Peter Pan Parent Nursery School

El Cerrito, CA

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West Contra Costa Unified School District
(510) 234-5918
El Cerrito
EC Hills on Navellier St
Maximum Capacity: 
Language(s) Spoken: 
Ages Served: 
30 months - 60 months
Monthly Cost: 
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri
9:00am - 3:00pm
Co-op, School district-run
Editors' Notes: 

There is another co-op in Oakland with a similar name: Peter Pan Co-operative Nursery School

Parent Reviews

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Archived Reviews: 

Sept 2014

Re: Inclusive preschool (El Cerrito/Albany/Berkeley)
I highly recommend Peter Pan in el cerrito. Teacher Sandy has made it her life's work to run this amazing place and her true love is working with children with special needs. She is an amazing woman and our kids are lucky to go there. While it is not specifically a school for kids with special needs there is usually a few kids there who are because of sandy's warm welcome of them. Definitely go check it out! Just give a call but she will tell you that you are welcome to stop by for a visit anytime Teacher sandy changed my life

Jan 2013

Re: Great special ed. pre-K for kids with autism?
I'm not sure if this is something you'd be interested in, but our preschool, Peter Pan in El Cerrito, has an after-school daycare program from noon-3. There are a couple of autistic kids who come to the after-school program, and my understanding is that the school director is known for being especially capable with special needs kids. (She's just fabulous, all around.) Anyway, it's really just supervised play, but something you might look into for interactive socializing for your son. The director's name is Sandy Westlie, 510-234-5918 maia

Dec 2008

Hi, I'm interested in some more recent reviews of the Peter Pan Coop Preschool in El Cerrito that is associated with the WCC Adult Education program. We're thinking of sending our daughter there next year. Thank you in advance! -Catherine

(Moderator note: several questions about Peter Pan in the last month but no replies. Anyone have a review?)

Several people requested information on Peter Pan Nursery School and no one had replied. The head teacher at this school is a member of my church and I mentioned this to her. While I don't have any children of that age or attending Peter Pan I do know that this teacher recently received a prestigious award for her work at Peter Pan (the church was notified of this). However, Sandy herself told me that she has no openings in the foreseeable future. She has extensive waiting lists for 2009- 10!

Maybe there is someone out there who could give a current review and simply isn't doing it because they know of the waiting list situation. Hope this information helps. kerry

March 1998

Peter Pan Coop Preschool, in El Cerrito, is a great place!! The director has been there for almost 20 years (she was a mom there with her two kids who are 18 and 21.) Parents work one day a week (9-12noon), the kids go M-F 9-12noon, and it costs only $90 a month. There is after school care available, by the Director, for $3 per hour, from noon-3PM. Our son and daughter went there last year, and our daughter is there this year. It is a great school, easy to get to, wonderful director (did I mention that? She is so great with the kids!) They accept children aged 2yrs 9months to Kindergarten age. Both moms and dads work there daily, making a nice mix for the kids. Its fun, the kids love it, and you can stay involved in your child's early years. Great fun. Highly recommend it. Email me for more info, or call the school - Sandy Westlie is the director. Molly

Peter Pan Coop Preschool in El Cerrito is wonderful!!! (Easy to get to from anywhere in No. Berkeley, Albany, EC, Richmond, far as Pinole, etc.) Goes from 9-12, with after school care (by the director) from 12 - 3pm. Parents work one 9-12 noon shift per week. Base price (for M-F, 9-12 only) is only $90 a month. Director is wonderful with the kids, and has been director for 20 years - before that she was a parent there with her two kids (college age, now.) Play-based, with a circle time/calendar, snack, and music time daily. Great flat yard, with sand and bike area, butted up against hill of EC for a great, woodsy feel (we see deer often on the hill.) Can't say enough good things about it. Love it. Our son and daughter went there last year - daughter is there again this year. Great place, great people, diverse population, etc... a mom