Tiny Toes Day Care

Oakland, CA

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Home-Based Daycare/Preschool
Kirah Caminos
akcaminos [at] sbcglobal.net
Mills College
Maximum Capacity: 
Language(s) Spoken: 
English, Spanish
Ages Served: 
18 months - 48 months

Parent Reviews

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Archived Reviews: 

Sept 2014

My 2 boys attended TinyToes in-home daycare for about 8 months (up until I relocated shortly after their 1st and 3rd birthdays). Kirah, Daisy and Mati are amazing and treated my boys like family. My boys rarely wanted to leave them at the end of the day. They both understand Spanish now and my oldest speaks a few words and phrases. They spend a good portion of the day playing outdoors and they also include tons of learning time. Activities include reading, alphabets, arts & crafts, water play, dance parties, dress up, fun in the mud and more. They are extremely gentle with the children and teach them to be kind to each other. Home cooked meals are provided AND ARE DELICIOUS (to the point that my children had a hard time eating my food LOL). I've learned a ton and feel like I've gotten a bunch of tools to use as I aim to use positive and connecting discipline or work with my boys as they grow.

Kirah has been great to talk to about parenting, local resources (especially helpful since I was new to town), and just life in general.

TinyToes daycare offers both full-time & drop-in care: perfect for working parents, or for anyone who wants their children to engage w/ peers and don't want to worry about their children's safety.

I would recommend this daycare to any mom in need of a childcare (or school as my boys call it). I am happy to share more of my experience if you would like. Feel free to email me if you'd like to talk more. Or contact TinyToes directly kjcaminos [at] gmail.com. Jillian

Sept 2013

Our son has attended Tiny Toes Daycare for two years, starting from the age of 5 months. He has received loving and extremely capable care from Kirah and Daisy, the primary caregivers, as well as the helpers that come in when either of them is away.

They are very easy to talk to about scheduling (very flexible!), logistics and concerns (not that we had many), have a ton of experience, and have been very helpful when our son has gone through tricky or transitional phases.

We chose Tiny Toes for the warm family environment. As an infant, our son loved watching the big kids play (including Kirah and Daisy's own school-age kids, who are wonderful with the daycare kids when they are home), and as he became one of the bigger kids, they helped him learn to be very sweet with the babies.

We love the amount of daily music and outside time the kids get at Tiny Toes. They cook fresh vegetarian meals daily. They also didn't bat an eye when we asked about cloth diapers, which other caregivers had hesitated or refused on.

We agree with the things previous reviewers have said, and we wholeheartedly recommend Tiny Toes. Happy mom of happy toddler

Oct 2011

My daughter has attended TinyToes in-home daycare for a few months. The two ladies (Kirah & Daisy) who run it are definitely a part of our family now! Since the very first day, my daughter felt right @home- jumping into: playing w/ the other kids, enjoying storytime (in english ), dancing, singing along w/ the guitar & piano, doing the curriculum of numbers, alphabet, various themes, and more! They have an open backyard, with several playsets, ''things that go'', painting area, grass, waterplay, !

TinyToes daycare offers both full-time & drop-in care: perfect for working parents, or for anyone who wants their children to engage w/ peers in a safe, up-beat, fun-loving environment! They also go on field trips, like nature walks, the library, & seasonal fun- like an upcoming trip to a pumpkin patch in their costumes!

I have recommended this daycare to moms I've met at the park, library, wherever, and now I am making the recommendation to you! Feel free to email me if you'd like to talk more. Or of course, contact TinyToes directly 510-306-4257.

Feb 2010

My almost 3 year old daughter attends a bilingual daycare on Suter Street in Oakland. She attends two days per week but they are very flexible so could attend as many days as we want. She is learning some Spanish and is really happy there. They have a wonderful back yard area where they spend lots of time playing and doing projects. They have openings for more kids right now. You can contact Ciara at 510 306-4257. Contact: Ciara, 510 306-4257