Raziea's Day Care

El Cerrito, CA

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Home-Based Daycare/Preschool
Raziea Mujadidi
El Cerrito
near ECHS on Pomona
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Sept 2012

I would like to give a strong recommendation for Raziea's Daycare! Both of our daughters attended her lovely *clean*, caring, fun daycare from 7 and 4 months respectfully till they moved on to preschool. Raziea is a very knowledgeable provider who manages to combine loving care, attentiveness, awareness of child development, change of activities and gentle routines which I believe gave my daughters a very strong foundation for care outside of our home. She encourages sharing, communication, and has a very serene demeanor which results in a very grounded atmosphere of strong respect for all. Our daughters had fun going on walks, playing at the nearby park, having art projects, singing, playing dress-up, and listening to stories. Nutritious meals are lovingly prepared and varied. She is flexible to part-time care. She really loves the children she watches. She has become part of our family in a lot of ways and we were all very sad when we said goodbye. You really couldn't ask for a better or more experienced daycare provider!

June 2012

Raziea's Day Care is a hidden neighborhood gem that we were lucky to find through a neighbor's recommendation. My daughter has been going to Raziea since she was 6 months old and she loves it! The only reason we are leaving in the Fall is because my daughter is moving on to Preschool. Raziea loves all the kids and provides the right amount of structure and play. Our daughter has learned a great deal (alphabet, shapes, manners, cleaning up, etc.) The in-home day care is very clean and has plenty of toys, books, bikes, and educational puzzles etc. It is also located close to a park so the children often walk or ride in strollers for some fun in the park. We will be very sad to leave as our daughter has thrived in her care. Raziea has openings available for new families. I highly recommend Raziea's Day Care to any parent who is looking for a loving, clean, safe, educational, and fun environment.

Oct 2010

I'm a Berkeley mom of a 3 who's had at least one child at Raziea's Daycare for the last 7 yrs (my youngest just started school.) Dropping off the 1st day with a new caregiver is always hard, but it was easy compared to leaving Raziea's the last day. It made us so sad that she would no longer be a daily part of our lives. My children love her and I know how much she loves them.

Raziea runs her Daycare out of her lovely and spotless home just off of Colusa at Stockton. She has 3 rms dedicated to the kids and a fun outdoor play area. Her home is 2 blks from a park with lots of room for running. She makes delicious meals. She has the perfect balance of warmth, fun and learning. Gives lots of hugs, but expects the children to clean up their toys. Lots of time for free play, but they also have organized activities like exercises at the park (very cute) or circle time with stories. My kids loved their time at Raziea's, developed great friendships and were completely comfortable sitting in a circle and raising their hand when it came time for school. I can't recommend Raziea more highly. Her # 525-4149.

August 2010

I would like to strongly recommend Raziea's Daycare on Pomona in El Cerrito, near the high school. Raziea has a small, quiet, clean, loving day care for infants and very young toddlers, up to about age three. It's a perfect environment for a parent who's worried about having to leave their young child in a noisy, crazed daycare.

Raziea's is sunny, well-protected and full of sweet, young children in the early exploration phase. She has a nice room for napping and my son always got a great sleep in during the day. Raziea is very experienced and knows exactly what to do to keep the children secure. We recently left to send our son to preschool, so I believe she has an opening.
Contact: Raziea, 510-525-4149

Oct 2009

I'd like to recommend Raziea's Home Daycare in El Cerrito. It's a nice, safe, affordable, very clean, home-based and toddler-centric daycare by El Cerrito High School. Raziea has openings due to many of the students starting formal preschool. Generally, there are ten or so children that attend ranging in age from 18 months to 3 years. I found it to be a perfect transition from homecare to preschool for my daughter. Raziea's phone number is 510-525-4149.

Sept 2009

I believe there are a couple of openings in Roziea's Daycare in El Cerrito. 2 of my children attended her program. They have both moved on to other schools but we will miss her warmth and nurturing presence and safe opportunity for play. She provides healthy snacks and lunch. She takes children from 16 months to 4 years. Her phone number is 510-525-4149. Molly

Sept 2009

Razia has several openings available this fall. Our daughter went to her day care for over two years and we were extremely pleased with the care given to her. Our daughter loved to go there. Her home is bright and has a large backyard with several play structures that our daughter enjoyed. The children engage in several activities such as reading, art work, imaginary play, dancing and singing. Razia also sometimes takes them to the El Cerrito park with is only 2 blocks away. Contact: Razia Mujadidi, 510 525 4149

June 2009

Raziea's has openings for children aged 16 months to 4 years old. Our daughter went to Raziea's until now transferring to preschool. We were very happy with our experience there and our daughter LOVED it. They are open M-Th, 8am - 5.30pm and Fri, 8am - 5pm. The day is structured well and monthly tuition includes lunch and snacks, which was really nice. You provide diapers and wipes if applicable. The backyard is a great play space for kids too. Lots of toys, dolls and creativity. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Contact: Raziea Mujadidi, 510.525.4149

June 2007

Several openings are available this fall at Raziea's wonderful home-based daycare. A number of older kids are ''graduating'' and since the daycare just moved from Albany to El Cerrito, lots of folks are not aware of it. They're licensed for up to 12 children, and they focus on ages 15 months to 3 1/2 years. The care is in Raziea's home, with two caregivers, Raziea and her cousin Mary (and sometimes an additional assistant). Raziea and Mary are warm, fun, knowledgeable and very conscientious. They keep the premises clean and organized, and work hard to teach the kids how to get along with each other. They do lots of singing, reading, imaginary play, and outside fun and games; they also provide a healthy lunch and snacks. The preschool is located just north of the El Cerrito high school, on Pomona. My 23-month-old son has been with Raziea's for 9 months; if you'd like to hear more from a parent, you can email me.
Contact: Raziea Mujadidi, (510) 525-4149

Sept 2004

My daughter has been at Raziea's daycare for a year and is, sadly, soon to leave for preschool. If you are looking for a warm, caring, clean, and fun environment for your 2 or 3 year old, please call Raziea at 525-4149. She has been a tremendous influence in helping my daughter develop into a considerate, confident and happy child. Contact: Raziea, 510-525-4149

August 2004

Raziea's Home Daycare has several openings for toddlers age 2 and older. Raziea and her sister and cousin take care of up to 12 infants and toddlers in Raziea's home on Marin at the corner of Evelyn. They offer excellent care, nutritious home-cooked food, and lots of indoor and outdoor activities. My daughter has been at Raziea's for a year and has thrived in this nurturing environment. She has made many new friends and when I pick her up at the end of the day, it is obvious that she has enjoyed herself. For more information on this wonderful place, please call Raziea at 525-4149. Contact: Raziea, 510-525-4149

August 2003

I would like to recommend Raziea's Daycare on Marin Ave. in Albany (at 510 525-4149). My daughter has been there for two years and will soon be leaving for preschool. There are openings for two year olds currently and she also takes infants when there's space. Raziea is caring, responsible, and committed to on-going learning about early childhood. Her bright, cheerful home, where the daycare is located, reflects the pride she takes in her work. She runs it with the help of her sister and cousin (also wonderful), so that there is absolute stability of the staff. My daughter, who was not an easy infant or two-year old, truly blossomed there, acquiring self-confidence and learning much about sharing and caring. Feel free to contact me with questions. Jessica