468

May 2009

I'd like to recommend a great home-based daycare in Piedmont - Toogood Toddlers, run by Debbie Oliver and staffed by four other terrific caregivers. They have one or two openings at the moment (May 2009) for children from infants to toddlers. My son went there for about a year. He loved it and marched happily into the big playroom every day I dropped him off. There's a big outdoor play area, tons of toys, art supplies, and a teacher comes in for music days. Some of Debbie's staff have been with her for many years, and they all really care about the kids. Feel free to email or call if you are interested in hearing more. Gretchen