Redwood Heights Daycare

Oakland, CA

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Home-Based Daycare/Preschool
Alba Salcedo
Redwood Heights on Redwood Rd.
Maximum Capacity: 
Language(s) Spoken: 
English, Spanish
Ages Served: 
4 months - 72 months
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri
Additional Services & Features: 
K-5 afterschool available

Parent Reviews

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Archived Reviews: 

June 2013

Redwood Heights Daycare is home based bilingual daycare ran by a husband and wife team. Alex is a well spoken highly educated man, who decided to leave the corporate world and join his wife in the family business. Which she had been doing for well over ten years. Alba is a woman who has found her calling in life. She is a natural mother and children take to her amazingly. She is warm, kind but firm and clearly knows what she is doing when it comes to children. The Redwood Heights daycare is called a daycare but it is more of a daycare and a preschool. My son still loves to visit there even now and he is almost seven. They are the best! All mother's say there kid is smart, but this couple turns ''smart kids'' into ''geniuses''! The Spanish is introduced in a fun and exciting way and your child is taught something all day long! Children learn letters, numbers, colors and socialization among a whole host of other great things in a fun , clean , wholesome loving environment. Even the babies have a learning time scheduled in the daily activities. THIS PLACE IS TOPS!

My daughter recently started daycare with Alba at Redwood Heights Daycare. At first, I thought she would just be there temporarily while we waited for another daycare closer by and a little bit fancier to open up. After a month, however, I decided to stay with Alba. It's nothing fancy, but my daughter loves it! They are fairly new and still small so kids get a lot of focused attention. She is committed to getting kids outside when it's nice out and there is no TV to speak of. Best thing for me is that Alba has been very flexible. She and I have different approaches to things like napping and food, but she tries very hard to accommodate my preferences. I feel like she's a partner in the community endeavor of raising my child. Finally, she is nonjudgmental about my alternative family structure -- I'm a single mom by choice. Call Alba Salcedo at Redwood Height Day Care -- 510-531-7762.