Snow White Preschool

Oakland, CA

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Cynthia Waters
(510) 655-8353
Piedmont Av
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Oct 2011

Re: Daycare/Preschools in Oakland -NOW - Sliding Scale
Our child recently started attending Snow White Preschool on MacArthur near Broadway (right by Oakland Kaiser), which is not far from Lake Merritt. So far our experience there has been fine and my child seems to like it. I think full time tuition is about $800/month per kid and that includes lunch and snacks. I don't think you'll find a preschool for less than this unless you are eligible for financial aid. They are open 7:30-5:30, and they take kids from 18 months on. I'm pretty sure they have openings right now. Parent

July 2008

Re: Looking for full time preschool in/near Piedmont
Hello, I am a mom of a 4 year old boy, who attends Snow White Preschool in Oakland. I have been attending for about 2 years now. They are an affordable, 5 day a week program, with a nutritious meal program (specially fresh fruit, and a lot of vegetables), and the director Cinthia West is really awesome. What I like is the multicultural enviroment, and the support, love and attention that they offer to the kids. It is located at 750 W. MacArthur Blvd., one block from Piedmont Avenue. I think you should take a look and visit the school. My kid is already starting to write, and he started spelling words before he turned 4. -e

March 2008

I highly recommended Snow White Pre-School, they have nutritions meals, exceptional home enviroment, nice and clean play space and the most important the learning program, my kid is there since he was 2 years old, now he is 4, and he is starting to write the letter, he knew the alphabet since he was 3, numbers and shapes recognition. Multicultural enviroment. I highly recommended this childcare!!! If you have any other question, send me an email or visit the school their phone number is (510) 6558353.

May 1999

My daughters pre-school is wonderful. They have spelling words every week when they reach around 4 years of age. She is already learning addition, subtractions, and fractions. They are up to 250 spelling words (just from this year alone). I really like having my daughter there because it is multi-cultured and multi-lingualed. The owner/director is from Hispanic descent and she teaches some basic Spanish to the children. Also, all of the teachers, except one, speak a variety of languages. The school is located by Piedmont and Mac Arthur Blvd. The name is Snow White Pre-school. #510-655-8353.