Small World Montessori

Richmond, CA

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Childcare Center, Preschool
Sherry Tafti
(510) 222-9688
swmsherry [at]
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Ages Served: 
6 months - 72 months
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri

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Jan 2013

My son attended Small World Montessori School for 1 year before starting his Kindergarten class. The director of the school is Sherry Tafti. She is very knowledgeable about early child development. She would be happy to talk with me when I had parenting questions. She is both gentle and firm with the children. She herself is a grandmother. Her teachers are very caring and are from diverse cultural backgrounds. They speak more than one language such as Spanish, Hindi, Farsi, etc. I thought that was great. Our son still talks about how much he misses the school once in a while. We chose the school because the facility was very clean, Sherry was welcoming, and the tuition was affordable. It is a great school and I highly recommend that. If you are interested in sending your child there, please call Sherry at 510-222-2688. s.

August 2009

Our 4-year-old is just finishing the preschool program at Small World Montessori. It was difficult finding a preschool we felt comfortable with and so we highly recommend this one. The family and staff (headed by Miss Sherri) who run this school and daycare are very warm and caring. Both the staff and children are diverse. The program is structured, yet fun, including classes in music, gymnastics, geography. While the school's reputation makes it popular, Miss Sherri provides a lot of personal contact, making sure everyone is cared for. Priceless. We will miss everyone there! DH

August 2008

I want to suggest a preschool in the Richmond/El Sobrante area. It's called Small World Montessori. My two sons went to the school and one recently ''graduated.'' He already misses it. It is a great place to learn. In just one year my older son is reading, writing and knows his countries, numbers - you name it. The school is run by Miss Sherri. Although the school is large, they manage to keep a close eye on each child and their personal development. Lastly, it is very diverse. Teachers and students there have ties to China, India and Africa - they offer gymnastics and music. The price is reasonable too. Chris

Oct. 2006

Re: Looking for Preschools Pinole/ El Sobrante/Hercules
I would like to recommend that you visit Small World Montessori located in the Richmond/El Sobrante area. I've placed both my children in their care and have been very pleased. It's a very warm, caring environment where the teachers encourage a love of learning and respect. My daughter, who I placed there when she was 2.5, was one of a handful of children who attended through kindergarten. Her reading skills are above grade level as well as math. Now in 1st grade, it appears the work she is receiving is still a review of what she learned at Small World (I hope this changes soon). My son is now attending and I expect the same results. More importantly, I think all of the teachers instilled a sense of respect for learning, cooperation but also provided an environment in which the kids learned how to ask for assistance and were encourage to express their feelings. You can contact them at 510-222-6059. Email me if you have more questions. gdodds

April 2005

Does anyone have any experience with either Kid's Corner Preschool in El Sobrante, or Small World Montessori in Richmond? Anything would be appreciated, thanks!

Our son attends Small World Montessori School and it has been a great experience for him. He has some sensory issues which make transitions difficult for him and I was dubious about this program at first because it is so large but after spending several hours there with him, I was duly impressed by the director's ability to establish a relationship with him. The population is very diverse and the school emphasizes mult- culturalism which we have appreciated. They manage a nice balance between structure and flexibility. Please feel free to email me if you'd like to talk more. dawn