Tilden Little House

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Kensington, CA

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Home-Based Daycare/Preschool
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Grace Hu
hello [at] tildenlittlehouse.com
Berkeley, Kensington
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Pre-K program
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  • Licensed capacity increased from 8 to 14 in 2021
About Our Program: 

A Montessori education in a home environment for preschoolers ages 2.9-5 years old. 

In our Montessori program we offer a carefully prepared environment with hands-on materials designed to meet the developmental needs of each child. Our goal is to create a life-long love of learning in a personalized learning environment.

Our teachers are AMS certified with more than 30 years of experience. Our mission is to create a safe, engaging, and interactive environment that meets a young child’s needs by enhancing self-esteem, promoting socialization, and building community. With our low teacher to student ratio 1:3 we are able to develop a strong and close relationship between each of our children. 

Parent Reviews

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I learned of Tilden Little House from a friend whose 3-year-old daughter attended until she went on to TK. I was always impressed by my friend's daughter's self-sufficiency, social skills, and pre-reading skills. My friend raved about the preschool where she was sending her daughter and credits Tilden Little House for helping her child develop these skills so joyfully and naturally. When a spot opened up in the small school, I jumped at the opportunity! I sent my son the day he was old enough. It's been the best decision. 

The first thing you'll notice is the beautiful classic Montessori environment: well-made materials, natural light, plants and nature, books and ample art supplies. It's the type of environment my friend and I will often say we want to just hang out in all day (lucky that our kids get to!).  

The next thing you'll notice are the warm and humble teaching staff. Kim, Grace, and Chris are each phenomenal educators. They have serious early childhood education training and pair their training with their own natural kindness, sense of humor, creativity and warmth. The academic program is dynamic and natural. My child is learning and flourishing. 

They've designed a program that allows for each of them to develop genuine relationships with each child, and that also allows the children to develop friendships with each other. The teachers have helped me understand my child's gifts and challenges, so it really feels like a partnership. 

On an administrative side, I appreciate the way that Grace runs the program. The handbook is clear, her communication is timely and helpful, and invoices and billing practices are easy. This was a breath of fresh air after the preschool experience of my older son where the Director's communication was all over the place (policies were changed without warning, lots of staff turn-over, emails that were long and confusing...) and the experience became quite stressful. I never imagined having to consider the administrative practices of a preschool as part of my criteria (it's all about the kid, right?) -- but have learned that sensible business practices also matter.

I'm so happy to have found Tilden Little House where all of the criteria is met: incredible staff that is both gifted and well-trained; safe, clean, and beautiful environment; thoughtful administration; AND my child LOVES it. My friend and I joke that if we could send our kids to Tilden Little House until College, we would. :-)

Feel free to message me with any questions. Best of luck to you as you consider preschool programs in the Kensington/El Cerrito area! 

Tilden Little House, my daughter was engaged. We just moved to the neighborhood Kensington and took a chance on this new daycare it was worth everything to find an awesome place with awesome caregivers.

I would recommend TLH to everyone that has young people that need great care.

Sung (caring parent of two little people).

Last week, as a not-yet 4-year old, our child shared with us what they had learned about inhaling oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide. Every day they share with us conversations they had with their friends and teachers. The friends from school are the subject of their dreams, and we are often asked whether “it is a school day” on the weekends. Over the last year at Tilden Little House our child has discovered their love of art, cooking, gardening, water play, mud kitchen, and weekly music lessons when they learn new songs. Our child often sees their friends from school at various after-school activities (dance, soccer, swim etc). The teachers are kind, loving, life-long educators with superhuman patience. We are always impressed at both the daily feedback we receive from them and the extensive, meticulous set of notes we are provided at teacher-parent meetings. When facing behavioral challenges at home, we frequently consult the teachers who offer invaluable perspective as experienced parents and educators. The activities offered to our child are aligned with their interests, but also focused on their learning and growth. Their independence and strengths are not only supported, but encouraged. The facility is wonderfully set-up; it feels warm, inviting and safe. 

As newcomers to East Bay my husband and I are extremely grateful for the friendship and the community we have found among the Tilden Little House teacher and parent community, especially during these isolating pandemic times. The Tilden Little House community has been a wonderful source of support, not only for our child, but for our entire family. We would recommend Tilden Little House to any parent who is seeking a warm, supportive, and nurturing school or their child.

After being at several larger preschools in the area before the pandemic (between 2 kids), we were looking for a smaller school due to the pandemic and found Tilden Little House through friends of friends. I can't say enough good things about the school. Grace the owner, is a mother of 3 young kids, runs the school with the highest level of integrity. She makes great efforts to ensure each child's needs are met. She also fosters a high level of trust with families with her warm and regular communication. Kim, the head teacher has been working with children for over 20 years and it is clear that working as a teacher is a calling rather than a pay check. All of the assistant teachers and after care staff are carefully vetted and exude the warmth and child-centered approach Grace and Kim promote.  I was worried that my high-energy daughter would not take to a family-based Montessori but she thrived in a way I could not imagine.  The days are filled with various works which are changed regularly to keep the kids stimulated. Last year the school not only had a pet gecko but also raised 10 chicks. Nature is woven into many of the activities and the community of families is amazing. If you are looking for a school with experienced teachers who care about children and foster a love for nature and community this is the place for you. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.