Richards Family Daycare

Berkeley, CA

No longer in business

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Home-Based Daycare/Preschool
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Belinda and Wallace Richards
N. Berkeley on Sacramento
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Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri
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  • As of July 2014, the State licensing page lists this daycare as "Closed"

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Archived Q&A and Reviews


June 2013

I want to highly recommend my son's daycare, Richards Family Daycare. My 2.5 yr old son has attended since he was 12 months old and has thrived there. Richards is run jointly by Wallace and Abi, both of whom are spectacular with the kids. When trying to decide whether to send our son to preschool this year, we asked him if he'd rather go to preschool or Wallace's and he chose Wallace. Both Wallace and Abi have many years of experience with babies, toddlers, and preschoolers, and provide a safe, nurturing environment. They currently have openings for both babies and toddlers. My son has learned his letters and nursery rhymes there, and memorized the books that they read during circle time. He is also always bringing home art projects done with Abi. There are currently a few older toddlers like my son and we'd love to welcome more 2-3 year olds into the group. In addition, to it being a wonderful daycare, it has highly competitive rates and Wallace and Abi are very flexible with food requirements, cloth diapers, or any other particular things parents want to do. I highly encourage you to contact Wallace or Abi at 510-849-9392 or to contact me if you have questions about Richards. 

Nov 2012

Richards family daycare has openings for babies and toddlers. We highly recommend it. Wallace and Abi, the caregivers, are warm, loving, and gentle. They have many years of experience with babies, toddlers, and preschoolers, and provide a safe, nurturing environment. Our 16 month old daughter has been at the daycare since she was 4 months old. She's so happy to go that she smiles and laughs on her way in in the mornings. The other day, I noticed she was saying ''A,B'' when she saw words. I later learned it was because Abi has been working on letters with the older children. Our 4 year old son was also at the daycare when he was young - and also started as an infant. Both children have thrived there. We highly encourage you to contact Wallace or Abi at 510-849- 9392.

July 2012

Re: Affordable preschool in good air quality area? 
I know of an affordable preschool in Berkeley. Richard's Family Daycare and Preschool. They are affordable compared to the near by centers in the area and do more in my opinion. Its also great location. The Daycare and Preschool home inside looks like a daycare and preschool. Age appropriate set ups. I have no clue about the air quality. Belinda is the owner and as sweet as can be, give her call. 8499392 . I hope this helps. L Abi

July 2012

Richards Family Day Care Home now has openings for toddlers and preschoolers (ages 2-5). Our daughter has been with the Richards family since she was just four months old. She's now a toddler, and she's absolutely thriving there--she can't wait to get to ''school'' in the mornings. Belinda, Wallace, and Abi have decades of childcare experience between them, and it shows in their careful attention to child development, their kind and loving (but also no-nonsense) way with the kids, and their good humor. We can't recommend them highly enough, and we're excited that they're expanding the preschool program.

May 2010

There will be an opening for an infant in Richards Family Daycare as of June 14. Unfortunately we are moving out of the area and will be giving up our spot in this wonderful daycare.

Belinda and Wallace have been caring for my son for the past 3 months. They made the transition back into work so much easier for me. I knew that my son was in loving, caring, safe hands. He is all smiles when he arrives in the morning and is worn out from all the playing, but still smiling when we pick him up in the evening. We are very sad to be leaving Richards Family Daycare and hope that our next daycare providers in our new town will be as nurturing and amazing as Belinda and Wallace. 
Contact: Belinda & Wallace Richards, 510-849-9392

Feb 2010

Hi, I am writing to give my recommendation for Richards Family Day Care. Belinda and Wally Richards have been caring full time for my twin boys (who are now almost two) for almost a year now. My boys wake up talking about the kids in day care and they get excited to go play.

I was attracted to this day care because of the fact that it is run by a husband/wife team and members of their extended family (all licensed). It isn't day care as much as a day with Grandma and Grandpa.

The day is structured, with active play and quiet play alternating throughout the day. The day care is in a home, with several play areas and a large fenced area in the back with lots of toys. My boys are tired and happy at the end of the day.

For unrelated reasons, I am switching to a live-in nanny (so my two full-time slots are opening up (as early as March 1st or April 1st)), but will continue to use Richards Family Day Care on a part-time basis (just because the boys love it so much).

Hope you are interested in joining this big extended family. Julie

March 2009

I'm looking for recommendations and information about Richards Family Daycare in North Berkeley. Has anyone had any experiences they can share with me? Any info you can share would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Belinda and Wallace Richards have been providing day care for our son since he was about 4 months old. We would recommend them to anyone looking for a loving, patient, caring, and play based environment for their child. Our son has a great time every day playing with the other children, as well as participating in story time and arts and crafts.

We have been very happy and satisfied with the care and assistance in our son’s growth and development that Wallace and Belinda have provided.

I believe they still have openings for 2-3 year olds. 
Contact: Belinda & Wallace Richards, (510) 849-9392

April 2007

There is an opening as of May 21st for an infant at our son's daycare. Wallace and Belinda Richards have thirty years of experience. They keep the operation small to ensure each child gets the attention he deserves. They are flexible and responsive to parents' requests. Children typically stay up to three years old.

In addition to a safe and comfortable interior, their house has an enclosed grassy clean backyard for the warm months. They are located on Sacramento Street near Virginia, right next to the North Berkeley BART station, and a block from Cedar Creek Montessori.

We love them for being gentle and attentive. Our son quickly accepted them as part of our family. Contact: Richards Family Daycare, 849-9392

Jan 2007

My daughter's (she is 26 months old) daycare, Richard's Family Daycare has openings for babies and toddlers. It is conveniently located near North Berkely Bart Station and two meals as well as snacks are provided. Both Daycare providers, Wallace and Belinda are licensed daycare providers with 30 years plus experience. They provide a warm and loving environment for our children. My 4.5 year old son went to Richard's Family Daycare since 4 months old until the time to go preschool. My daughter is currently enrolled. Feel free to contact me (hai-ping) if you have questions or call Belinda directly. Contact: Belinda, 849-9392

My daycare, the Richards Family Daycare, currently has openings for 2 year olds. They are located at 1676 Sacramento, very close to the N. Berk BART. My older son went there for three years, and is now in preschool. My younger son, at 14 months, is a current enrollee. It is run by Wallace and Belinda Richards, who probably have about 30 years of experience. Belinda mostly takes car of the babies, and Wallace takes care of the older kids. He is GREAT with toddlers; they just love him. They are full right now for babies, but they have space for more 2 or 3 year olds. Feel free to email me if you have questions. 

May 2003

My daycare, the Richards Family Daycare, has a few openings for 2-year olds, preferably boys (they have a nice group of little girls). They have taken care of my son, who is now 13 months, since he was about 4.5 months old. The daycare is home based, right near N. Berkeley BART. Husband and wife, Belinda and Wallace, provide the care together. It is nothing fancy, but they have many years of experience in daycare, and provide a warm and loving environment. As an example of the affection that the children have for the Richards, I have noticed that the two boys who recently left to go to pre-school come back to visit frequently. My son seems happy to be there when I leave him in the morning. The Richards number is (510) 849-9392. Kim