Star Bright Bilingual Daycare

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San Pablo, CA

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Home-Based Daycare/Preschool
DSS Facility License #: 
Mayra Ramirez
510 669-5610
Starbrightbilingual [at]
San Pablo
Tara Hills
Maximum Capacity: 
Language(s) Spoken: 
English, Spanish
Ages Served: 
0 months - 48 months
Monthly Cost: 
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri
6:00am - 4:30pm
Additional Services & Features: 
Afternoon option, Year-round, Sibling discount, Breakfast provided, Lunch provided, Snacks provided, Organic options, Vegetarian options, Special diet support, Cloth diapers accepted, Potty training support
About Our Program: 

At star bright kids enjoy various activities including bilingual story time, singing, coloring, shapes, ABC’s. Outdoor play and water play. I provide Two nutritious meals, fruits and healthy snacks. 

Parent Reviews

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Before having my first and only child, I extensively searched for a daycare local to me. I visited two daycares before giving birth and then ceased my search because a family member was going to help for the other two days needed when I returned to work. Fast forward to my daughter being almost 7 months old, my family member was no longer going to be able to care for her. This threw me into a frenzy as I had no back up and had not found a daycare I was certain would work. Mayra came recommended from a childhood friend. She raved about Mayra, stating the children in her daycare always seemed happy, she was very clean and kind. I visited two more daycares (whose pricing was a bit less but I did not get the best vibe from) before visiting Starbright Bilingual and almost immediately I was sold. If you want a daycare to provide the basic need of keeping your child alive, I'm sure you'll find many, but Mayra provides much more than just that. She provides nurturing play that introduces many sensory skills that'll ready them for when it's time to transition them to school. The meals she provides are thoughtfully plated and often I find myself trying to mimic what she creates as I know my daughter receives a well-balanced meal while there. I've had the opportunity to "hang out" a few times and you can see the love the children have for her. They trust and adore her. I get pictures throughout the day, a run down of naps, activities, food eaten or not, how many times my child pooped (as a parent, this is important!), etc. My daughter is now almost 14 months old and she smiles at Mayra and trustingly goes to her as if she is now part of our family - because she is! When I first dropped her off, I was fearful - so many things could go wrong, what if she cried all day? (which of course, didn't happen) - but Mayra gave me updates and was understanding of my fears. Her home is always clean, the children have many learning activities to partake in and I get cute arts and crafts projects to bring home. I'm talking song/story time, the alphabet, paleontologist activities (yes, you read that right), holiday theme activities, she even matches the day's activities with your child's birthday theme (if you choose to celebrate at daycare). My daughter has partaken in activities I didn't even know she was capable of participating in. She's forming her first friendships and gaining social/motor skills daily. I've seen the difference in development between her and other babies around her age who don't socialize. So, if you're looking for a loving, thoughtful, family run daycare who provides all of the aforementioned, the search is over. This is it! 

Mayra was a blessing to my family and me. My daughter was only three months old when I first dropped her off.  Mayra allayed all my fears. Since that first week, I've been confident that my child is nurtured and looked after in a safe and clean environment with people who care for her well being as much as I would. It truly takes a village to raise a child. Being a first-time mom without family near - Starbright Bilingual provided an environment as close to that experience I could ask for. She takes time to prepare learning experiences for the kids, to include sensory play, educational songs and stories, motor skills, and so much more. She was my Pinterest board come to life. The playroom and spaces for the children are well thought out, organized, and super clean. I can't overemphasize how clean she keeps her place. My child was rarely sick, and I believe that was due to the meticulous attention spent on maintaining a clean household. My child has flourished in her year spent at Starbright Bilingual. We are moving to Ohio this summer, and it saddens us that she won't continue to learn and grow with Mayra and her daycare. If what I said above still didn't convince you that Starbright Bilingual is the best around, I drive 20 minutes OPPOSITE my commute adding 40 minutes of drive time to my original commute, just so my daughter spends her day with Mayra at Starbright.