Second Mom Daycare

Richmond, CA

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Home-Based Daycare/Preschool
DSS Facility License #
Rinzin Dolma
510 356-4605
secondmomdc [at]
Richmond Annex on Huntington
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Ages Served:
0 months - 60 months

Parent Reviews

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Our daughter started at Second Mom daycare when she was 5 months old in late 2020. Dolma and Pasang made the transition to daycare extremely easy. Our daughter just moved on to preschool and we are so appreciative of the positive experience she had with Dolma and Pasang. The daycare is clean and the yard is beautiful. Dolma sent us daily messages about our daughter's schedule (eating, sleeping, pooping) until she turned 1 and they were no longer necessary. The food the kids eat is delicious and organic (our daughter regularly requests lentils for lunch on weekends!!), all homemade by Dolma and Pasang. They truly care about the children and the children love them back. We highly recommend Second Mom Daycare!

Our first child went to Second Mom Daycare a few years ago and Dolma was always a fantastic caregiver. When we had our second child, we put them on the waiting list for an opening and were very excited when there was a space was available. Dolma has always been understanding and thoughtful with the kids and honest and forthright with parents when anything came up. The daycare is clean and well maintained. It's always great to see all the kids happily playing at the end of the day during pick-up. We are so grateful both of our children have had such a great daycare growing-up!

First time mom and first time reviewer!  I have thoroughly enjoyed bringing my baby girl here for the past few months.  Dolma and Pasang have dramatically helped me with getting scheduled naps in which has also improved her (and my) nighttime sleeping. Everyone warned me how difficult the transition would be when it was time for daycare but Dolma really set my mind at ease and made it as seamless as it could be.  And while our baby can't tell us much, when we drop her off she smiles, when we pick her up she's still happy and it means a lot to me.  The place is clean, safe, secure and happy.

Our son is currently at Second Mom Daycare under the loving care of Dolma and Pasan. We've been going to Second Mom since our son was about 4 months old and we thank our lucky stars everyday that we found her. Dolma and Pasan love our son with all theirs hearts and he loves them back. She prepares healthy, organic foods, provides ample outside time, has a spotlessly clean house, and is prompt with everyday reports. Another reason that we will forever be thankful for Dolma is that through what she does everyday, we have learned how to be better parents. For example, we were struggling as first time parents with establishing a daily nap routine and she had our son on one within a couple days dramatically improving his overall sleep. Its said it takes a community to raise a child, Dolma and Pasan are our community. Also, as its the time of Covid, both Dolma and Pasan are taking special care to ensure a healthy daycare. They wear masks, stagger the parents, take temperatures every morning, have hand sanitizer, and as I said above, everything is spotlessly clean. 

Our daughter went to Dolma's from 4 months old to 2.6 years old full time Mon-Fri. We had such a wonderful experience with her home based daycare. She provided a caring and nurturing environment and we truly felt she loved each and every child. Dolma provided healthy home cooked meals that even our picky eater loved. The kids have a lot of outside time and enjoy getting their hands dirty. Her home is kept clean and neat and there are lots of age appropriate toys for the kids to play with. Dolma is excellent with children and the kids are drawn to her. She is personable and happy to answer any questions or concerns. We highly recommend her!!!

Our two kids started at Dolma's Second Mom Daycare at 3 mos respectively and stayed until they reached the age appropriate for preschool. We couldn't have been more thrilled with her care! She is extremely in-tune with each child individually and adjusts her care appropriately. Her approach is gentle, loving, and open but firm when needed. The children were happy in the mornings at drop-off and if there was some "morning issue" Dolma was able to make the transition smooth and easy for the child. She was very responsive to texts and parent concerns, listening and working with our kids' eating, sleeping or medical issues. Her at-home daycare is truly devoted to the children with an open and clean front room well-stocked with a variety of age appropriate toys which she keeps on a healthy rotation. Her yard is large and private and serves as a safe setting in which the kids can explore the wonders of outdoor nature. Both of our kids learned so much from her: their ABCs, numbers, manners and a sense of compassion. I highly recommend her day care!

We recently moved from the bay area and that is the reason we had to say goodbye to Dolma and Second Mom Daycare.  Prior to our move, I  felt "ready" for it except for the fact that my daughter had to leave Second Mom Daycare.  My daughter started at 4 months and went till we moved which was basically on her first birthday.  Dolma has a natural loving caring way with all the children.  Having checked out many daycares now both in the bay and now away from the bay, I can say that her nature is very very hard to find.  Dolma is very responsible and specific about many important things, like sunscreen, not feeding foods that your little one hasn't already tried at home,  having all the paperwork and immunizations, etc.  But at the same time very playful and loving.  Her emphasis is on a loving home and time outdoors which we really liked.  Most importantly she was really in tune with my little one.  We started with a few half days before I went back to work and I remember picking my daughter up that first 1/2 day and talking with Dolma and she had already figured so many of my daughters specific character traits, likes, dislikes, all in that short amount of time.  She really cared enough to be in tune with her and I have yet to see that in another provider at the same level as Dolma.  Next time we are in town for a visit we are going to stop by and see Dolma and thank her again for all her love and show off the fact that my daughter is now walking! 

My daughter just "graduated" from Second Mom Daycare to start preschool, and it is definitely bitter sweet.  She went there from 8 to 26 months old.  We initially chose Second Mom because it has a good adult/child ratio, not too many holidays, and a great outdoor area.  However, Second Mom Daycare is so much more than that.  

I can't say enough good things about Dolma.  She is loving, but firm with keeping everyone safe and making sure that the kids all get along.  She is also incredibly thoughtful in the way she cares for the kids.  For example, she is careful to not have too many kids start at the same time so they get a lot of individual attention when they are first starting out.  Dolma is also great with engaging the kids in fun activities and she makes an effort to have the kids outside as much as possible.  She has a sandbox that she keeps covered up, but opens up every once in awhile to keep it new and exciting.

There is a lot of joy at Second Mom Daycare.  Even when my daughter woke up in a bad mood, she would always cheer up when we told her that she was going to go to Dolma's.  I can't recommend Second Mom Daycare highly enough!

Our son spent nearly two years at Second Mom Daycare before going to preschool, and we consider ourselves absolutely fortunate that we found Dolma. She provides a very loving, positive, cheerful, safe and clean environment for all the children she cares for, including our son. He has thrived in her care. Every morning that we dropped him off he was thrilled to see Dolma and all his little friends. The kids are all sweet, happy and they get along very well with each other, which to us is a sign that Dolma is a very competent and nurturing care provider. The indoor space is well maintained and full of a great variety of toys and games, and the backyard is excellent. Kids spend a lot of time outdoors and Dolma engages them with backyard nature in many little ways. She takes care to provide her kids with healthy, home-cooked meals as well. She communicated well about our son's day, including what he ate, how he napped, the sweet things he did and any behavior issues that came up. We cannot thank her enough for all the love and care she provided our son, and we recommend her very highly!

Archived Q&A and Reviews

Dec 2014

My son just left Second Mom Day Care after almost two years of wonderful care, he started when he was just about two but she takes even small babies. Dolma is loving and the children all love her so much. She lets the children be themselves and doesn't force anything, my son never napped (it just isn't his style) and she sat with him and read to him while the other children slept. Her home is clean and the back yard is set up for kids to play. I HIGHLY recommend Dolma of Second Mom Day Care! Dolma's number is: 510/356-4605 Molly

April 2014

Both of my boys attended Second Mom daycare before they went to preschool. Dolma has been a great caretaker, and I was sad to move them on into preschool. She is very kind and gentle. My first son came home learning new things each week (he was 2 when he started). My second son had some problems hitting and biting and she was patient and helped teach him how to be nice to others. (He was having these problems at home, and she even helped me figure out ways to work on it at home with his older brother. It was great!) My kids loved going to her house, too, and always point it out when we drive by. Dawn

May 2012

My son was very happy at Second Mom Daycare. Rinzin Dolma is very caring and provides a very loving environment. Her house is set up so the kids have their own area that is soft, colorful, and safe. She also had a nice back and front yard where the kids can run around, play, climb, and explore. The kids also had trips to the local park and even ate picnic lunches outside in warm weather. Dolma provided healthy foods and snacks too. I always felt my son was well cared for and Dolma really was like his second mom. happy mom

July 2011

Dolma of Second Mom Daycare is wonderful and, if we hadn't moved to Pacifica, my daughter would have stayed there for many more years. Dolma and her assistant Marlin were the only people that my daughter consistently greeted with smiles and hugs. They were her first experience with daycare it was such a blessing to rely on them to take such good care of her. Dolma's home is very clean, beautifully set up for kids to romp around in and she has a large playroom with a divider so the active toddlers are separate from the babies. Meals are very healthy, with many organic options. She is very comfortable preparing breastmilk bottles as well as formula. She also has a great big backyard and plenty of outdoor activities when the weather permits (water play, sand table, playgym with slide, etc.). Her home is very close to a park so they often walk the kids over to play. She is always very warm, very safe and I couldn't dream of a better daycare provider for the choosy parent. We were very sad to move away but so grateful for such a quality childcare experience. Dolma and Marlin are the best!

July 2011

I am writing to express my most sincere gratitude for the tenderness and care Rinzin Dolma, of Second Mom Day Care, has shown to my son, who has been with her since he was almost two years old until now (he is just over three) and to recommend her without reservation to anyone who may read this. During Dolma's care, my son underwent the most difficult transition a child could endure at any age. Dolma's patience, understanding and tenderness helped my little boy through this confusing and scary period and provided all the stability and nurturing he continued to need in great measure. Today, my son is happy and well adjusted and knows his colors, his numbers and how to play nicely with others. It has also been a pleasant surprise to me that he has learned the Tibetan words for 'gentle' and 'mother' which he still uses.

I am somewhat wistful at his transition from Dolma's loving care to preschool, but I will always think fondly of the generosity of spirit she has shown my family and will never forget this special period of his young life, in which Dolma played an integral part.

July 2011

As working parents, it is challenging (and sometimes nerve wracking) to find reliable daycare, in a safe, secure, and comfortable environment. If you are looking in the Richmond Annex area, then Dolma at Second Mom Daycare should be first on your list.

Dolma came highly recommended to us from a family in our playgroup who had sent both of their sons to her. My son has been going for approximately 14 months, since he had just turned 2. He's made many buddies, has a great play environment (inside and outside) as well as a structured daily routine, which was important to us. Additionally, Dolma provides healthful, organic meals all day long.

Dolma is nurturing, kind, patient, and loving, and we, and our son, are lucky to have found a home away from home with Second Mom Daycare.

June 2011

I highly recommend Second Mom Day Care. Each day Dolma opens the door, my daughter squeals with delight, for she (and I) know(s) she will spend the day playing, singing, and squealing. Each day, Dolma leaves me a note that includes my daughter's naptimes, food choices, and potty breaks. As a working mother, I know what my daughter is doing when I'm not there. Most importantly, I know that she is loved and adored; we are so thankful to have our second mom, Dolma.

April 2011

I would like to recommend Dolma who owns Second Mom Daycare in the Richmond Annex. Dolma and her assistant have cared for my son for the last year and half since he was four months old. They are loving, calm, professional and hard working. My son is so happy under Dolma's care and loves playing with the other children. As working parents we feel secure and at ease that he is getting focused and attentive care in a safe, clean and fun environment. In addition, she provides wonderful, organic meals for the children. We learned about Second Mom Daycare through some mutual friends in the neighborhood who sent both their children to Dolma. They had a wonderful experience with both children. If you are considering home-based care in the El Cerrito / Richmond Annex area we highly recommend Dolma!

Nov 2010

I HIGHLY recommend Dolma, owner of Second Mom Daycare, in Richmond Annex on the border with El Cerrito. I searched far and wide, interviewed 15+ providers and was not comfortable leaving my baby with any of them...and then I found Dolma. She is warm, energetic, nurturing and has abundant patience. My baby feels secure, comforted and well provided for when he's with her. Dolma and her friend/assistant are just wonderful and take their time making sure everyone is comfortable according to their own individual needs. Her house is perfectly suited for babies, toddlers and preschoolers. She has a dividing gate that separates the main room to keep the littlest ones safe when the older ones (toddlers and preschoolers) are there too. She serves incredibly healthy, organic meals, but will modify anything according to the parents' specifications. I also breastfeed and she is very encouraging and always makes sure breastmilk is stored properly and fed to my baby exactly as I request. She is the best and I feel so blessed that I found her. I believe she has a few openings now and takes babies from birth.