Priscylle's Daycare

Albany, CA

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Home-Based Daycare/Preschool
Priscylle & Neto Santana
510 527-1652
Albany on Kains Av.
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Language(s) Spoken: 
English, Portuguese
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri

Parent Reviews

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Sept 2014

Priscylle and Neto, a young Brazilian couple, run a wonderful home-based daycare which has an opening this fall. Our son, now 2, has been going there 3 days a week for the last year and we have felt so blessed to have been a part of their little community. Usually there are 5-6 children there per day which is a great ratio for 2 providers. Each day they spend most of the day outside, which was really important to us. They take the kids to local parks in the morning, and after lunch and nap they spend the remainder of the day outside in the yard or around the neighborhood. I always knew our son was in very capable and loving hands when he was under their care. They also were very understanding and supportive when I had some schedule changes and would try to accommodate our scheduling needs if they could. We couldn't have asked for 2 more caring and engaged adults, to help our son develop and grow from a crawling babbling baby into a now running and talking toddler! Please feel free to contact me with any questions. Niccole

Aug 2014

My daughter will soon begin preschool, opening a space in Pri & Neto's Daycare. This beloved in-home daycare is a true gem! Priscylle & Neto are a young, vibrant couple who have been caring for kids -infants through toddlers - together for years. Although licensed for more, they limit the number of kids to 6-7 and are willing to accommodate full & part-time schedules. They truly love caring for kids, which shows in their energy, compassion, & creativity. They are very active - taking the kids to the park daily (and in the process teaching them excellent street safety); singing with them; arranging for outings to the fire station and other nearby locales; setting up impromptu kiddie-pool parties in their yard on especially hot days; etc. They manage to get the fussiest eaters to eat & the poorest nappers to nap. They also just instinctively promote the kids' social-emotional growth - naming feelings from day one; working with the kids on cooperation, sharing, and respect for others; modeling a happy, healthy relationship; etc. Plus, while both are fluent in English, they hail from Brazil and expose the kids to some Portuguese. I cannot more emphatically recommend Priscylle & Neto and encourage you to contact them if you're in need of childcare.

July 2014

Hello Berkeley Parents! Our two year old just finished a year and half with two of the most loving and wonderful daycare providers--Priscylle and Neto Sanatana. They are a young Brazilian couple who have been watching children for over eight years. If you are looking for a group setting--they watch up to six--with attentive, loving, fun, enthusiastic, caring (and the list of all good things really is endless) I highly recommend Prisylle and Neto. It's never easy to leave your child with others, but with them I knew our child would be in excellent care with people that would encourage her to grow and develop and have fun doing it.

Dec 2013

Our son's amazing day care has an opening. I can't recommend Priscylle & Neto's highly enough. It is a very unique, exceptional nanny-share style day care. They have 4 to 6 kids a day, with two very active, engaged adults. My son started there at 5 months old, and has been with them a year. They are truly family. I trust them completely, and often turn to them for advice. He is so excited every day when we get there, and he is immediately greeted with open, loving arms. They are a young couple, and we love the fact that our little guy has both a male and female around him all day, and that they have the energy to chase after our active fella. They spend many hours outside at nearby parks, and play in the courtyard at their house. They sing and dance, read, and speak Portuguese. Our son eats and naps like a champ when he is with them, and they were able to get him to take a bottle the very first day, after we failed for months. They have created a nice little community of kids and families, and we feel so lucky to have found them. Please contact them if you are looking for an exceptional place to send your little one! 510-527-1652. 

June 2013

Our daughter has been at Priscylle's Daycare since she was 8 months old. She is now turning 3 and moving on to preschool. Her spot is opening up with Priscylle and Neto and we can't recommend them enough. My transition back to work was made so much easier by the fact that I knew my daughter was being so well cared for. We felt we had the best of both worlds with the social interaction of a daycare, but the warmth of a private home. Priscylle and her husband Neto are both friendly, energetic people and are so full of love and enthusiasm for the kids. They always greet our daughter so warmly in the morning and she is thrilled to see them (which makes the ''goodbyes'' much easier). They actively engage with the children all day--rather than talking on a cell phone while the children fend for themselves--and seem to take real joy in what they are doing. As an added bonus our daughter has learned some Portuguese words and songs and developed a budding appreciation of soccer (which they both play). Priscylle and Neto have created a supportive environment that has nurtured our daughter's delight in the world around her, and we are so happy we chose them to care for her.

July 2012

My daughter was in Priscylle and Neto's care since she was 6 months old. If you are looking for an extremely caring, warm and fun-filled environment for your little one, this is THE place.

Priscylle and Neto are a married couple full of energy, with a deep love for each child and a thorough understanding of their needs and preferences. They take the kids out to a playground each day (weather permitting, of course) and have an amazing collection of toys as well as outdoor equipment. There is never a dull moment, yet it is peaceful and calming during nap time.

Another great aspect is the rare-to-find small ratio of caregiver to child as they do not take on more than five kids. You can call Priscylle directly at 510-527-1652 or email me with questions.

June 2012

My son's Daycare has an opening - aren't you lucky! I couldn't recommend Priscylle & Neto any higher: they are a very sweet couple running a small day care with an amazing ratio: 2 adults and never more than 5 kids. My son has been with them for over a year, he started when he was 6 months and he loved it from day one, tapping on the door and giggling as soon as he saw their house. Today when I come to pick him up, he smiles and runs away - he doesn't want to leave Priscylle & Neto and warm and very loving with the children, giving them plenty of attention, hugs & kisses. They provide a clean, safe environment and tons of fun. My son is thriving in their care. I was looking for a while before finding Priscylle & Neto, and couldn't be happier.

June 2012

My one year old son has attending Pri and Neto's Daycare since he was 4 months old and is now 1! When my older son was in their care there was a very cute little ''gang'' of kids his age. I so want this experience for my little one. As it is, my son clammers to get out of my arms the moment I get him out of the car, but the experience of having a group of kids his age waiting on the other side of the door is priceless. Priscylle and Neto are an amazing Brazilian husband and wife duo. They are licensed for 6 kids at a time but try to have no more than 5 at a time. The daily routine involves a walk to the local tot park, indoor play and naptime. The kids all eat together and nap together, Priscylle and Neto work nap magic consistently getting the kids to nap longer than they will at home. They give the kids a great start in preschool education by teaching numbers, colors, songs and animal names in both English and Portuguese. They are also patient and encouraging potty trainers. They do have openings, and your child doesn't have to be only 1, I just thought I'd start him out early in the online dating world. Contact them for more information (527-1652).