Sion Family Daycare

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Emeryville, CA

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Home-Based Daycare/Preschool
DSS Facility License #: 
Sandra Leiva
Siondaycare [at]
Maximum Capacity: 
Language(s) Spoken: 
English, Spanish
Ages Served: 
3 months - 36 months
8:30am - 5:30pm
Additional Services & Features: 
Snacks provided, Diapers provided

Parent Reviews

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My son has been at Sion for almost a year, starting at age 10 months, and he absolutely loves it.

Sandra and Edson are incredibly loving, nurturing, and supportive -- of the little ones and also of the parents! My son runs into their arms in the mornings and has great fun at the daycare, which is a small space with a surprisingly large number of baby- and toddler-appropriate toys, books, and more. They also well utilize the outdoor areas in the apartment complex, take the kids on walks, and frequent the nearby playground.

My son learns a lot at the daycare, from basic functional skills (e.g. using a spoon effectively, putting a piece in a simple puzzle) to social skills (e.g., taking turns, sitting in a group to listen to stories) to speaking Spanish, coloring and painting, practicing identification of animals and colors, and more. Sandra and Edson also cultivate such a wonderful environment that the kids have all built great bonds with one another. And Sandra and Edson bring out the special treatment! From fantastic birthday parties to fun winter holiday celebrations to a huge kiddie pool filling their kitchen one hot day this summer... they are always thinking of more ways to create a sense of family and joy in the daycare.

I also really appreciate that they are supportive of "non-traditional" families, which as a single mother I really take note of, especially in comparison to what some of the other single moms I know have experienced with daycares.

Lastly, they provide healthy, yummy food that my son loves to eat for breakfast and snack. 

I cannot recommend this daycare more for any family with a young child!

Our daughter has been at Sion Family Daycare from October 2021 when she was 18 months until now and we couldn’t have been happier! Sion is a lovely family run Spanish immersion daycare located in a safe, bright, and clean space  in Emeryville that is right by a park with multiple playgrounds.

Sandra and Edson are incredible - high energy, patient, and always responsive to feedback or questions. They use the Brightwheel app to post multiple photos every hour and have been very thoughtful about promoting the babies and toddlers as they grow - being especially attentive when our daughter was first getting adjusted to their daycare to supporting our efforts to potty train her.  They also provide breakfast and multiple healthy snacks every day.

They care immensely about the children. In fact, many of the parents have had multiple kids at Sion over the years (with some even continuing to come to Sion even though they have moved). There is a real sense of community and we’re grateful for the friends we’ve made through Sion as well.

Highly recommend and happy to share more about our experience.

My daughter attended Sandra's daycare starting at 6 months old. My husband and I spent a lot of time vetting/visiting daycares and Sandra came highly recommended by two friends. Sandra has a very natural and almost instant bond with the children she cares for...the kids would run into her arms for hugs everyday. She was very open in communication with parents and also always looking for ways to keep children engaged, whether it was new toys, having a music teacher come in or going outside for activities. We completely trusted and were grateful to have found Sandra. 

My wife and I highly recommend Sandra's bilingual(Spanish/English) Sion Family Daycare.  Sandra has taken good care of our son for the last 20 months since he was just 4mo old.  We were very fortunate to have a safe and caring childcare, especially during shelter-in-place.  My wife really loves all the pictures/videos that Sandra shares on a daily basis.  Sion tries to accomodate every parents' requests, and the parent group is welcoming.

Sandra was my daughter's nanny for roughly 2 years since she was 5 months old. As a parent, it is very hard to leave an infant with someone else, but from the moment I met her, I felt very assured that my daughter was in good hands. I exclusively breastfed and wanted someone who understands that breast milk is gold, and how to care for a breastfed baby, warm the milk etc. Sandra went above and beyond to care for my daughter. Sandra is very patient and playful, my daughter was thriving under her care and love. She communicates a lot with children and as my daughter got older she would teach her many things (colors, shapes, drawing), I was very excited and surprised at the numerous things my daughter learnt each day! I also wanted someone caring as it's important for my children to receive love, hugs etc during the day. Sandra listens to the children's needs, she is very loving, patient and her experience is invaluable. 

Sandra was/is the only person I trust with my children. My daughter loved being with her and while we have moved further away, I will be commuting to drop off my son to her daycare because I wouldn't trust anyone else.

Our son attended Sandra's daycare from 4 months old until he went to preschool, and we can't say enough good things about our experience. Right from the start we felt confident leaving him in her care. She established a routine with him that made him feel secure and loved, and it was clear to us that he enjoyed spending his days there. The space is well-lit, very clean, and full of bright, engaging decorations and toys. We felt so lucky to have found Sandra and Sion daycare for our son.

Sandra has been looking after our 26mo daughter since she was 8mo. It’s been a blessing for us, especially during the shelter-in-place, because we’ve been able to work from home, while our daughter has a wonderful place to go to, with a small group of children who all seem to have a great time in Sandra’s care.

Our son absolutely loved going to Sandra's daycare. The two of them had a very special bond, and it is clear she loves all the kiddos and takes great care of them. The only reason we left was because he had an opportunity to attend a preschool closer to home -- otherwise, we'd still be there today! I cannot more highly recommend Sandra and Sion!

I highly recommend Sion Family Daycare. The owner/head teacher Sandra is warm, loving, and adored by the kids, who often do not want to go home at the end of the day. The childcare is bilingual Spanish and English, with Spanish as the primary language spoken. One of our son's first words was agua. The space itself is nice, open and clean, and close to two great playgrounds that the kids visit everyday. Breakfast and snacks are provided, and our son eats and drinks really well there (much better than at home). Sandra has taken care of our child (now 2) since he was less than 3 months old. He learned to crawl, walk, and drink from a straw there, and now he's so talkative, social and confident. The community of kids and families is wonderful, and feels like an extended family. There may be at least two openings in January 2021 for an infant (<2 years). Contact Sandra via email or at (510)447-0089 if you are interested. 

Our child has been attending daycare w/ Sandra for almost 1.5 years. Sandra is so warm and engaging, always thinking of new ways to promote the children's development. We've experienced responsive communication and high reliability throughout attending Sion. Nap time, goodbyes, and other essentials in the daily routine go smoothly thanks to Sandra's steady, positive approach.