Rayito De Sol Daycare

Richmond, CA

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Home-Based Daycare/Preschool
DSS Facility License #
Silvia Perez
510-566-6005, 510-412-3658
Richmond Annex
Maximum Capacity:
Language(s) Spoken:
Ages Served:
12 months - 60 months
8:00am - 6:00pm
Additional Services & Features:
Afternoon option,
Drop-in available,
Part-time available,
Pre-K program,
Breakfast provided,
Snacks provided,
Vegetarian options,
Cloth diapers accepted,
Potty training support
About the Program:

At Rayito de Sol we strive to provide individualized and stimulating care while also making sure that children have plenty of opportunity to engage in "the work of play." Our days begin with a communal breakfast and indoor free play.  This is followed by circle time featuring books and songs in both English and Spanish.  We then head out to play outside if the weather permits or work on craft projects.  Our older students may also spend time working on literacy and numeracy.  After cleaning up, we have lunch and a nap.  The afternoon is full of pretend play, outdoor activities, and more crafts.   

Parent Reviews

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I don’t know where to start when it comes to Rayito De Sol and the Director, Silvia and her team Veronica, Dolores, and Ari.  We found Rayito De Sol and Silvia back in 2019 when I was pregnant with my first daughter.  We had visited many other daycares, both in home and facilities but when we visited Silvia there was just an immediate feeling of love and care in the home.

We have two daughters 4 and (soon to be) 2, both started at Rayito De Sol at 3.5 months old and they have both thrived here meeting all milestones. Silvia and her team are super supportive and communcative. Both my girls have been potty trained by 20 months with the support from Silvia and her team. We have now been here for over four years and Rayito De Sol has become a second family to us, especially being from the east coast and not having much family close by. Both my daughters absolutely love attending here and are so excited in the mornings to go to school.  

My oldest left at 3 yrs old but attends the bi-monthly Friday night PJ parties, which are the highlight of her week (and ours for a date night).  

I would highly recommend anyone looking for childcare to reach out to Silvia and her team at Rayito De Sol.  

** if you are military Rayito De Sol is already enrolled in Military Child Care**

Truly can't say enough about Director Silvia, Veronica, Dolores, and Ari at Rayito de Sol. They are like family to us and have been caring for our children since 2021. My daughter joined at 12 months and my son at 5 months, and they have both thrived tremendously in Silvia's enriching, bi-lingual, fun and softly structured environment and program. Silvia & her team care deeply for all the children and have kept me and my husband updated on all of their milestones, development, behaviors, education, and even daily updates -- while attending Rayito. My daughter moved onto preschool at age 3 after attending Rayito for 2 years and I can confidently say her time at Rayito prepared her extremely well for preschool as she was immediately one of the most advanced in her class. Sadly my son will now be moving onto preschool too and I only say sadly because we will all miss Rayito so much! We just had another baby and hope to return when we need daycare again. We truly can't thank them enough for all they've done for our kids and prepared them well and provided a nurturing and educating environment while being fun & engaging always.

For those considering care for their children, look no further than Rayito de Sol for an incredible bi-lingual program, family-feel environment, and fun music program. We're always confident that our children receive the best care, early education, and engagement here and are safe at all times. Lastly, the monthly tuition at Rayito has always been extremely fair for working families for the wonderful value we receive and hours offered for care.

BONUS: PJ PARTIES!! Wow do we love the PJ parties they offer (extended care from 5-8pm twice per month). This allows parents to have a night out for date nights and lets the kids have a fun movie night and dinner provided. We hope to continue taking advantage of these  thank you Silvia!

There are currently openings for toddlers age 2+! Contact Silvia

I don't know how it took me this long to write a review on here. My first son has been with Silvia and her team for nearly 3 years and my second son (5 month old) is starting with her tomorrow. I wouldn't have it any other way. Silvia has been our parenting partner for nearly 3 years and I am eternally grateful for it. My son is a smart but very headstrong child who requires both patience and gentle guidance. He has grown significantly in his social-emotional skills, vocabulary (in both English and Spanish), language, critical thinking, self-care and fine/gross motor skills. Silvia was incredibly supportive with my son as he was a late walker (I birthed a viking baby). She would research exercises and activities to help him and completed the recommended exercises from his physical therapist daily. She even filmed some of the exercises so I could replicate them at home. She is also open to ideas from parents and let me send in social stories and visual schedules for my son and collaborated with me on their progress.

My son is ready in all ways for preschool in August, thanks to Silvia. As someone who works in special education, I cannot overemphasize just how wonderful Rayito de Sol. 

- Mama of EliseooOOoo and Cliffito

Silvia's daycare is VERY special. Our son is learning so much every day. He has fun and is well fed. I don't need to take anything (Silvia provides lunch, snacks, water, milk etc). Silvia and her team (all family members) are incredibly kind. They are bilingual too (English/Spanish). The outdoor and indoor areas are wonderful. The outdoor area is protected from the sun and includes a giant sand box and two play houses. I love that there is a range of ages too. We live a way away--it truly is worth the drive over each day. I highly recommend Rayito De Sol. ❤️😀

Our son has been going to Rayito de Sol since he was 4 months old (he is 4 now and headed to preschool in the fall), and our 5 month old daughter will start here full time in July.  I can't say enough wonderful things about Silvia, Dolores, Maribel, Ari, and all of the Rayito de Sol staff.  They are incredibly loving and thoughtful with the children, and they are an amazing resource for parents as well.  They are like family and we feel so lucky to be able to send our kids here.  We love that there are children of all ages here and that, unlike most preschools, the kids are not separated by age and therefore learn how to play and interact with kids at different stages of development.  This was so helpful for us when our second child was born - our son had spent a lot of time around babies and was often a "helper" with things like feeding and changing diapers so that he felt like he could help when his sister was born.  

Silvia herself is also just an amazing, kind, loving person - she even offers babysitting on weeknights and weekends so you can have a night out and know that your child is with a caregiver that knows and loves them.  When I was pregnant with my second child she was so unbelievably helpful and supportive, and was even "on call" as I got closer to my due date in case I needed to drop off my older son in the middle of the night.  She really goes above and beyond what you can expect from most daycares or preschools!

We are so grateful that Silvia, her family, and staff are in our lives! My son used to leave his previous daycare crying everyday at drop off and when I picked him up in the evening. I thought that he was just a fussy baby. When we transitioned him to Rayito at 16 months it took less than a week for him to get fully adjusted and since March 2018 we have not had any tears at pick up and almost never at drop off. Silvia is so warm and loving with all  the children and her house is always bursting with joy! We really feel like Silvia, Dolores, Maribel, and Ari are part of our family. Our older son also feels very connected to Rayito even though he never went their as a child. He will often say that he wants to share something with Silvia or wear his fancy clothes for the teachers are Rayito. Both of our kids LOVE going to the monthly pajama parties, which let my husband and I have a monthly date night. 

Silvia is also extremely attentive to each child's needs, she notices little changes in their behavior, and celebrates new milestones with the school and family. She cares about each child's interests and nurtures those interests through play, songs, and books.  She communicates well with parents via text, in person, and through monthly news letters.  She has been super supportive of our choice to potty train our little guy on the earlier side and was okay to roll with lots of accidents in the early days. Our little one will be moving on to preschool this summer (2019) and I know that there will be openings for the Summer and Fall. If you are looking for care for your little one, I HIGHLY recommend looking into Rayito!

My son has attended Rayito de Sol since 2017 when he was just 10 months old. He has really thrived there and continues to do so at 2 ½. Sylvia, her mom Dolores, and assistant Maribel provide such a warm and loving environment for all of the kids - from infants to kids preparing to go to kindergarten. It feels like sending your kids to be with family. So much that my son even asks to go to “Titi’s house” on the weekends. It’s a very supportive community where kids are really nurtured. The hours can’t be beat for working families, and they provide an optional breakfast in the morning, snacks 2x day, and even lunch on Fridays (my favorite day!). The families that attend there are super friendly and we just love sending our boys to the monthly pajama party so that my husband and I can have a special date night. We love it there.

We worked with Silvia for 3 years and I cannot recommend her and Rayito de Sol more highly! I'm a psychologist and my mother has been an in-home daycare provider for 10+ years so I had high standards going into our contract with Silvia. Silvia has always met and exceeded my expectations for care. She is warm and highly trained having previously worked at a large childcare center in Oakland. We loved Rayito de Sol so much that we decided to skip preschool all together and have them help us prepare our son for kindergarten! At Rayito de Sol, children get exposure to the Spanish language on a daily basis which was very important to us. He learned all the preschool concepts including numbers, shapes, letters (both languages), and was creative though daily art projects. Most importantly, I think Silvia taught him the best foundations for starting school: be polite, be a good friend, and follow the rules/routine. He recently started in a dual immersion kinder and he is doing great in both languages!

The daycare facilities are excellent for an in-home daycare. Silvia will happily provide you with a tour by appointment. The daycare was always clean and the children were always being observed by 1-2 people. The environment always felt calm and nurturing, no matter what time I dropped in. The peace of mind that my son was in such great care was priceless, that being said, we were happy with how reasonable Silvia's prices were, especially for a bilingual-based daycare in this area. She always kept us informed about changes (e.g., vacation, tuition, birthdays) through monthly reminder sheets.

In short, leaving my son in Silvia, Dolores, and Susie's care was the closest I could get to the comfort of leaving him in my own family's care. I cannot thank Silvia and the Rayito de Sol team for the many years they spent caring for my son. We will always look back fondly on our years at Rayito de Sol! We highly recommend it!

Our son, now 3 years old, has been at Silvia's for the past two years, and we cannot recommend this daycare more highly. Silvia, Veronica, and Dolores provide a loving and nurturing environment that truly feels like a second home. Jake loves playing outside in the backyard and there are always fun seasonal art projects coming home with him. Silvia plans parties around birthdays and holidays that he looks forward to, and also has monthly pajama parties that the kids love and that allow parents a nice evening off. We can also see that they've helped immensely to teach him about how to play well with his buddies and in many ways how to self-regulate and gain awesome big boy tasks like dressing, cleaning up, etc. We love Rayito de Sol! 

My child has attended Rayito de Sol since 2013 and I could not be happier with our childcare situation. Silvia is a gem. She creates a warm and safe environment that contains stimulation for all of her charges. She and her two assistants, Dolores and Veronica, nurture the individual strengths of each of the children and work hard to create a supportive atmosphere not just for the children, but also for their families. They create a warm community where children learn to respect and nurture each other. All of them, but especially Silvia, are invaluable resources for parenting and child development questions. I would highly recommend this daycare for any parent looking for a joyful and enriching environment for their children.

We have been sending our daughter to Rayito de Del for the last two years and I can't say enough good things about the facility and Sylvia (the owner). The atmosphere is warm and friendly, the children get lots of individual attention, and Sylvia does a fantastic job of mixing fun and learning. Our daughter loves it there and is clearly developing both in her learning and in her confidence in dealing with other children. If you want your children to speak Spanish, it's a great place as Sylvia and her mother Dolores are fully bilingual and do a fantastic job in both English and Spanish. If you are looking for a small daycare that mixes in elements of preschool with a warm family atmosphere, this place can't be beat.

I'm recommending Rayito Del Sol to parents who are looking for a well established in home daycare. I came about this daycare through a word of mouth and to my extent I have no complains. Sylvia and her mother Dolores who takes care of the part time and full time children are great. At first it was hard to find a daycare that would take my 3 yr old with his/my complicated schedule. But to my surprise Sylvia was understanding and welcoming to our schedule. She is very good with children, as I was nervous about putting in my son in a daycare; since I was a stay at home mom for 2 1/2 yrs. I loved that she had a bilingual based daycare, which allowed my son to be exposed to Spanish a lot more. He would come home singing in Spanish and pronounce things in Spanish that would shock me because I thought he wouldn't be able to adapt to it quicky. About almost everyday he would come home with something artistic to show me and he would tell me what he would do at school, which seem liked he enjoyed himself most of the time. I appreciate Sylvia for taking the time to compromise with or schedule as well as work with my child to develop a good bond with her. It saddens me that he will leave rayito due to scheduling complications that has nothing to do with Sylvia accommodations. I highly recommend Rayito if you want your child to engage in sociable activities, allow them to learn a new language and develop growth throughout the program. My son will miss Rayito as he is already comfortable there but it was definitely worth a shot to experience my child grow and make new friends. Thank you rayito, Sylvia and Dolores for your welcoming arms.

Our daycare Rayito de Sol (Silvia Perez and family) has openings for full and part-time care. We adore Silvia and our twins have grown so much in her care.

Silvia has a fantastic play area/kitchen/sleeping room in the lower part of her house and a big backyard with fruit trees, sandbox and tons of toys/structures.

Every day she does circle time with songs (Spanish and English), free play, snacks and outside time when it's sunny. She is so loving and an expert with kids - I am constantly amazed at what she gets a gaggle of toddlers to do with a smile. She also does art projects/crafts and finds strengths in the individual children which she shares with you as the parent.

Silvia is flexible with times and we were able to work out AM times that we needed that other daycares wouldn't do. We rely on her so much and have learned some childrearing techniques from her as well. She really knows her stuff, and has fun while doing it.

She is located with very easy access to 80 in Richmond Annex. Text or call Silvia at (510) 566-6005.

Archived Q&A and Reviews

Nov 2013

I am writing to recommend a new daycare in the Richmond Annex. The director, Silvia Perez, has many years of experience caring for children between the ages of 1 and 5 and it shows! The daycare itself is spacious and well organized (a room for art and messy activities, a room for dress-up and pretend play, and a large area for circle time and manipulatives along with a spacious yard). What is most remarkable, however, is Silvia herself. She is warm, empathetic and nurturing and provides each child with plenty of love and individual attention along with lots of stimulating activities. Silvia currently has a couple of openings for kids 18 months and up. Our child loves going to see her friends at Rayito de Sol and I am sure that yours would too.

Sept 2013

I am writing to recommend Rayito de Sol, an in home daycare recently opened by one of my son's former preschool teachers. Sylvia is a wonderful mother of two with years of experience at the bilingual preschool that my 3 year old started attending this year (Mi Escuelita). She patiently helped my son adapt to the busy and structured environment of school and understood his ''slow to warm'' temperament. I remember meeting her the day I toured the school and feeling very at ease with her warmth and sensitivity to young children.

Sylvia watched my son during his two week summer break at her home in the Richmond Annex. Her residence is large with a separate entrance and 3 rooms downstairs for the daycare. The backyard is spacious with fruit trees and different play equipment. She has lots of dress up clothes and art supplies which my son enjoyed.

Contact me if you have further questions at

Sept 2013

Wonderful childcare provider with 10 yrs. of experience in a licensed Day care has just opened her licensed Home Based Daycare. Centrally located close to freeways, parks, rec center in Richmond Annex. Care will be provided in a spacious, sunny home with a large backyard and fruit trees. Silvia is a very energetic, kind, loving, wise, patient, mother of two who cares for children like they are her own. She is professional, warm, and has great communication skills. My two sons are ones of many children she has nurtured and provided with amazing care for the last 8 years, from 18 months until they entered Kindergarten. I highly recommend her Daycare! She is accepting applications for children from 18 months to K. She can be reached at 510-566-6005. References are ample and available at your request. don't miss out!! Contact: Silvia , 510-566-6005