Soleil Kids

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Berkeley, CA

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Home-Based Daycare/Preschool
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Kamel Touati
soleilkidos [at]
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English, French

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My one-year-old daughter has been enrolled full-time at Soleil Kids since September when she was about 5 months old. I could not have asked for a more nurturing provider!

Sonia, in particular, has been a wonderful 'second mother' to my child and really treats her like a member of her family. The strong bond between my daughter and Sonia is evident when I drop her off in the mornings: my daughter laughs and kicks her legs because she is excited to see Sonia, even after a weekend or long holiday break. I also know my daughter is well taken care of since she is well-fed, clean, rested, and happy when I pick her up in the evening. Sonia and Kamel always give a recap of what happened in the day, and also provide tips on new foods to try, herbal remedies for colds, or items that may help for her development. 

I would strongly recommend Soleil Kids for infant and early toddler care, and am happy to be a reference. 

My daughter was at Soleil Kids with Sonia and Kamel for about a year, from age 6month-ish to just over 18 months. I was so happy to find a small, nurturing home environment for my daughter, especially given it was the height of COVID.

It was very obvious to me from the start that Sonia and Kamel really cared for my daughter (and actually, for our whole family!). It is clear that they treat everyone in their lives as if they are all apart of their family. Soleil Kids is a wonderful environment for infants and younger toddlers, where they can really get that dedicated attention from loving caregivers. They're very flexible and understanding, and as first time parents we felt comfortable asking Sonia for parenting advice.

We eventually moved from Soleil to a Spanish immersion daycare when my daughter got older, because it was important for our family that our daughter have more Spanish language exposure, but we absolutely loved our time at Soleil and would be happy to provide further info and a reference to anyone considering them for their childcare needs.