Albany Sunflower Daycare

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Albany, CA

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Home-Based Daycare/Preschool
DSS Facility License #: 
HanPing Fu
albanysunflowerdaycare [at]
University Village
Maximum Capacity: 
Language(s) Spoken: 
Chinese, English
Ages Served: 
14 months - 72 months
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri
8:00am - 5:30pm
Additional Services & Features: 
Part-time available, Breakfast provided, Lunch provided, Snacks provided, Organic options, Vegetarian options, Potty training support
About Our Program: 

We are a California state licensed professional day care that uses Chinese(Mandarin) as our dominant language. We don't just provide care for the children, we also value kids' early stage education because we believe that children's personality, learning style, and selfcare ability that formed during their early stage will have a big affect of their life.

For More Information:

If you want to make an appointment to visit our day care, you can just send an email to

albanysunflowerdaycare [at], and we will schedule an appointment on the closest Sunday.

Please note: we will only schedule a tour one month prior to administration, and we can put the child on wait list

if the parent plans to start the day care in the future.

Parent Reviews

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Almost 3 years ago I wrote my first review of this wonderful daycare (see below), and now that my daughter is ready for Kindergarten and is too old to stay I wanted to write one updated review. Our family feels so blessed and fortunate to have had the opportunity to send our daughter to Ms.Helen’s. We feel that Ms. Helen has given our daughter the best preparation possible for “big kid” school - from social skills to curriculum topics like counting, math, letters and drawing. On top of all of that our daughter has an excellent foundation in speaking Mandarin even though we are not a Mandarin-speaking household. Throughout the 3 years Ms. Helen has made my daughter feel so safe, loved and nurtured - you really could not ask for more as a parent! We will always consider Ms. Helen and her family to be an extension of our own family, and we would recommend her excellent daycare without any hesitation! 

Ms. Helen is an extremely nice, caring, calm and responsible person. She really has a heart for all the kids. I personally believe she cares more about kids than making income as daycare owner.

She was working in China as a preschool teacher for over 20 years,very attentive to the kids with tons of experience. Seeing how calm she is when dealing with kids and how her partner(also certified childcare giver) is preparing fresh food for the kids, just gives me a family vibe that I believe my 1.5 yo baby needs to feel comfortable.

One of the details I really appreciate is that Ms. Helen uses one-time gloves to change diapers to avoid germs spreading between the kids. And the potty training support was great as well. I also like how she keeps the address private and only schedules tours in Sunday. It made me feel secure knowing that she cares about the privacy.

The daycare is located in a safe and walk able neighborhood. Inside it is very cozy, the hard wood floor is always very clean. There are the play section and the eat section, toys are organized, easy for my baby to understand. The backyard is where my daughter likes to hang out the most. She talks about the rabbit, chicken and the lemon tree all the time. The outside toys are just right for 1 to 4 years old. My baby always has a good time in the daycare and comes back with a hair styled by Ms. Helen.

And she is very easy to work with, flexible with part time childcare and drop in/off time. It is really relaxed for me to send my daughter there, and I would recommend it to anyone I know.


My daughter started at Sunflower when she was about 13 months old. At the time, she was very attached to me and my husband and rarely wanted to be with anyone else, including her grandparents. We toured several daycares but she did not engage with any of the caregivers. When we toured Sunflower, she immediately went to Ms. Helen and played with her so I was able to take the tour without distraction. Since then, our daughter has thrived developmentally and socially, which is due in large part to being at Sunflower. Ms. Helen is very sweet and makes you feel like a part of her family. Our daughter is so excited when we drop her off. She runs to Ms. Helen with open arms every time! The facility itself is very clean, spacious, and safe, with a large backyard. They are also very organized, professional, and structured. We have been so happy with the care that our daughter has been receiving at Sunflower and highly recommend them.

My son has been attending Sunflower Daycare for 13 months. And we are very happy with his stay and appreciate the care they provide. Even though we live in downtown Berkeley, about 15 mins away by driving, we think it is worth being at Sunflower Daycare in Albany.

Here are the reasons why I high recommend it to those similar to my situations logically and hope that will be helpful to you:

1. I really want my son to learn both Mandarin and English. I think that will do good for him in the future.

2. They can accommodate our schedule very well. Especially on those days I have to work late, I do not need worry about picking up kids while still being busy at work. That peace of mind is a great representation of the trust we have with Sunflower daycare.

3. They charge very reasonably, regarding the long hours and excellent service.

4. Last but not least, Ms. Helen is a very caring and skilled childcare professional with many years' experiences. Also I like the backyard, very spacious and safe for kids playing in a good weather. They also have lots of toys for kids to play with.

Overall I highly recommend Sunflower Daycare at Albany. If you are interested, Why not give it a try since they allow kids to stay there for several times before deciding if they like or not.

Our son has been attending Albany Sunflower Daycare for over 6 months now. We have had nothing but positive experiences with Ms Helen! She is an incredibly kind and skilled childcare professional. We are amazed by how much language our son has picked up working with Ms Helen.

The daycare is very clean and has the perfect facilities to keep the children happy and entertained throughout the day. There is ample indoor and outdoor play spaces along with a comfortable napping room. Our son loves going to Ms Helen’s... so much so that he often doesn’t want to leave!

Ms Helen has a structured curriculum to keep the children stimulated and learning. In addition to study and playtime, Ms Helen provides meals for the children. We have found her report cards for our child helpful for tracking how our son is eating, sleeping, and growing his attention span.

We highly recommend Albany Sunflower Daycare and have nothing but positive experiences with Ms Helen.

Ms Helen is a very attentive and patient care giver. My son has been in her care for about 8 months. She has been very easy to work with throughout. When my son first started, he had never been to another daycare and had a hard time with me leaving. Ms Helen really helped to smooth the transition. Recently we started potty training. My son is slightly on the young side for potty training and Ms Helen wasn't sure that he was ready. She was willing to work with us to give it a try anyway and it's been going well so far.

The facility itself is clean and bright. Ms Helen and her husband clearly care a lot about their space because there are always little improvements being made or new materials for the kids. My son especially loves playing in their large backyard. The kids all seem happy to be there and they seem to play well together.

I speak a little Mandarin, so communication with Ms Helen has been great. She is good about letting me know when things seem out of routine or telling me about new things that my son has been learning. We're happy to have found such a safe and caring space for our son.

We have 3 children and have seen our fair share of day cares. Our 3rd child, Adrien, has been with SunFlower Day care for about a year. He joined when he was just under 2 years old. As we are neither native english speakers nor chinese speakers we were slightly concerned about exposing our son to 3 languages but we felt he would be safe and happy and indeed the langage has not been an issue and he adapted fine to the chinese environment. 

On first impressions you might describe the day care as "no frills" but we have been absolutely thrilled with Sun Flower day care in every way. Most importantly our son was safe and happy, running into Ms Helen's arms every morning and he has been provided a great environment to draw, sing, learn etc. She is very well organized.The fees are reasonable by local standards, especially as one reviewer pointed out the meals are taken care of which saves both time and money. The few times we had to ask for Ms Helen to accomodate our schedule she was very flexible too. 

We highly recommend Ms Helen and Sunflower Day care and they can provide our contact info to anyone wishing to discuss more in detail.

Ms. Hellen, the owner of Albany Sunflower Day Care, is very responsible, engaged, and loving with the kids. Our son joined the Day Care when he was only 13 months old after looking at several daycares in the area. I'm so glad he loves playing, learning and eating there a lot. He always repeats the names of his friends there, Ms. Hellen and her husband once he can't see them on weekends or holidays. It's amazing that he can totally feed himself at the age of one and half. We are happy that we can meet a wonderful teacher who has been working on education so many years and has her own thoughts on taking care of kids. 

This is a wonderful school, and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

My 2-yr old daughter has been attending Albany Sunflower Daycare for close to 2 months now. We cannot say enough good things about Ms. Helen and the care that she provides. The daycare is clean, bright and very well organized. The fees are quite reasonable given that Ms. Helen provides all snacks and lunch, and the hours are long (8-5:30pm, though we usually pick up our daughter much  earlier). Ms. Helen is truly very kind and spends a lot of time teaching the children various subjects (colors, counting, animals, good behavior). As native English speakers, we were initially a little nervous about placing our daughter in an only-Mandarin speaking environment, but the transition was very easy and I believe the change in language enables a very stimulating environment. I love hearing about the different Chinese foods that my daughter gets to try during the day and the basic Chinese words that she is learning. Whenever I go to pick-up my daughter she refuses to leave! A true testament to the loving, caring environment provided by Ms. Helen!