Rose Kindergarten

El Sobrante, CA

No longer in business

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Home-Based Daycare/Preschool
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Diana Mei
rosekindergarten [at]
El Sobrante
Oak Knoll Rd.
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36 months - 72 months
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Pre-K program
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  • There is another Waldorf kindergarten in Berkeley with a similar name: Berkeley Rose
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Editor Note, April 2017: this daycare appears to be closed now.  The license number is no longer valid and the website no longer exists.

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Archived Q&A and Reviews

August 2014

Re: Fall Preschool Spot for 3 yo?
Hello! Saw your post and wanted to recommend my daughters' school that is on the Richmond border. Its called Rose Kindergarten at Acorn Farm- website is Its a mixed aged Waldorf preschool/ kindergarten (ages 3- 6) on 2 acres in a beautiful setting. The teacher Diana Mei has many years of experience teaching young children and my daughters thrived there this past year. The curriculum really nurtures the whole child and serves the child where they are at instead of trying to fit them into a certain mold. She provides two full organic meals per day (menu is on her website) which makes life so easy in the AM for us to not have to pack lunches and snacks. She also fosters the community of the school by hosting parent potlucks, school festivals and a parent support group every Friday. Its really a hidden gem. Good luck with your search.

May 2014

I highly recommend Rose Kindergarten (ages 3-7) which is a Waldorf inspired school in El Sobrante run by Diana Mei who is a long time Waldorf teacher. The school is located at Acorn Farm which is her two acre property that has an organic garden, chickens, and a beautiful large playground surrounded by winding Oak trees. The children are served two full organic meals per day, have gardening class, movement class, Spanish immersion on Fridays, art, crafts, cooking, music and indoor/ outdoor play. So much intention is put into this school, from the aesthetics of the classroom, to the social life of the children, to the beauty of the festivals, to the way the teachers interact with the students. My girls have thrived there this past year and have gone from being shy and barely talking at school to carrying themselves with confidence and ease with their peers and teachers. It was clear from day one that Diana loves her students and they love her. Community is an important part of this school with parent potlucks throughout the year, a weekly parent support group/ craft making and family participation in festivals and birthday celebrations. We are so grateful to have found this school for our family. Marnie

Sept 2011

Re: Preschools that have the most quality outdoor time?
No school can compare with Waldorf schools for quality outdoor time for kids. If you are looking for pre-k and kindergarten, please contact Diana Mei at Rose Kindergarten, in El Sobrante. She was a long term teacher at East Bay Waldorf and opened her own school a few years ago. Our boys have and still attend her school. Much of the time is spent outdoors, rain or shine, playing and gardening. She has bees, chickens and I think is planning on alpacas. She is an amazing teacher and her school is wonderful. If you are looking for 1st grade and beyond, visit the East Bay Waldorf School in El Sobrante. Diana Mei, Rose Kindergarten, (510) 223-8309, rosekindergarten [at] Maria

July 2011

Re: Seeking excellent Pre K program with 2011 openings
The Rose Kindergarten in El Sobrante is the most wonderful place I can imagine for a pre-K child. They have a couple of very rare fall openings -- don't miss out on a wonderful opportunity! Both my children were lucky enough to attend Diana Mei's fabulous program. My son, now 12, absolutely thrived in her care. Her program is Waldorf-inspired, but not dogmatic. Although Waldorf was not a good fit for my son once he entered 1st grade, his time in the Rose Kindergarten was invaluable to him and one of his happiest times. My daughter, 5 1/2, is at the Rose Kindergarten now. She adores it and has blossomed there. It's located on 2 gorgeous acres of oaks, redwoods, native flowers, fruit trees. The children pick grapes and make juice in the fall. They garden & care for the chickens all year. They cook and eat the most wonderful, nourishing food. They make art and music and have yoga & Spanish weekly and learn ASL. Children can stay at the school through Kindergarten and go directly to 1st grade; a great option if you need a full Kindergarten day or don't want heavy academics in Kindergarten. A wonderful, supportive & vibrant parent community too which is a great resource for parents & families. Absolutely highest recommendation. Karin

May 2011

My son has been attending Rose Kindergarten with Diana Mei for the past year and is just thriving. It's such a warm caring atmosphere that it helped his transition to a new school and he's made many friends. Besides being a lovely environment, his day is filled with activities--woodworking, gardening, helping cook, taking care of the chickens, art, Spanish, nature hikes, yoga, plenty of outdoor and indoor play, stories, and more... Diana is always looking for ways to expand and improve her school. Diana's assistants are all loving people--Farmer Kent who does gardening with the children twice a week (Diana's garden is amazing), Mrs. Pierce who assists in daily activities and Senora Hopper who teaches Spanish. Rose Kindergarten also provides all the meals/snacks for the children. The food is delicious and all homemade/organic. My son eats much better than the rest of us during the week. I highly recommend Rose Kindergarten for anyone looking for a wonderful, supportive, Waldorf school for their child. Hilary

Our 6 1/2 year old son has been at Rose Kindergarten for the past three years and we cannot say enough wonderful things about it. Some of the highlights are the beauty of the grounds and the classroom, the care that the teachers take with each child, with the organic food, the festivals and birthday celebrations, and the community of families involved with the school. The transition from being a "Rosebud" to a "Little Rosie" to a "Big Rosie" has been so remarkable and our son cannot wait to get to school lately to work on his special end of the year project that the oldest children are involved with. We recommend this school without reservation and we would be happy to answer any questions that you have. John & Kristie

We have had happy children at Rose Kindergarten in El Sobrante for two years and look forward to two more. The community is wonderful as are the teachers. It has also been so valuable to have our youngest in the classroom with our oldest. They spend their days as children should; outside, working with their hands, singing, the young learning from the older ones and the older ones guiding the little ones along as they step into their maturity. It is truly everything we want for our children and every child in the world! Happy Rosie Mamma

Jan 2011

My daughter continues to thrive in her third year at Rose Kindergarten and my son will start there next Fall. When we moved to the East Bay from San Francisco five years ago, many friends told us that Diana Mei's kindergarten program was as good as it gets. I taught in early childhood education environments for several years, and sure enough, this school was unlike any other I'd seen.

There is careful attention to rhythm and routine. And because the structure is so well thought out, the children are able to fully be in their imaginations as they explore nature, garden, craft, build, and play, play, play. The setting is beautiful inside and outside. The meals are nutritious and delicious (the children help with the prep, collecting eggs for the pancakes or chopping vegetables for the soup). It's no wonder that my daughter requests that she go to school seven days of the week.

An unexpected bonus is the close-knit community of parents. When I had my son, Diana and the other families dropped off meals and offered us so much support.

Rose Kindergarten is truly a haven for young children. We consider ourselves very lucky to have found it. Jacqueline

March 2010

There is a gem of a Waldorf-inspired kindergarten for ages 3-6, led by the most delightful Waldorf kindergarten teacher. Two of my children have had the gift of being under her wing, and it has shaped their lives tremendously. The program includes biodynamic gardening, yoga, sign language, a Spanish-immersion day each week, crafts, painting, cooking and baking. Hearty home-cooked organic breakfast and lunch are served every day. Children can attend 3,4 or 5 days per week.

Located on 2 acres, the school has a beautiful oak grove for outside play. The community is tight-knit and supportive, like an extended family. It's located in El Sobrante, with several carpools from Oakland and surrounding areas, plus a van service. I consider myself blessed to be able to give my children this beautiful, nature-immersed experience. There are limited openings for autumn 2010. Call Rose Kindergarten at (510) 223-8363 or email rosekindergarten [at] Teddy Teddy

Jan 2010

Re: Seeking a Waldorf Home school for K-1
For a magical, solid, home based Waldorf school, try Diana Mei's Rose Kindergarten in El Sobrante. Her number is 510.223.8363. Satisfied Parent

The Rose Kindergarten is a home-based Waldorf pre-K/K. My son is there now and we couldn't be any happier! Diana Mei is the teacher. She has a full time assistant, a garden teacher, a yoga teacher and a Spanish teacher. The children get two hot, organic meals a day. The children gather their own eggs from the hen house. Need I go on? It's heaven. call her. (510)223- 8309. emi