Stephanie's Family Child Care

Oakland, CA

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Home-Based Daycare/Preschool
DSS Facility License #: 
Stephanie Anagnost & Evagelia Spathis
510 531-9281
kefallonia [at]
Skyline & Redwood Rd
Maximum Capacity: 
Language(s) Spoken: 
English, Greek
Ages Served: 
0 months - 36 months
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri

Parent Reviews

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I highly recommend Stephanie's daycare. Evelyn & Evan are awesome caretakers. They are warm, easy going & willing to accommodate your child. My son has been a nightmare to potty train, and they were happy to assist and do all that they could to help. They are communicative and just easy to deal with overall. Also, their yard is awesome! As long as the weather cooperates, the kids are outside the majority of the day. My son was very happy there. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Archived Q&A and Reviews

July 2014

I highly recommended Stephanie's daycare. I have had my daughter there since she was nine weeks old. Evan and Evelyn are wonderful caregivers. They provide a loving and caring environment for children. It is my daughters second home and she loves them as if they are family. There house is set up to accommodate for small babies as well as toddlers. They will listen to what you need for your children and give excellent feedback about your child's day. They are also just really wonderful people and if you can't be at home with your child, this family is the next best thing. Please do not hesitate to contact me to ask any further questions.

Sept 2009

I would like to recommend Stephanie Anagnost's day care. They have a play based day care which keeps kids active. The day care has a great outside area ensuring that all of the kids get plenty of fresh air and sunshine. This is a family run business and everyone involved is so good about taking the time to talk to parents about what is going on with your child. My son would be happy to get there and I would have a lot of trouble getting him to leave; he was having so much fun. They have a music teacher that comes in once a week and in general a lot of activities. It's time for my son to start pre-school otherwise we would still be there. If you would like more information feel free to email me. To contact the day care directly call Stephanie at (510) 531- 9281.

Sept 2009

My daughter just outgrew Stephanie's Daycare and is moving on to preschool. I recommend Stephanie's SO highly - I felt 100% comfortable leaving Felice (my daughter) in their care. I have to say that I searched the Oakland hills high and low for daycares. I must have visited 10-15 places. Stephanie's felt the best and my hunch that they were wonderful turned out right. Stephanie, Evelyn, and Evan gave Felice so much love and Felice, in turn, fell in love with them, never wanting to leave at the end of the day. On top of all the love and play, they provide music lessons that the kids enjoy so much, Felice would come home singing and dancing! They have also been super accomodating with long hours (7:30-6) and part-time schedule options with drop-in available if you are in a bind. We are so sad to leave such an amazing place and wanted to pass along our experience so that a new family can also have such a perfect daycare in their life! Feel free to call me or e-mail me. And Stephanie's daycare's phone number is: 531-9281

Sept 2006

My son and many of his friends from Stephanie's Daycare started preschool over the past few weeks. Parents with 1- 3 year olds, looking for a family daycare that also has music, a large, safe outdoor area for play, as well as lots of choices of indoor activities will find Stephanie and her daughter Evalyn a breath of fresh air. We looked at many daycare options before we visited Stephanie's and we knew the minute we walked in and saw Stephanie interacting with the children, that this was the place for our son. Stephanie also has incredibly reasonable rates, plus she provides food for the children (breakfast, snacks, & lunch). The environment is very loving and the staff never changes - they are a family and have been doing this for over 20-years. Feel free to email me with questions or call or email Evalyn directly: Evalyn Spathis kefallonia[at] or 510-531-9281

August 2006

My son's excellent daycare has openings! (Oakland Hills/Redwood Heights )

After visiting numerous daycares, we found our ideal situation with Stephanie's Child Care. Stephanie, her daughter Evelyn, and Ha are all loving. Stephanie does some Montessori activities, but mostly supplies children with hugs & kindness. We immediately knew this was the place for our son.

This was my son's first time being left outside of our home. The staff truly helped him (& me) make the transition. They listened to my concerns when he was initially adjusting & allowed me to put some of my ideas into practice. Even though Stephanie has been running her daycare for 20 years, she is always open to parent participation and input.

The completely child-safe environment is in the lower half of Stephanie's home. There is a large yard with lots of room to play & the children have lots of choices when it comes to toys (indoor and out). The price is also incredibly affordable.

Stephanie - 510-531-9281


June 2005

There are a few children graduating from my son's family daycare center this summer. I'd like to take this chance to highly recommend Stephanie's Child Care as a wonderful place for kids between 1-4 years of age. My son has been with Stephanie and her two assistants for 7 months, and we have been utterly delighted with the care she provides. She uses a Montessori approach, which has allowed my son to thrive. Stephanie is highly experienced (she's been licensed for over 20 years), very warm, unbelievably patient, and dependable. On top of all of this, her rates are very affordable. She offers care out of her large home (in an area that's totally separated from her living area) in the Oakland Hills/Montclair (close to the intersection of Lincoln/Skyline). I couldn't recommend Stephanie more highly. Please feel free to email me with questions. Contact: Stephanie, 510-531-9281