The School on the Hill

Richmond, CA

No longer in business

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Home-Based Daycare/Preschool
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Richard Sugerman
Richmond Heights
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  • As of April 2014, The School on the Hill has closed.
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    July 2013

    I would highly recommend the School on the Hill in Richmond: with Rich Sugerman where my son is going currently.

    I cannot say enough about how easy Rich is to work with. He answers questions about pricing, sugar, academics, etc. ... anything I've asked quickly with answers that make sense. He's straight forward, smart, accommodating and unpretentious.

    His daycare is small and very affordable. It is just starting out and has an admirable mission of providing low-income families with exceptional quality early care (He's a teacher with 30 years of experience, a love of teaching and a Master's degree) and I would love to see him and his preschool succeed.

    For those looking for schools with a male teacher - Rich is a male teacher & definitely a positive male role model.

    He absolutely loves kids. I can see it with how he interacts with my son and how he talks about why he started his preschool. He takes a lot of joy in seeing my son explore and learn about the world. They enjoy the outdoors with field trips to the park, the local nursery and to Little Farm.

    The digs don't look like much to write home about, but the care and Rich, the teacher, is exceptional. Cheryl

    June 2013

    ''The School On The Hill'' is a licensed, child centered and play based preschool. A wonderful place with a garden, outdoor space and lots of natural light. This is a place like no other I know of, as it is a non-profit preschool that charges on a sliding scale to help subsidize lower income families. The School On The Hill is accepting potty trained preschoolers at this time.

    Richard is very passionate about teaching children. He has been tutoring my 2nd grader for 6 months now. She had been struggling in school with reading for a long time. He has really made learning to read fun for her - with games and funny books he seems to really keep her focused. That is very hard for her father and I to do with her- for some reason. Richard has given us some valuable advice about our daughter's education, the way she learns and the best way for us to support her in the process. His expertise really shines through with this student.

    Please go to to find contact info for The School On The HIll Kiki

    June 2013

    I'd like to encourage all parents in the Richmond-El Cerrito-Albany area to check out The School on the Hill (, a new preschool started and run by former Berkeley public elementary school teacher Rich Sugerman. As one of the many parents whose children grew and learned and thrived under Rich's care, I can say that he is a warm, funny, creative and engaged teacher who will feed your child's natural curiosity and love of learning. He is an expert at connecting with all different kinds of kids and at fostering their connections with other kids. A preschool experience with him will give your child a great educational, social and emotional start. And it will be an experience that you and your child will always treasure. For more information and to check out the The School on the Hill, contact Rich Sugerman atrich [at] fan of Rich Sugerman

    June 2013

    My child's former teacher, Richard Sugerman, recently opened a daycare, The School on the Hill ( Based on what I experienced of him and his teaching, it's bound to be a terrific place.

    Mr. Sugerman was a caring, funny, completely engaged teacher. He connected with all the different types of kids in the diverse public school class and brought out the best in each of them. He encouraged them to ask questions and to reason their way to answers. He showed the students how to be confident in themselves and how to support each other. In his class, the students blossomed socially, as well as academically.

    I know that Mr. Sugerman will bring all his experience and skill in working with kids to his new venture. Anyone looking for a daycare or preschool in the area should be sure to give him a call and check out The School on the Hill.

    Nov 2012

    Re: Preschool or Daycare for 2 yr old near Richmond 
    I highly recommend you contact Rich at The School on the Hill for your son. It sounds like they have everything you're looking for, including a teacher to student ratio that will never be more than 1:5, lots of outdoor space, music, kid-centered learning and play and also a sliding fee scale based on your income. Feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions. Jill

    Oct 2012

    Re: Preschools in El Sobrante/ Richmond area? 
    Anybody looking for a preschool in the Richmond area should know about The School on the Hill. It's a brand new, non-profit school with a child-centered curriculum run by a credentialed teacher with 30 years of experience working with kids. You can get more information on their website at jill

    Oct 2012

    Has anybody heard of The School on the Hill in Richmond? It seems great but it's brand new and there are no recommendations for it so I was hoping somebody might have heard of it or the head teacher, Richard Sugerman? He used to be a teacher in BUSD? Anything anybody can tell me would be helpful. Thanks

    Richard has been working with my 4th grade boys in math for about the last year. He is a wonderful teacher as well as a great guy. He is very kind yet firm with my boys. That combination is rare and what often differentiates the great from the good teachers. I only wish he was teaching preschool when my boys were preschool age. julie

    Mr. Sugerman was my child's second grade teacher several years ago at Berkeley Arts Magnet. He was very popular with the students and parents. He clearly loved kids and teaching. He did a great job of keeping all the students engaged and interested and targeting lessons to their interests and abilities -- not so easy with a class of 20 kids from very different backgrounds. He treated all the kids with a lot of respect, and he stressed the importance of them showing respect for each other. He used a lot of humor and music in the classroom, which was great. I don't know what his new venture is like, but based on our experience with his teaching at BAM, I'd recommend him very highly as a teacher. Mr. Sugerman fan

    I am excited to hear that Richard Sugerman is starting a school. He is a fabulous educator on many levels. First and foremost he is dedicated to children academically, socially and emotionally. He is also dedicated to supporting parents. He is brilliant and communicates to parents as if they know all the child knowledge he does. Rich tutored my son for six months while he was on home hospital due to anxiety. He carefully and thoughtfully made learning fun for him and more importantly helped my son build trust in his educator. This preschool will be a wonderful addition to our local community. CS