Roots & Wings Family Childcare

Oakland, CA

No longer in business

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Home-Based Daycare/Preschool
Maribeth Lockhart
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  • As of Summer 2006, Roots & Wings in Rockridge has closed (see messages below).
  • Note: There is a school in El Sobrante with a similar name: Roots and Wings Montessori School

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Oct 2006

Does anyone know what happened to Roots & Wings in Rockridge, or to Maribeth Lockhart? I was interested in sending my son there when he gets a little older, but her phone has been disconnected. Even the link on the Waldorf resources site is wrong. Thanks
Confused Mom

Last I heard, Maribeth and her husband were selling their home ( which was also the home of Roots & Wings) and moving up the coast to live out their dream of building a log cabin far from ''the rat race'' and, perhaps, one day establishing a little Waldorf school there Nancy
She moved
Maribeth closed the school and moved to Oregon this past summer sb
Hi--I hear through the grapevine (my son goes to a Waldorf- inspired preschool with one of Maribeth's former students) that Maribeth has moved out of state and closed her school. If you're interested in a similar preschool, email me and I can discuss more lynn
I don't know if this questions was already answered, but I just heard from a friend who's children attended Roots and Wings that Maribeth has just sold her house (where the school was) and is moving out of the area. There is no Waldorf-inspired preschool in Oakland right now that we know about Tara
January 2005

Does anyone know what the story is with Roots and Wings (the daycare/preschool in Rockridge -- NOT the Montessori school in El Sobrante). I and a number of friends have left numerous messages for the director/teacher Maribeth Lockhart, and none of us have ever received a call back. One friend even told me she called her almost 20 times (!) a few years ago (didn't leave a message each time, but never reached her in person) and never got a return phone call. Of course, this doesn't leave the best impression, but I'm still interested in finding out more about her daycare/preschool . . . does anyone have any information? Emily

My daughters, who are now in college, loved Maribeth. She is a treasure. We've enjoyed running into her over the years. Obviously, I can't speak to whatever is going on now, but I never had any communication problems, or any other problems at all. Good luck!
My son currently attends Roots and Wings and I am absolutely in love with Maribeth. My son has been in her care for just over a year, I heard about her from a friend and was lucky enough to catch her at a moment when her enrollment was not full. She is the perfect person for my son, she is so gentle and patient with him and really understands his quirky personality and encourages him in ways that just astound me. Her program is Waldorf inspiried, she is currently finishing up a 3 year Waldorf teacher training, and small just six kids.

Before Maribeth my son went to another preschool which was more school-like, classrooms of different kids and more teachers. It was a poor fit for us because my son really needed to know that he would have one stable adult to attach to and this was just impossible in that school, teachers changed shifts throughout the day or only worked certain days, it was too chaotic for him and for me, I never knew who had been with him all day and if his sheet wasn't filled out there was no way for me to know what sort of day he had. At Roots and Wings Maribeth is the only teacher so my son can really trust her and feel secure and I can know exactly what his day was like. And the small size makes it feel like a real community for the kids, no one is overwhelemed and everyone gets the love and attention they need. Maribeth provides an atmosphere where the kids really get to know one another and respect each other. When I come to pick my son up they are all sitting together at the table finishing lunch, just like a family. Even my little one feels like he belongs at Maribeths, when we come to pick up his older brother my younger son walks over to Maribeth and babbles at her for a minute or so then saunters into the playroom to entertain himself while we get packed up, he gets so mad at me when it's time to go!

The other thing I really like about Maribeth is the food she provides, the kids get a breakfast/morning snack, then lunch and on the full days (tuesday/thursday) an afternoon snack, it is so much easier to get out the door in the morning when I know I don't need to make a lunch, and her food is all organic and so delicious, the way I would feed my kids if I could pull it off! And for birthdays the all the kids make a birthday cake together for the birthday kid, a tradition that I just love.

I believe her enrollment is full at the moment but I would keep checking in, she is worth it. amber

June 2003

Roots and Wings, a small home-based, Waldorf-inspired preschool located in Rockridge, offers a loving fun place for children ages 2 to 5. The director and teacher, Maribeth Lockhart, provides a semi-structured program for six children each day, with lots of stories, singing, art, gardening, dress-up, building with blocks and more. The children help prepare the wonderful meals and snacks provided daily (mostly vegetarian, much of it organic)! Kids receive nurturing guidance, learn how to function respectfully in a group, and are given ample opportunity for self-directed and group-oriented creative play. As a parent of one ''graduate'' and one current enrollee, I highly recommend this wonderful preschool. Open 8:45-1:15 M,W,F, 8:45 - 4:15, Ts.,Th. Part-time openings are available. Contact: Maribeth Lockhart, 547-6828

I know a number of parents are still looking for a preschool or day care for their children. I found a wonderful place, "Roots and Wings," a 6-child family day-care for 2-5 year olds on Broadway near Hwy 24 in Oakland. The program usually fills by late Spring, but this year Maribeth, the director, delayed enrollment because she just bought her house, so she still has a couple of openings. I talked with Maribeth a few times and visited three times before deciding on Roots and Wings, after visiting over a dozen other schools. The program is play-based, with minimal structure. I found Maribeth to be the most gentle, sweet, warm, and thoughtful provider I have met. For example, knowing that my son speaks Hebrew, she asked to learn a few words and made an effort to use them when she could. His face lighted up! She also prepared the children before our visit and taught them a couple of words in Hebrew. With equal ease, I witnessed Maribeth capture a "teaching moment" and bounce on the trampoline. She speaks of and to the children with evident love and empathy. If you're interested, call Maribeth at 547-6828. Inbal