Seedling Child Montessori School

Alameda, CA

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Stacey Braga-Hanover
(510) 521-5846
Mecartney Rd.
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Oct 2005

Re: Alameda preschools: NON Montessori
I live in Alameda and was also struck by how many Montessori schools there are. I am a former teacher and I am not a fan of Montessori schools. My son goes to the Seedling Child on Bayfarm Island and I think it's great. It has the word Montessori in the name but it is no longer a Montessori school. It is a play based program with almost imperceptible remnants of Montessori. My honest opinion is that they kept Montessori in their name because for some reason people in Alameda seem to be crazy for Montessori schools. They fill up in advance so you have to sign up early if you want to get a spot. Danielle