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No longer in business

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Home-Based Daycare/Preschool
Tae Ha
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November 2007 note: Sundance is undergoing a re-structuring process. We plan to reopen sometime later but it is closed for now. Current children have transferred to the Oakland Garden School where the 2-5 age group is served. thank you for all the love and support for last 15 years. Tae Ha tae

Feb 2006

My 3 and a half year-old son Nico has been at Sundance daycare since he was 16 months. He is now off to preschool and there is now an opening here. Sundance is a very beautiful environment. It has an outdoor garden/ playground, an arts and crafts room and a general playroom. It is a very loving place and the teachers are so caring, nuturing and patient. Nico has really learned and grown here. Initially, his verbal skills were slow when he started but very soon he began to increase his vocabulary. I know that Sundance really played a huge roll in that. Tae, the owner, is fantastic. She is very encouraging and allows the kids to really express their emotions. Sundance has a great vibe and you will immediately relax once you walk in. Please feel free to call me or call Sundance and ask for Tae- 510-839-6449 The address is 879 Cleveland Street.


Jan 2006

My daughter has outgrown the wonderful daycare she has been attending since she was two, and I would like to recommend Sundance Daycare as a great option for kids ready for a stimulating, caring environment, but not ready for preschool. There are about 10 - 12 kids per day, mostly 18 months to 3 years old. The staff is experienced and attentive. There are three rooms (art room, nap room, eating/play room), and a lovely outdoor play area. Often the kids are split into two groups, and are then in a smaller group of kids. Plus, Sundance is right off of the Park Blvd. exit of 580 which made for easy drop-off's and pick-ups.
Contact: Tae, 839-6449

Sept 2005

We would like to recommend Sundance Daycare to anyone looking for worry- free, quality daycare for their two-year old. The caregivers at Sundance have provided loving care to our daughter for almost a year (lots of hugs) and the facility is great. It is located in a lovely house where you enter through the side gate. In the rear yard, you'll find a crafts/reading room in a detached garage, a small lawn and play area with swings and sand. The big white floppy-eared rabbit has always been a big hit. Inside the house is an eating area and a separate sleeping room. The owner, Tae, is wonderful. Our daughter will be moving on to pre-school soon and a rare opening will be available. If you're interested in Sundance, contact Tae at (510) 839-6449.
Brad and Jane

June 2004

My 2 year-old son loves sundance day care. My husband and I are working full-time and we needed to find a place for our son. As soon as i walked into Sundance, I knew I found the perfect place. You walk in to a beautiful garden area. There's a huge sandbox, swings, and a mini-slide. In addition, there are 3 rooms: one for arts/crafts and story time, the other for eating, the third for sleeping. Each caretaker really cares about the children. I feel totally at ease leaving my son there. Infact, it looks like so much fun there, I wish I didn't have to go to work! Right now there are a few openings for age 2 and over-

April 2004

The lovely woman who runs the home-based daycare which my son attends has a space available for an infant or toddler. We've been very happy with Sundance Daycare, run by Tae (pronounced ''Tay'') and her staff, for about 2 years now. They provide a warm, loving atmosphere, with a nice outdoor space and even an art room. The staff has been quite stable over our tenure. We've had several friends who, quite independent of us, also had their kids at Tae's, and were very happy with it, and I recommend it to anyone seeking childcare. Contact: Tae , (510) 839-6449

June 2003

I want to recommend the fabulous daycare my son has been attending. My son and two of his friends from the daycare are moving on to preschool together on July 1st, so she will have openings immediately. It is Sundance Daycare just off of Park (near 580). The woman who runs it is named Tae. My son is now 3-1/2 and has been attending since he was about 16 months. We absolutely loved having him there. Tae and the other providers who work for her are very loving and kind. She runs it out of the back of her home. There is a main room with toys, an art room, a nap room, and a good sized backyard with grass, sandbox, small climbing structure and swings. My son has been very happy there and, although it's time for him to move on, we're sad to leave. I trust them implicitly and have always felt comfortable that he is safe and loved. You can reach her @ 510.839.6449. If you have any more questions, you can call me. Nancy

May 2003

Can't find anything on the website about Sundance Daycare home-based Preschool program in Oakland-- near Park and MacArthur. I visited this week and quite liked it, though I am wondering how stimulating it will be for my 2 year old Natasha

I don't know what sort of stimulation you believe your daughter will require, but my 17-month old has been happily at Sundance for about a year now, where we went on the recommendation of two different friends of mine, and also because a lot of nice kids at my older son's preschool came from Sundance. It's a pleasant environment for the kids -- they play inside and out, there are a couple of cats and a rabbit, the older kids go to the park nearby, they do a lot of little art projects. Most of the kids head out to preschool at 3-3.5, and there are several kids right around 2 years old right now. We've been pretty happy -- Tae and her helpers are consistent and loving, and my son is doing well. Wendy