Rocio's Day Care

Oakland, CA

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Home-Based Daycare/Preschool
Maria Valdez
Dimond District on Rampart St.
Maximum Capacity: 
Language(s) Spoken: 
English, Spanish
Ages Served: 
11 months - 60 months

Parent Reviews

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Our daughter was with Rocio and Lena for about a year (from about 14 months to 24 months). We are leaving Rocio's because a spot became available at a daycare/preschool we were hoping to enroll our daughter in, but we had a positive experience at Rocio's Day Care this past year.  It is a safe environment and you can tell Rocio runs a tight ship with the kids. For example, we were running late one morning for drop off, and Rocio immediately called us to confirm that our daughter was well. I appreciated that she was concerned enough to check in on us.  Rocio and Lena are very sweet with the kids. Our first couple days at Rocio's was a tough transition for our daughter, with lots of tears at drop off, but Rocio was kind enough to call me in the morning to reassure me that she was doing well and was happily sitting on Lena's lap. Rocio has always been available by phone when I've needed to reach her during the day to discuss our daughter.

In terms of the schedule, Rocio provides breakfast, lunch, and snacks, which really is a huge convenience for the parents. It was great to not have to plan and pack meals each day.  Rocio has at least one structured art project each day for the kids, and it is really cute to see what my daughter comes home with each evening. There is also about an hour of outdoor time each day.  I also credit our daughter's time with Rocio as one of the reasons why she naps so reliably on weekends - after lunch, she automatically feels ready for her nap since that is her schedule M-F. Rocio also plans really fun parties and events, including a holiday party, Valentine's Day party, and Easter Egg hunt. She really goes all out for the decorations and individual gifts for the kids, and I really appreciated how special she makes these celebrations for the kids.

Our daughter has made some good friends at Rocio's, and I know she'll miss Rocio, Lena, and her buddies once she starts her new school. It's been a safe and fun place for our daughter for this past year!

My daughter was with Rocio and Lina from 14 months to age 3. We respect and love Rocio so much. She is a loving, firm caregiver who treats every child as an individual. My daughter was the youngest there when she started, and the only child who was still crawling. Rocio and Lina paid close attention to her and gave her a lot of cuddling and affection. We knew she was always safe and loved, and she had a lot of fun. In two years with them she created adorable art projects and made some good friends. Plus, Rocio feeds the kids, which not only is a huge convenience as a parent, but introduced some foods to our daughter and was great practice for sitting together with a group to eat. She also has mad skills--in two years, I haven't been aware of a single biting or scratching incident there. We're grateful that we had Rocio and Lina in our daughter's life for two years, and we give their daycare our highest recommendation.

Rocio and Lena are lovely! My 3-year-old son has been with them for five months so far, and he has developed beautifully with them. The parent review submitted below by junemoon78 tells a lot about the activities and environment at Rocio's Day Care, and it is a spot-on description. We love Rocio and Lena, and we love the friends my son has made at her house!

My son was with Rocio and Lena for a year. The only reason we left was that an rare opening became available at his preschool. Rocio's daycare is both a traditional home based daycare combined with projects that are themed ie.. my son completed the entire alphabet through the year, including holiday, months, days of the week and seasonal themes.
They are both so patient with all the children. When our son started there was an entire group his age and then it became younger and at first it was a hard adjustment for him but he became a helper and learned to be kind with children of all ages.
Once we dropped him off we never worried about him in their care. My son understands Spanish and left Rocio's every day very happy. We maintained her schedule over the weekends and it worked for us. She is direct and open to talk with regarding your child and his progress, she help us lose the blankie, my son naps on his own and he almost stopped sucking his thumb all together because those are the thing we discussed was right for our family.
She provides all meals and adjusted to many of my sons picky eating habits. She helped out my son in so many ways and even got him started in potty training.
If you feel that you want your child in a small environment that provide art based,fluent Spanish language and attentive care then please consider Rocio's Day Care.

My grandson had been at Rocio's since he was a toddler. Both Rocio and Lena, the Assistant, are patient, caring, and responsive to the children that they care for. I've been in early care and education focused on quality improvement for over 15 years, so I have rather high expectations and I could not have been happier with their care of my grandson. He is a rough and tumble child and moody in the morning. They have handled this with such acceptance and respect. He has become very nurturing with younger children which his parents and I attribute to Rocio and Lena's care of him and all the children. Today he's 4 and 1/2 and it is his last day with Rocio and Lena, as he's going off to pre-k. He's sad, his parents are sad, and I'm sad to say goodbye to such nurturing caregivers who have played such an important role in his development and life. I highly recommend Rocio's Day Care for babies and especially toddlers.

Archived Reviews: 

Oct 2014

My son has been at Rocio's since he was 7 months old. Now 2 1/2, he's still as happy as can be there. Rocio and her assistant Lena are experienced, capable, and loving. Rocio is excellent about communicating about your child. She'll tell you he fell (no unexplained bruises later), when another kid gets sick and your child might have been exposed to it, and the like. She'll also offer observations and updates about your child and his speech, play, sleep, etc. She's no-nonsense and has consistent routines so the kids know what to expect. Her hours are a firm 8am-5pm, and, she's been willing to work with me when I know I can't get there until 5:15 every once in a while. She came highly recommended by several co-workers, and we have been very happy there. When we looked for my older child Rocio's was full, and I'm quite thankful she had room this time around! Molly

July 2013

I'm writing to recommend Rocio and Lena, who are the most incredible day care providers I know. My daughter has been with them since she was 8 months old, and the only reason we are leaving Rocio's is for her to go to preschool. They are loving, caring, nurturing. They give the children healthy foods for breakfast and lunch. They call you when your child is sick to check in. They offer endless wisdom! They know children well. They provide a home based environment where my daughter has thrived and loves to go each day! I am so sad to be saying goodbye to them. Even though it is not a 'fancy' day care, what you will get is a lot of LOVE! Please call Rocio, she has a few openings available as of July.

Oct 2012

Due to a change in our schedule we are leaving the day care our son has loved. Rocio has a spot open for ages 1-3. She has a small in home daycare open 5 days a week from 8-5. She provides all meals and the environment is very loving and clean. Our son has loved spending his days with Rocio and all his friends. Feel free to email me if you have any questions.

July 2012

Both of my daughters (3 and 1 1/2) attend Rocio's daycare and our oldest has been going for 2 years. I have been meaning to write a recommendation for several months now. I can't say enough great things about Rocio and Lena. Our girls LOVE going to daycare everyday. They are safe, well-fed, busy, and loved. Rocio provides breakfast, lunch, and snacks, which is very convenient for us. She does lots of different activities with the children and keeps them busy and happy. Our oldest comes home with an art project or activity every day. Rocio also actively works to potty train the kids or wean them off of bottles when the time is appropriate. Both Rocio and Lena are absolutely wonderful, as are the other families that we've met whose children attend Rocio's. I highly recommend looking at Rocio's Daycare. At this point I believe that she is no longer accepting children younger than 1 year old.

March 2009

My son (now 3) has been going to Rocio's since he was 6 months old, as well as my daughter since she was 4 months. I can't say enough good things about Rocio and Lena. My children adore both of them. Their little faces light up when they see Rocio and Lena in the morning. It's a loving environment and I've never had my children cry when I drop them off. They do art and music in the morning and spend as much time outside as possible in the afternoon. Home-cooked breakfast, lunch and snacks are provided. We are really lucky to have found Rocio!
Contact: Rocio Valdez, 531-2687

July 2008

My daughter's wonderful family day care has a toddler spot opening in mid-August. Rocio and Lena run a loving daycare for 1-3 year olds. Homecooked meals, lots of playtime outside, music and art, Spanish immersion for the kids (but Rocio speaks perfect English). They genuinely love children and it shows. The kids are always happy and my daughter always smiles when I drop her off.

Rocio is open 8-5 with some flexibity when needed. She prefers full-time but would consider part-time. Her rates are very reasonable compared to others and she takes 2 weeks vacation a year.

I have had both of my daughters in Rocio's care and couldn't recommend it more highly. Please email me if you have any specific questions or give Rocio a call to schedule a visit. Contact: Rocio Valdez, 531-2687

May 2008

Our day care provider, Rocio Valdez, has a couple spots opening up for toddlers (and one infant spot). Rocio and her helper Lena are loving care providers and we have used them to care for both of our daughters. I can't recommend her more highly.

I love that they speak Spanish with the kids (but Rocio is fluent English speaker), provide home cooked meals (including breakfast!), do art and music with the toddlers, and they spend a good deal of time outdoors whenever possible. My daughter never cried when getting dropped off and she breaks into huge smiles when she see Lena and Rocio. My older daughter loved it there too. Its reasonably priced and Rocio runs her business very well (no licensing issues). In the 4 years that we've used her, she's never missed a day. Rocio is open from 8-5 (and will sometimes take some earlier if needed). She prefers full-time but is willing to consider part-time.

Please give Rocio a call if you are interested at (510)531-8257

April 2008

My daughter's daycare has multiple openings for toddlers age 1.5+. Rocio's is a licensed, home-based daycare located off Lincoln Avenue, just a few blocks down from the Mormon Temple (easy access from Hwy 13). There are 2 full-time providers: Rocio and Lina (and a substitute teacher is hired when someone is absent). Breakfast and lunch are provided. Hours are 8AM-5PM. Rocio is fluent in English, but is bilingual Spanish. Lina usually speaks to the children in Spanish, so many of the children are bilingual. Both Rocio and Lina provide very good attention to the children and know what's going on with each of them. They provide us with daily oral reports of our daughter, and offer parenting advice without stepping on our toes. They provide arts & crafts and music for the children; they also play outdoors in their small, but age-appropriate, play structure in the backyard. I always feel that my daughter is safe at Rocios, and that she is well fed and cared for. Call Rocio's if you're interested: 510-531-2687

Jan 2008

I want to once again recommend Rocio's Daycare. We now have our second child at Rocio's and I'm still very happy with the care. Here is most of my original posting from a couple years ago:

If you are seeking a loving, well run and reasonably priced family day care, I would like to highly recommend Rocio's Daycare in Oakland. Rocio and Lena are very loving care givers. The food is home cooked, the kids play outside every day (without rain), and she works with the babies and kids per their needs (mine was the one who wouldn't nap without rocking). Rocio also runs her business well (no licensing trouble, keeps up on immuno records, etc.) I also liked that it's bilingual care. Most importantly, the kids always seem happy. She is open 8 to 5 M-F.

If you are looking for a loving family day care, please give Rocio a call. Contact: Rocio, 531-2687

August 2006

If you are seeking a loving, well run and reasonably priced family day care, I would like to highly recommend Rocio's Daycare in Oakland. I have had my daughter at Rocio's since she was 7 months old (she is now 2 1/2), and I have been very pleased. We have been so happy that we will be using Rocio to care for our next baby as well. A few of the kids will be leaving for pre-school in the fall so Rocio will have toddler openings (and I believe she has one infant spot open).

Rocio and Lena are very loving care givers. The food is home cooked, the kids play outside every day (without rain), and she works with the babies and kids per their needs (mine was the one who wouldn't nap without rocking). Rocio also runs her business well (no licensing trouble, keeps up on immuno records, etc.) I also liked that it's bilingual care. Most importantly, the kids always seem happy. She is open 8 to 5 M-F.

If you are looking for a loving family day care, please give Rocio a call Contact: Rocio, 531-2687

June 2005

I would love to reccomend Rocio's Day Care for anyone who is looking for a homebased daycare for their child. We have had our son there since he was 1, and now at three is going on to a pre- school. We moved from Oakland to Alameda last year, but I kept him there because I like her so much.

She has about 12 kids usually but there is always at least one assistant and they are kept busy with projects or playing in the yard which is really nice. A number of the kids are turning 3 and will be moving into pre-schools this summer and fall so I know she has openings. I highly recommend her.

Her house is about 1 mile or so below the Mormon Temple so it's very easy to get to and a great neighborhood. Contact: Rocio Valdes, 510 531 2687